Saturday, August 21, 2021

Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family: Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich


Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family

Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich

If you are a regular reader of you likely know that I am also a designer. Tesla recently had contest for people to submit ideas for them to make a $25,000 vehicle which I entered. I just published a detailed story on that shows my design reference I submitted to Elon Musk.

$25,000 Tesla Cyber Mini Concept by Jake Ehrlich

My design reference is based upon the Tesla CyberTruck design language and creates a number of different sized smaller vehicles that can leverage the CyberTruck manufacturing process. If you are interested you can learn much more in my article on

If you use our SAFE WALLET, it is interesting to note that the recently introduced Model S & X Tesla Plaid and Long Range models as well as the upcoming CyberTruck all support keyless entry that uses your iPhone via Bluetooth as a key. You can learn much more in my detailed review on the All New Tesla Model S on

Saturday, August 7, 2021

SAFE WALLET Tesla Model 3 Mounting Option



Tesla Model 3 

Mounting Option

A friend of mine who is a Tesla Model 3 driver and I were recently having a conversation about how to best mount the new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet since we are both testing prototypes. I am testing a SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max, and he is testing the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 12 Pro model. We were contemplating if we could figure out a way to mound the SAFE WALLET so it can use a MagSafe mount, that could not only charge, but swivel back and forth from portrait to landscape.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 12 Pro Max magnetically attached in Tesla Model 3 Picture Above

I currently drive a Model S and a Model X, and have used two different types of mounts for holding my SAFE WALLET. Originally I used a holding mount with adjustable sides as seen in the photo below. Later on I moved to using a magnetic mount which is much easier, and works great as we have them positioned on the back of both front seas so the passengers in the second row can snap their phone against them and watch video on long drives having rotated their SAFE WALET from portrait to landscape. In all the above mentioned scenarios we use lightning cables to charge the phone.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet X attached in Tesla Model X Pictured Above 
Running Beta version of upcoming BulletTrain Big Clock App

During my experimenting I came across the iPow magnetic car mount that uses a suction cup that attaches to the back of the center screen as seen below.

The image below shows a side view so we can observe how the iPow flexible magnetic arm attaches to the back of the Tesla Model 3 screen. I am fairly certain this will work well with the following Tesla Models which have landscape screens:

• Model 3
• Model Y
• Model S (Later 2021 models)
• Model X (Later 2021 models)
• Cyber Truck (2022) 

An important consideration when using this option is you ideally should rest the bottom of the SAFE WALLET on top of the Tesla screen. In this photo I have the iPhone rotated more to the left than the Tesla screen. In the photo below I am showing what it would look like with a black Apple lightning cable plugged into it for charging. This would be idea for watching videos (when parked), or using for Apple or Google Maps while driving. I recently used the Apple Maps App on my iPhone and I as blown away with how great it was!!!!

I watch a lot of YouTube videos (who doesn't!?!! :-) and when one ends you pretty much need to rotate the screen to landscape which is what I am showing below. In order to achieve this I pulled the iPhone slightly toward me, and had the back of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet touching the Tesla screen to keep it stable for navigating when I touch the screen.

I ordered the new Tesla Model S, but it is not scheduled to be delivered until April of 2022 :-(

Once I take delivery I will update this story with whatever best solutions I come up with.

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