Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Akihabara News Review BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Akihabara News Review
BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Akihabara News wrote this review about the BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard Platform:

BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard is the latests accessory to fondle

No sooner does Apple release some news than scores of manufacturers roll out some must-have accessories to compliment the new arrivals.

Last week amongst all the exciting news from Apple came the announcement that the Magic Trackpad, released mid-summer, will have a more dominant role in human-computer interaction, with news of Mac OS X Lion’s adoption of iPhone-type touch scrolling.

The design of the Patent Pending BulletTrain Express Aluminum Keyboard is based on a laptop keyboard with trackpad and is an anodized piece of aluminum designed to fit with the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (latest model, without numeric keypad) and the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Magic Trackpad.

The assembled trio looks tidy and can be easily stowed away. The product claims to be more ergonomic than a regular keyboard to use, due to its built-in wrist-rest, and hails the merits of killing the mouse. Personally, I am a MacBook user, and I always carry a mouse with me, but if you love mouse-less computing, I think this must be the product for you.

Some other key features include compatibility with the iPad and the ability to use the BulletTrain Express Platform as a remote control if you have an Apple Home Theater. Rings in at $99.

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