Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BulletTrain Magic Pencil Holder — Apple Pencil Dock for iPad Pro; Launched on Kickstarter!!!

New Kickstarter Launch

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro
Magic Pencil Holder

We just launched an awesome new product on Kickstarter, the BulletTrain Magic Pencil Holder!

Thanks for your support!

Introducing: Magic Pencil Holder
The Missing Link between iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
At BulletTrain, we specialize in designing accessories that make already great Apple products PERFECT!
The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are an amazing duo! However, the iPad Pro doesn't have a way to dock the Apple Pencil?

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil users everywhere are experiencing SEPARATION ANXIETY!
The BulletTrain Magic Pencil Holder is a beautifully streamlined Apple Pencil Dock for iPad Pro. At last, your Apple Pencil has somewhere to call "Home"!
We think the Magic Pencil Holder belongs on EVERY iPad Pro!!! Photos don’t do it justice, so be sure to check out our video on our Kickstarter campaign!
We hope you'll join us by backing our Kickstarter campaign, or by sharing with iPad Pro owners you know!
Kickstarter Campaign

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