Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CrunchGear Review: BulletTrain Express Keyboard

CrunchGear Review
BulletTrain Express Keyboard

CrunchGear just wrote a review of the BulletTrain Express and said:

BulletTrain Adapter Turns Your Keyboard And Magic Trackpad Into A Usable Surface

Have you ever wanted to control your iMac with a laptop keyboard and trackpad? Sure you have. Thanks to BulletTrain, you can!

Basically this company selling a big hunk of aluminum shaped like a laptop keyboard without the keyboard or trackpad. Your Apple Bluetooth keyboard fits into a slot at the top and the Magic Trackpad fits into a hole underneath. Once everything is connected, you basically have a laptop keyboard and trackpad for your desk.

Is it worth $99 for a static piece of metal? Considering scrap aluminum costs about a dollar a pound, it’s clear that most of the value is in the styling and milling. The company also makes a stand for your iPad, stating that it offers “a stand-up stand-up performance in bed.” The less said about that the better.

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