Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+

Update & Photos

Hi Everybody!!!

Many customers have been writing-in, asking for an updated ETA on when the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+ will be available? I have some great news for you! The photos below are of the T2 Production Prototype for the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+. In other words, these photos are of the most recent production prototypes—meaning they have been injection-molded. The photos were taken by our manufacturer and this first photo shows an iPhone 7 in a SAFE Wallet, with a glass screen protector on his iPhone. 

If you look closely at the image above, you will notice our new TPU bumper system is much taller and beefier  than before, thus, it will offer much better front and corner screen protection. In other words, the all-new SAFE Wallet model has a rubber TPU Bumper system, which is very, very, very highly protective of the iPhone. How protective you ask? I believe in the real world, if you use a glass screen-protector, as seen on the model above, the all-new SAFE Wallet will offer protection on par with an Otter Box Defender iPhone Case, without any of the goofy brick-like bulk. This is a pretty amazing achievement in-and-of-itself!!! Also, the new SAFE Wallets are more ergonomic and comfortable to hold then ever!

From all the reports and communication I have received from my factory, it appears like the all-new design is woking out perfectly, with no issues. I am breathing a huge sigh-of-relief as this all-new design represents huge design changes to the SAFE Wallet. 

What exactly is different? Everything and Nothing... The perfect functionality and 5 card capacity has remained unchanged, as has the built-in MagicStand (Kickstand) functionality which allows you to stand up the SAFE Wallet in Portrait or Landscape on any flat surface. The build-quality, and most importantly the protective nature of the SAFE Wallet has increased exponentially. In other words, I believe with this new generation of SAFE Wallet we will have the best-looking, most functional, and most protective case made, which also remains very skinny. Installing and removing the iPhone with this new design is completely effortless and takes about a second!!! Also, opening and closing the wallet door feels better and more confident than ever, as we resigned and reengineered the double-locking wallet door system.

We also got rid of the dual hinge dowel and sping-pin system, and replaced it with a single invisible hinge-system which is much sturdier and far more dependent and resilient. 

Keep in mind this all-new SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+ will be 100% backwards compatible with the iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+. Assuming Apple come out with a 7s and 7s+, I hope this new case will be compatible with that for factor as well.

I plan to launch these all-new model on Kickstarter in the next 30 days or so, and hope to deliver them soon after that time. In other words, if all goes as planned, I hope I hope to be able to deliver the first models pre-sold on Kickstarter on or around September 15, 2017. 

I plan to offer the all-new SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+ in our four classic BulletTrain Colors of Ruby Red, Polar White, BulletTrain Blue and Stealth Black. The production prototype pictured in the three photos above is the Stealth Black model. One of the unique characteristics of this all-new model is it will offer an option that will allow the end-user to interchange the Volume Up/Down button as well as the Power Button to different colors, which in turn makes the SAFE Wallet look completely different.

I know there are many, many BulletTrain SAFE Wallet customers who are as excited to get ahold of one the production models as soon as possible, and I assure you I have been moving as quickly as possible to get to market with this. As the designer of the SAFE Wallet, I believe it is worth mentioning that it looks simple-as-pie, but actually developing this all new model has been anything but simple. It has actually been a gigantic ultra-time consuming challenge, but I promise it will be well with the wait.

What About The iPhone 8 SAFE Wallet?

There have been many rumors about Apple introducing an all new 10th Anniversary iPhone model that has a radical redesign with a screen that takes up the whole front of the phone. It has been speculated that Apple will be launching this all-new model this Fall, and I hope they do!!! So an obvious question, is how long will it be before BulletTrain comes out with a SAFE Wallet for this new model? I don't know for certain, but I can share with you that my engineering team and I have learned so much from resigning the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7/7+, we anticipate we will be able to get to market much faster with it :-)

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