Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Apple MagSafe Wallet Review

 Apple MagSafe Wallet



I will admit that I was shocked when during the recent Apple Keynote unveiling the iPhone 12 family, when the speaker introduced the "MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12". Apple's MagSafe Wallet seems remarkably similar to our BulletTrain SAFE WALLET Mini in many ways. This video from MacRumors goes into detail on the MagSafe wallet.

As the designer of the SAFE WALLET I believe our SAFE WALLET models for iPhone 12 will be infinitely better for the following reasons:

Reason 1: CAPACITY 

The BulletTrain SAFE WALLET can easily hold 5 credit cards, plus a couple of cash bills. The Apple MagSafe Wallet can hold 2 cards comfortably. 

Reason 2: EASE OF INSERTION & Removal

From what I have seen with the Apple MagSafe Wallet can cram a third card in, but it becomes difficult to remove it. Apple incorporated a very similar thumb slider on their MagSafe Wallet but it is MUCH shorter than the thumb slider on the SAFE WALLET, thus the SAFE WALLET thumb slider is much more effective and easier to use.

Reason 3: Wallet Security

From what I have seen with the Apple MagSafe Wallet as witnessed in the video above the MagSafe Wallet can easily fall/slide off the MagSafe Case or iPhone 12. With the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET this will NEVER happen. So basically, with the MagSafe it appears it would be easy to lose, but with the SAFE WALLET this could not occur. Also, walking around in public with MagSafe wallet potentially makes you a target as people can see you have your wallet next to your head, whereas with the SAFE WALLET it is stealth and invisible as your wallet contents are safelyconcealed.

Reason 4: Built-in Portrait & Landscape Stand

The SAFE WALLET has a built-in MagicStand door feature which allows the user to hold up their SAFE WALLET in portrait or landscape on a flat surface. The MagSafe can't stand up in portrait or landscape.

Reason 5: MagSafe Charging

If you want to charge your iPhone 12 you have to remove your MagSafe wallet, which introduces the risk of loss or misplacement. The SAFE WALLET can charge with the MagSafe puck by opening the hollow-core wallet door an attaching the MagSafe charger to the back of the iPhone—with no risk of misplacing or forgetting your wallet. Also, the SAFE WALLET can charge your iPhone using some QI chargers docks while keeping the hollow-core wallet door shut (with 5 credit cards).

Reason 6: Complexity

The SAFE WALLET is ultra simple to use. The MagSafe seems very complex as you have to manage two different items.

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