Thursday, February 4, 2016

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Customer Submitted Photos

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
Real World Use Case

Customer Submitted Photos

We love to see how customers incorporate the SAFE Wallet into their workflows!

We had the pleasure of speaking with a local customer in San Francisco who is super excited to share how he uses the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in his everyday workflow!

This customer regularly uses a specific size of MOO brand business cards for his business. He shared with us how he uses the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus as a fashion-forward business card display, and makes a fun and engaging way to get his information out there!

His business card display becomes a game of sorts, full of conversation starters!

How will you use the SAFE Wallet in your workflow? What will you keep SAFE?

Let us know! Send your testimony and/or photos of your workflow to!

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