Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Akihabara News Review BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Akihabara News Review
BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Akihabara News wrote this review about the BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard Platform:

BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard is the latests accessory to fondle

No sooner does Apple release some news than scores of manufacturers roll out some must-have accessories to compliment the new arrivals.

Last week amongst all the exciting news from Apple came the announcement that the Magic Trackpad, released mid-summer, will have a more dominant role in human-computer interaction, with news of Mac OS X Lion’s adoption of iPhone-type touch scrolling.

The design of the Patent Pending BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard is based on a laptop keyboard with trackpad and is an anodized piece of aluminum designed to fit with the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (latest model, without numeric keypad) and the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Magic Trackpad.

The assembled trio looks tidy and can be easily stowed away. The product claims to be more ergonomic than a regular keyboard to use, due to its built-in wrist-rest, and hails the merits of killing the mouse. Personally, I am a MacBook user, and I always carry a mouse with me, but if you love mouse-less computing, I think this must be the product for you.

Some other key features include compatibility with the iPad and the ability to use the BulletTrain Express Platform as a remote control if you have an Apple Home Theater. Rings in at $99.

Ubertizmo Review: BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Ubergizmo Review
BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Ubergizmo wrote a short review of the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform:

BulletTrain Express Adapter Turns Your Keyboard and Magic TrackPad Into a MBP Surface

Did you ever want your iMac to feel more like a MacBook Pro?

While this isn't a casemod to do that, you could still get the same keyboard and trackpad feel of the MacBook Pro with the BulletTrain Express.

This item is simply a large chunk of aluminum that allows you to fit your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic TrackPad into it, giving you the feel of typing on a MacBook Pro.

While it's nice to have a large chunk of aluminum on your desk, you do have to question whether it's worth your money to shell out $99 for something that doesn't really do anything.

CrunchGear Review: BulletTrain Express Keyboard

CrunchGear Review
BulletTrain Express Keyboard

CrunchGear just wrote a review of the BulletTrain Express and said:

BulletTrain Adapter Turns Your Keyboard And Magic Trackpad Into A Usable Surface

Have you ever wanted to control your iMac with a laptop keyboard and trackpad? Sure you have. Thanks to BulletTrain, you can!

Basically this company selling a big hunk of aluminum shaped like a laptop keyboard without the keyboard or trackpad. Your Apple Bluetooth keyboard fits into a slot at the top and the Magic Trackpad fits into a hole underneath. Once everything is connected, you basically have a laptop keyboard and trackpad for your desk.

Is it worth $99 for a static piece of metal? Considering scrap aluminum costs about a dollar a pound, it’s clear that most of the value is in the styling and milling. The company also makes a stand for your iPad, stating that it offers “a stand-up stand-up performance in bed.” The less said about that the better.

Home Entertainment Magazine Review

Home Entertainment Magazine
BulletTrain Review

Home Entertainment wrote a complimentary review and said:

Jake Ehrlich, the CEO and designer for BulletTrain, has come up with a way to make anodized aluminum sexy. Leave it to someone in San Francisco. This collection of Apple accessories is a stunning compliment to Mac users' desktops. More than pretty faces, these products make sense.

Jake makes the case against computer mice as ineffective for navigating. "Ping-ponging" (moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse) creates a false economy of motion.

Add to that the wasted motion of having to constantly pick up and move the mouse back to center, and you see why the BulletTrain Express Platform was designed. When using its large, stationary trackpad, your wrists wrest comfortably on the wrist-wrest.

MagicStand for iPad users can sit upright from 90 degrees down to 0 degrees (flat). It also has a "Steep Typing Angle" that allows you to type on it just like on a laptop.
Maximizing viewing angles for watching your favorite video content is a breeze for both portrait and landscape positions, making the iPad look like its actually levitating above the surface upon which its sitting.

If you are an Apple / Mac user and spend as much time in front of a computer as you do sleeping, it check out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad: Part of the Patent Process

BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad
Part of the Patent Process

As we prepare to launch the BulletTrain MagicStand and Express Keyboard this next week, I can finally show them off in public!!

In the photo below we see David Olsen who is the intellectual property attorney for BulletTrain in my office on a weekend afternoon. In the photo, David is examining a prototype of the BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad during a Patent review meeting. On the left side of the photo you can also see a prototype of the BulletTrain Express Keyboard for the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing the Coolest Car Ever Made: The 2011 Camaro Convertible...

Introducing the Coolest Car Ever Made
The 2011 Camaro Convertible

Today Chevy showed off the first production photos of the upcoming 2011 Camaro Convertible. In my personal opinion, this is the coolest, best-looking, best-performing car ever made!!!!!!

Almost 30 years ago, when I was early 15, before I was old enough to drive, I fell in love with the stainless Rolex Submariner and the 1969 Chevy Camaro. When I was 16 I bought my first stainless steel Rolex Submariner, and I drove a 1969 Camaro. I was very unimpressed with the way the 1969 handled and that was the last time I ever wanted an American car.

The irony is that when I was in high-school I wanted to be an automotive designer, but I realized American cars were absolute cardboard junk, and I did not want to move to Germany, so I ended up designing clothes and computers.

So essentially, all my adult life, there was NEVER an American car I wanted to own. This struck me as being totally bizarre that I lived in a country that put a man on the Moon, and designs things like the Apple iPhone, but made half-baked cars.

Today, that all changed, and I am very excited to introduce you to the first American car I would be happy to own–The 2011 Camaro Convertible.

The V8 SS version should start around $40,000 and do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. In order to get this kind of performance out of a Mercedes SL you have to spend $200.000 for an SL AMG, and in my personal opinion, this looks way cooler!!!!!

With the advent of the Chevy Camaro Convertible, I can proudly say, the American Muscle car is back with a vengeance!!!!!!! This car is ultra-cool and I can't wait to get one!!!!!!!

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