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BulletTrain Launches All-New, Stylish, Innovative eXpress Keyboard Platform In 10 Fun Colors!

Next Generation eXpress Debut @ CES

BulletTrain Launches All-New, Stylish, Innovative eXpress Keyboard Platform In 10 Fun Colors!

CES: Las Vegas, NV —January 2012—BulletTrain launches their all-new, more affordable BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform.

As with BulletTrain’s widely acclaimed aluminum model, the all-new eXpress combines the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic TrackPad into an ergonomic and truly portable laptop style configuration for your desk, lap or Media Center. That is where the similarities end and the fun begins.

“Since day one, we’ve never stopped improving the eXpress” said Jake Ehrlich-CEO & Designer at BulletTrain. “We created the all-new eXpress with our customers in mind. We’ve worked hard to perfect everything, the shape, the method of attachment, the angle, the materials, the price–everything!!!”

The all-new eXpress is constructed of high-quality, high-strength, glass-reinforced polycarbonate which provides a much lighter product, while offering the durability and style BulletTrain customers have come to expect.

Subtle changes to the shape of the new eXpress improve usability while increasing performance and tactile feedback. The Magic TrackPad sits lower in the platform and is no longer flush with the platform, reducing erroneous taps and clicks while providing a non-visual way to find the TrackPad.

A flat bottom with super low-profile feet makes the new eXpress even more lap friendly. The new flat bottom, coupled with a new wall-hanging design significantly improve wall-hanging ability by allowing the eXpress to hang on shorter fat or flat-head screws or nails.

The new eXpress features an innovative method of attaching the keyboard and TrackPad into place by gripping their battery compartments. BulletTrain designed a clip-in, “C-channel“ system which holds snug, yet allows the Apple Magic TrackPad and Keyboard to be easily removed for changing batteries. This new system completely eliminates the need to attach anything to your devices.

In response to customer feedback, the power buttons of both the TrackPad and Keyboard have been made easily accessible without having to remove them from the eXpress.

Jake Ehrlich speaks of designing BulletTrain’s new creation with an almost intoxicating passion:

“All the changes and improvements we made on the all-new eXpress exemplify our absolute commitment to excellence as well as clearly showcasing our desire to completely reinvent the keyboard for the 21st Century.

We’ve taken the all-new BulletTrain eXpress to a new level, while significantly lowering the price to make it way more affordable than our previuos generation Aluminum eXpress. I wanted to take my time to make certain we left no stone unturned. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know many of our customers on a personal level. I listened very carefully to what features they enjoyed, and more importantly to what they wanted.”

As a result, BulletTrain is launching the new eXpress in 10 fashion colors, one of which is a metallic silver that closely matches the aluminum finish BulletTrain customers are used to. All of the colors offered come in an ultra-durable three-stage-process designed to mimic the metallic sheen and texture of anodized aluminum.

The 10 gorgeous colors offered and are as follows:

• Piano Black
• Arctic White
• Ruby Red
• Caribbean Blue
• Passion Pink
• Rainforest Green
• Royal Purple
• BulletTrain Blue
• Sunset Orange
• Silver

These colors will allow customers to truly eXpress themselves making their desktop space more personal, fashionable and fun.

If customers wish to customize their all-new eXpress even further, BulletTrain has developed partnerships to bring you the BuletTrain Custom Shop which offers an enormous selection of skins for the eXpress and Magic TrackPad. From The Beatles to Sponge Bob there’s sure to be something for everyone. With 10 colors and a huge selection of custom skins, BulletTrain has given “Freedom of eXpression” a whole new meaning.

While revisions to the shape, materials, and attachment method as well as the addition of exclusive skins and an exciting color palette might have been enough, BulletTrain didn’t stop there.

Without question, the most exciting feature of this new eXpress is the price. BulletTrain is offering the all-new eXpress for only $79!

When BulletTrain first launched the eXpress, they set out to reinvent the desktop keyboard and create an everything-top keyboard, giving you the most comfortable, friction free experience with your computer, Mac Media Center, or HTPC. It has now been refined even further to deliver you that same experience in a lighter, sleeker, more stylish, and more affordable package.

Pricing and Availability

The BulletTrain eXpress will be available in March at the BulletTrain website ( from $79. (US)

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