Monday, May 14, 2018

The One and Only Solution

"Ice Cream Frieze"
Deborah McMillion
Mobile digital artist

Deborah recently purchased a BulletTrain Magic Pencil Holder for iPad, and she sent it this beautiful photo of it holding her Apple Pencil, along with a beautiful piece of artwork titled, "Ice Creat Frieze." Debora was a very early adopter of digital art, and she began drawing on an iPhone before Apple even launched the iPad. In her email Deborah said:

Subject: The One and Only Solution


The magic pencil dock arrived and it works beyond perfect. It is always, now, at hand when I draw and paint on my iPad Pro 10.5"! I’ve had sleeves, elastic sleeves, a case with a sleeve, side stands, and wood snap case. With the exception of the elastic sleeve (for travel), I just sold or gave away. None of them helped WHILE painting. So thank you-I’ll pass the word along to the community.


Deborah McMillion 

Ice Cream Frieze by Mobile Digital Artist Deborah McMillion 

You can see much more of Deborah's artwork on her flickr page.

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