Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preview of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Prototype

...BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6 Plus REVEAL...

Preview of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Prototype

Alright BulletTrainers – this is the part where you sneak a peak at the new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus from BulletTrain!

Many customers have been emailing and calling in asking about the new models, and until now, we haven't had anything to share with the public.

Jake and I couldn't be more excited to show these two images to the public. Here is our latest prototype of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

We can't spill all the beans just yet, but feel free to ask questions in the comments!

We have received many GREAT questions so far on Facebook, so we will be editing this post with the key questions and answers!

Want to skip straight to the pre-order information?

Q: How many credit cards does the new SAFE Wallet hold?
A: The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and the SAFE Wallet 6 will have identical card capacity in the hollow core wallet door as the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s. The capacity will remain at 5 credit cards, or up to 15 business cards – or any combination thereof.

Q: Is the new SAFE Wallet thinner or thicker?
A: One great thing about the design of the SAFE Wallet is the fact it doesn't add much bulk to the iPhone. Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are thinner than the iPhone 5/5s (by a little less than 1mm), the thickness of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus installed will be even thinner than the iPhone 5/5s SAFE Wallet! It's also worth noting, due to the greater surface area of the iPhone 6 Plus, the thinness of the SAFE Wallet relative to the other dimensions feels AMAZINGLY thin with such a large iPhone!

Q: Can the new SAFE Wallet hold cash?
A: The SAFE Wallet is designed to provide truly elegant utility while making your life simpler. Since we are not quite in a cash-free world, we've designed the latest SAFE Wallet with this in mind. The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus features an enlarged Secret Stash compartment that can hold an emergency cash bill!

Q: What new features does the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus have?
A: The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus has been designed from the ground up, and makes excellent use of the new size of the iPhone 6 Plus! There are a few new features that we will be sharing publicly a little bit later on, but rest assured – the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be a knockout!

Q: When can I see more of the new features of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus?
A: We will have a very thorough video to share the full feature set of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus when we launch on Kickstarter in Fall of 2014. 

Q: What colors will the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus be available in?
A: We intend to launch the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in 5 colors: Stealth Black, Polar White, Ruby Red, BulletTrain Blue, and Rainforest Green.

Q: What is the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus made of?
A: The production SAFE Wallet is made of a strong polycarbonate material. However, the prototype pictured above is made of a slightly different pre-production material.

Q: I was an early SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s customer, and I'm concerned about production delays. What kind of a timeline are we looking for pre-orders to be fulfilled?
A: The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus (and 6) has been completely streamlined, and we're already seeing these two expected benefits:

1. The design is more ergonomic and space-efficient.
2. The engineering behind the new design is more refined than ever, incorporating all of the lessons we've learned in previous productions.

This is what leads us to believe we have squashed any possibly unforeseen variables in the production timeline. We look forward to shipping shortly after the Kickstarter campaign is complete!

Q: Why do the Mute Switch and Volume Buttons look the way they do on the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus?
A: What you're seeing in these areas are the physical buttons (and switch) of the iPhone. One great feature we've implemented in this new design is a more direct and tactically responsive way to access the iPhone's physical controls. The result is a more natural feel when triggering these buttons (and switch), just the way Apple intended.

Q: Enough about that, what about my BOSE headphones? AND my aftermarket Lightning cable? Will the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus support these?
A: We are pleased to report the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is designed to be 100% compatible with every third party headphone, headset, AND Lightning cable. This also means if you have situations that require the larger-tipped Lightning-to-30-Pin Adapter OR Lightning-to-HDMI Adapter, you will not need to remove the iPhone 6 Plus from your SAFE Wallet!

Q: How can I pre-order? And when!?
A: The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in Fall 2014. We plan to ship as close to real-time as possible by the end of the campaign!

Q: How can I make sure I find out about the Kickstarter campaign as promptly as possible?
A: The best way to make sure you get pre-order announcements and other vital news about the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus (and all new products from BulletTrain) is to subscribe to our newsletter here. We never spam customers! We only send out an email to our mailing lists

Q: Why is BulletTrain launching the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus on Kickstarter? Why not go straight to market without Kickstarter?
A: We originally launched the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 on Kickstarter. We loved the communal experience we had with our backing community, and are looking forward to having this same depth of experience for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

To go back a little further, BulletTrain has historically brought its innovative products to light through "Kickstart"-ing, just without the "Kickstarter" part! The take away point here is that we want to produce the absolute best experience for the community we serve, and Kickstarter provides values we find to be very useful in bringing YOU the best experience:

1. Creating an immersive and exciting way to learn about the SAFE Wallet and see it in action.
2. A super-clean yet isolated space for production updates and feedback from backers.
3. Lastly, we hear customers REALLY like some of the "backer"-level discounts that one sees on Kickstarter. We aim to deliver the SAFE Wallet at a superb value, and the pre-orderers will get the best value possible via Kickstarter!

We are really excited to launch (coming soon!) and will keep updating the public on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to post in the comments below, or to send your thoughts by email!


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