Saturday, July 19, 2014

Armband that works with BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

Armband that works with BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

A BulletTrain SAFE Wallet customer named Dave Battle wrote in and share his excitement in fining an armband that works with his BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I have not had a chance to test this out yet, but it looks promising.

Dave wrote:

I thought I’d pass along some information that might be helpful for other customers. I like to workout but carrying the phone in my pocket is a bit of struggle in gym clothes and I was also having a difficult time finding a quality armband that could hold my phone while it’s still in it’s case. I finally found one!! It’s by a small company called “Tune Belt”, they mostly sell online, I happened to find one locally at an REI. At any rate the AB84 model fits the iPhone 5 with the Safe Wallet case perfectly! Maybe someone else will find this helpful. Here’s the link:

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