Saturday, October 3, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus First Production - Where is the SAFE Stick?

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
First Production

SAFE Stick Availability Notice

In our published videos for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, we shared an AMAZING feature to complement the Secret Stash compartment on the Wallet Door. We call it SAFE Stick, and it's our Micro Suction solution! 

This fascinating adhesive-free bonding technology has two components:

1) Adhesive bonding surface. This side of SAFE Stick pads will stick to a stationary surface. For the Secret Stash, this side of the pads (2) will be placed on the Wallet Door, inside of the Secret Stash (1), and on the inside-facing surface of the Secret Door (1).

2) Micro Suction bonding surface. The opposite side of SAFE Stick is made up of thousands and thousands of microscopic pores, which act as miniature suction cups when compressed against many flat objects. This side of the pads will affix small objects into the Secret Stash.

SAFE Stick works best on flat, non-porous surfaces, like plastic and metal. 

Where's The SAFE Stick?

We wanted to include SAFE Stick with every SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in the First Production!

However, it's taken longer than expected for our specifications for our SAFE Stick pads to be tooled and manufactured for us.

Since the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is completely functional without SAFE Stick, we decided to ship the first production units SAFE Stick, and to make it available to customers upon request.

The decision to ship the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus without SAFE Stick wasn't taken lightly, but we didn't want to have to delay shipment of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

Not only that, our discussion of SAFE Stick with customers appealed to some, but many didn't like the idea of something coming pre-attached to their SAFE Wallet!

SAFE Stick might not be for everybody, but for those who want to make sure they can use this feature, read on!

How Do I Get SAFE Stick for MY SAFE Wallet?

We will be providing FREE SAFE Stick Kits to all First Production SAFE Wallet 6 Plus customers who opt-in using the following easy-to-use form. 

SAFE Stick Kits are currently being fulfilled individually, and will be kitted into a future production of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus.

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