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SAFE WALLET for iPhone 13 & 12 Models Future Roadmap


iPhone 13 & iPhone 12 Models

Future Roadmap 

Many customers have been writing-in asking when they will be able to purchase a SAFE WALLET for their iPhone 13 and iPhone 12?

We recently finalized our SAFE WALLET for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 production model plan and in the graphic below we show the four all-new 4th Generation "BulletProof Series" SAFE WALLET Models we intend to release, along with their release dates:

• SAFE WALLET 13 Pro Max model will be 100% backwards compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

• SAFE WALLET 13 Pro model will fit and be 100% compatible with the iPhone 13.

• SAFE WALLET 13 MINI model will be 100% backwards compatible with the iPhone 12 MINI

• SAFE WALLET 12 Pro model will perfectly fit and work with the iPhone 12.
We are not accepting pre-orders, but if you have purchased a BulletTrain product in the past or if you signed up for our mailing list you will be the first to know when we release the new models. If you have not signed up for our email list you can do so by scrolling down to the bottom of our homepage.

Inside Story

About a year and a half ago I made the decision to move production from China to the U.S.A. which was something I wanted to do for a long time—for many different reasons.

We are now just starting to produce the first BulletTrain products in the United States and it is going well. It's not easy, but much better.

We started working on the fourth generation SAFE WALLET several years ago and the goal was to take the SAFE WALLET to the next level by making it literally indestructible. The great news is we figured out how to do so. The challenge is mass-producing them and building the tools is very complicated, expensive and time-consuming. 

Trust me when I tell you there is a definite reason why nobody has ever figured out what we did, and that is how to make one model of wallet case that is unequivocally the best smartphone case ever made! The reality is: good things take time...

The first model we made production tooling for was the SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max, and just when we were close to having it complete Apple announced the iPhone 13 family!?!!

The photos below show our first injection molded production prototype for our SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max and it is some kind of wonderful!

Since there are many similarities between the iPhone 12 & iPhone 13 models we figured out how to create hybrid SAFE WALLETS that can accommodate both which I outline below.



Our SAFE WALLET 13 Pro Max will perfectly fit and work with the iPhone 12 Pro Max as illustrated below. 

The only difference is since the camera base turret on the 13 PRO MAX is larger (left), there will be a little extra space around the camera if you put a 12 Pro Max (right) in our 13 Pro Max case as seen in the photo below. Just to be crystal-clear the photos below are of a 3D printed version of our SAFE WALLET 13 PRO MAX case with both the 13 PRO MAX and 12 PRO MAX installed. 

It is worth noting Apple increased not only the height and width of the camera turret base, but also the depth, not to mention they also increased the height of the cameras. In response, we beefed up the camera corner bumper protection on ALL four new models listed above and below...



Same thing with our SAFE WALLET 13 MINI model. If you put in an iPhone 12 MINI it will fit and work perfectly, but it will have some extra space around the camera turret as seen below on the right.

We were able to create hybrid SAFE WALLET models for both cases mentioned above since all the buttons have not moved very much. The renders below show our original design for our SAFE WALLET 12 MNI, which has now been modified to accommodate the larger iPhone 13 MINI camera turret base, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Upcoming SAFE WALLET 13 & 12 Mini pictured above and below



13 PRO

With the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models Apple significantly moved the buttons (from the iPhone 12 Models) and made larger camera turrets. Thus, we will offer our SAFE WALLET 13 Pro (left) model which will fit and work with the iPhone 13 as seen below on the right. Since the iPhone 13 camera turret is smaller, like with the other models mentioned above there will be extra space around the camera. 

Below we see our 13 PRO SAFE WALLET on the left with an iPhone 13 installed, and on the right we see it with a standard iPhone 13.


12 PRO

We will be offering a dedicated SAFE WALLET 12 Pro case which will perfectly fit the iPhone 12 as both of these models share identical dimensions as seen below. 

The photo below shows an iPhone 12 PRO installed in our BulletTrain SAFE WALLET 13 PRO Wallet Case and we see that Apple significantly lowered the position of the Volume UP and Volume Down buttons as well as the Mute switch, which explains why we can't make a hybrid case the way we can with the 13 PRO MAX and 13 MINI.

As delineated on the ETA Timeframe graphic located near the top of this story we will have ALL models initially offered in Black, then a few months later will offer them in many different colors.

Regarding the iPhone 11 family of models we are still on the fence and have not committed to bringing them to market. I would say we likely will NOT make 11 models since we are so late to market, but who knows.

On a really positive note, I have been testing production prototypes of our BulletTrain SAFE WALLET for iPhone 12 Pro Max as have some BulletTrain Beta testers and so far they are nothing shorts of AMAZING! As the designer I realize it is a pain to have to wait so long, but I am certain when we come out with the new models you will LOVE them!!! 

The Best iPhone Wallet Case

Is About To Get Even Better

So why name the 4th generation of SAFE WALLET 'The BulletProof Series'? In the past, the first 3 generations of SAFE WALLET were made with Polycarbonate which is hard plastic. The first and third generation (current) SAFE WALLET models featured TPU bumper systems. TPU is the acronym for Thermoplastic PolyUrethane.  

We are making the 4th Generation SAFE WALLET entirely from a proprietary TPU material we developed in-house which offers the following advantages:

  • Increased comfort and rubber-like grip with soft-touch feel coupled with increased abrasion resistance.
  • Superb impact strength which is completely SHATTERPROOF.
  • Unaffected by oil and grease and other solvents (examples: hand oils, moisturizers, sunblock)
  • Highly scratch resistant self-healing surface.

The BulletProof series features ribbing on both sides which makes the SAFE WALLET even more grippy and slip-proof, while giving it a sportier vibe.

In the photo below we see the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET for iPhone 12 Pro Max standing upright in portrait with its built-in 'MagicStand' portrait dock feature which allows you to charge the phone using a MagSafe charger (Not pictured). The new hollow-core wallet door design now features dual tapered ramps for making installing your cards super-easy and smooth. Also, we made the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET logo and the Made In U.S.A. branding on the face of the door super low-key so it is almost invisible, as we believe our iconic design personifies and embodies our trademark BulletTrain brand...

In the two photos below we see the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max standing up on a flat surface in landscape video watching mode which is ultra-stable.

The fourth-generation SAFE WALLET features a MagicStand locking cleat channel that allows the user to stand-up the case in 2 different landscape positions for watching video content using any kind of card that fits in the hollow-core wallet door. In the example below we see a credit card locked in landscape. If the user were to rotate the card 90 degrees from landscape to portrait it would increase the slant angle, which would be ideal if viewing from a lower trajectory. This design characteristic allows the SAFE WALLET to stand-up on any flat surface in an ultra stable manner.

BulletTrain invented and patented the high-capacity stealth iPhone wallet case category and have always been the best wallet case. With the advent of the fourth generation SAFE WALLET we now make unequivocally the best smartphone case on earth!!!

This is the result of many thousands of hours of passionate research, design, engineering and listening carefully to invaluable customer-feedback. When you look at all the top-selling iPhone case brands, they make something like 50 different cases for each iPhone model!?!! At BulletTrain we only make ONE model that has ALL the best features a user could want!

Go Keyless

Tesla recently showed off their all-new refreshed 2021 Model S and X, which feature a wireless phone key which utilizes Bluetooth to unlock/lock and start the vehicle. 

I recently published a super-detailed review of the new Tesla Model S on which I highly recommend checking out. The image below shows the radically simplified interior of the new Model S Tesla.

My absolute favorite new James-Bond-like-feature in the new Model S and X is the incorporation of the keyless/fobless entry and driving by simply using your bluetooth enabled smartphone or a physical key card to drive. In the image below we see the PHONE KEY option running in the Tesla app on an iPhone in progress. That's right, just walk up to the car, open the door, sit down, and violĂ !!! Drive as if you have a key fob, or key card in your pocket with ONLY your smartphone...It could not be any easier or more friction-free than this...

The Tesla phone key not only allows you to unlock the doors, but also to drive the car!!! If you have a keyless front door lock on your home and at work you can now fulfill the dream of leaving home with ONLY a SAFE WALLET as your everyday carry. Talk about radically simplifying your life!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2021

BulletTrain Keyboard eXpress Pro Platform Preview

BulletTrain eXpress 

Pro Platform Preview

Is Bigger Better?

The photo below showcases the very first physical prototype of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform PRO that is holding a full-width Touch ID Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad that I have been using for several days and it is a complete game-changer!!!! I mean I am REALLY Surprised with how much I LOVE this think and how genuinely useful and beneficial it has been to my workflow!!!!

The two photos below also show the 3D Printed BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform PRO, which we plan to bring to market soon. I would not bring this full size BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform to market unless I thought it was amazing and potentially better than our standard BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform. 

What makes the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform PRO better than the existing BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform? The much wider body offers a significantly wider right wrist rest which is really comfortable. In apps where I scroll a lot like Safari, photos, and the finder it is extremely useful to have a dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keys!!!!!! Also, having a dedicated delete forward key is pretty cool.

Having the inverted T-Cursor key layout is really nice, as well as having a dedicated numeric keypad for typing things like phone numbers or working on spreadsheets is also great. Before I made and started using an eXpress I had a full-size keyboard with the inverted T cursor and number keys, which was more than a dozen years ago, but my muscle memory is still there for using the numeric keyboard, which is excellent for typing numbers, especially for things like calculating numbers using dedicated addition & subtraction, and multiplication keys. 

I say this as I got used to just using the upper number keys like on a MacBook, so it is nice to have the convenience of the dedicated numeric keypad back.

Also, having 7 additional programmable F-Keys is amazing for creating one-touch keyboard shortcuts with apps like Size-UP and MooM, which are great for radical windows management with a 6 monitor setup. I used Size-Up to program the F18 and F19 keys to make any window take up 50% of the width of whatever monitor they are on. So being able to move ANY app window with the touch of a button to the left or right of any screen is a godsend. Also, I use Moom for moving any window to any monitor very easily by tapping on the F17 key to activate the arrow keys. This solution has radically improved my workflow!!!

The full-size BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform PRO is surprisingly lap friendly and comfortable which is an added bonus. As strange as it might sound, it makes me feel more like a PRO when I use it!?!! And in the looks department it looks surprisingly cool and proportional.

I have had to retrain my muscle memory when using this bigger setup since the space bar is much wider, so for things like 'Command + N", I initially kept minimizing the app I was in as I would hit the 'M' key instead of the 'N', but I it only took a few days to adapt. Also, the full size keyboard has a right 'Control' key which the smaller Apple Magic Keyboard lacks.

Why Make A Wide-Body eXpress?

In June of 2017 when Apple introduced the first wireless Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad customers began writing in asking if we planned to make a wider BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard to accommodate it. I initially was against the idea as the reason I made the original eXpress was to create the most ergonomic desktop keyboard that was almost identical to a MacBook Keyboard. 

The original eXpress worked so well and was so comfortable with its built-in wrist rest I initially thought there was not a good reason to make an eXpress for the full size keyboard. Boy was I wrong!?!! As the years went by I kept thinking about it, and we slowly started doing conceptual designs. Now that we have made one I am stunned with how much I love it for the desktop!?!!

We have been working on making our eXpress Pro BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform for a while and expect to have it to market in the first half of 2022. This all-new model will work with both the current Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keyboard as well as the all-new Touch ID model. It has all benefits of it smaller sibling like access to charge ports without having to remove the keyboard or trackpad, so you can use it while you charge, and the list of benefits goes on and on.

BulletTrain eXpress PRO Keyboard Platform Prototype pictured above on right, 

next to standard BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform for Apple Magic Keyboard & Trackpad.

This 'eXpress Pro' model was designed with professional users in mind who specialize in Video, Graphics and Accounting, but can be enjoyed by anybody who wants all benefits of the numeric keyboard as well as the inverted 'T' Cursor arrow keys as well as dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keys. The eXpress Pro will come in our classic colors of Ruby Red, Polar White, BulletTrain Blue and Stealth Black. Below are some early renders.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family: Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich


Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family

Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich

If you are a regular reader of you likely know that I am also a designer. Tesla recently had contest for people to submit ideas for them to make a $25,000 vehicle which I entered. I just published a detailed story on that shows my design reference I submitted to Elon Musk.

$25,000 Tesla Cyber Mini Concept by Jake Ehrlich

My design reference is based upon the Tesla CyberTruck design language and creates a number of different sized smaller vehicles that can leverage the CyberTruck manufacturing process. If you are interested you can learn much more in my article on

If you use our SAFE WALLET, it is interesting to note that the recently introduced Model S & X Tesla Plaid and Long Range models as well as the upcoming CyberTruck all support keyless entry that uses your iPhone via Bluetooth as a key. You can learn much more in my detailed review on the All New Tesla Model S on

Saturday, August 7, 2021

SAFE WALLET Tesla Model 3 Mounting Option



Tesla Model 3 

Mounting Option

A friend of mine who is a Tesla Model 3 driver and I were recently having a conversation about how to best mount the new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet since we are both testing prototypes. I am testing a SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max, and he is testing the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 12 Pro model. We were contemplating if we could figure out a way to mound the SAFE WALLET so it can use a MagSafe mount, that could not only charge, but swivel back and forth from portrait to landscape.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 12 Pro Max magnetically attached in Tesla Model 3 Picture Above

I currently drive a Model S and a Model X, and have used two different types of mounts for holding my SAFE WALLET. Originally I used a holding mount with adjustable sides as seen in the photo below. Later on I moved to using a magnetic mount which is much easier, and works great as we have them positioned on the back of both front seas so the passengers in the second row can snap their phone against them and watch video on long drives having rotated their SAFE WALET from portrait to landscape. In all the above mentioned scenarios we use lightning cables to charge the phone.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet X attached in Tesla Model X Pictured Above 
Running Beta version of upcoming BulletTrain Big Clock App

During my experimenting I came across the iPow magnetic car mount that uses a suction cup that attaches to the back of the center screen as seen below.

The image below shows a side view so we can observe how the iPow flexible magnetic arm attaches to the back of the Tesla Model 3 screen. I am fairly certain this will work well with the following Tesla Models which have landscape screens:

• Model 3
• Model Y
• Model S (Later 2021 models)
• Model X (Later 2021 models)
• Cyber Truck (2022) 

An important consideration when using this option is you ideally should rest the bottom of the SAFE WALLET on top of the Tesla screen. In this photo I have the iPhone rotated more to the left than the Tesla screen. In the photo below I am showing what it would look like with a black Apple lightning cable plugged into it for charging. This would be idea for watching videos (when parked), or using for Apple or Google Maps while driving. I recently used the Apple Maps App on my iPhone and I as blown away with how great it was!!!!

I watch a lot of YouTube videos (who doesn't!?!! :-) and when one ends you pretty much need to rotate the screen to landscape which is what I am showing below. In order to achieve this I pulled the iPhone slightly toward me, and had the back of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet touching the Tesla screen to keep it stable for navigating when I touch the screen.

I ordered the new Tesla Model S, but it is not scheduled to be delivered until April of 2022 :-(

Once I take delivery I will update this story with whatever best solutions I come up with.

Monday, July 26, 2021

BulletTrain SAFE WALLET Preview

BulletTrain SAFE WALLET Preview

Plus Some Amazing Charging Dock

Compatible with SAFE WALLET

At BulletTrain we moved our production from China to the United States which slowed everything way down, but I have some great news to share with you today. We are ALMOST done with the development of our SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max model and hope to offer it for sale in the next few months. I have been testing production prototypes for many months now and our all-new design is beyond perfect in all ways. Below are some photos of my personal SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max in my office siting on an amazing Anker QI charging dock with also charges AirPods.

One of the really cool features of this dock is you an also use it to watch video while it is charging as seen below elevated in a super stable way.

In the next image we see my SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max charging on the dock with the door open. You can't see it in the photo but the SAFE WALLET is not only secured via magnets but also there is a strong support ledge built into the SAFE WALLET that supports it even more so it can't slip or slide downward. Also, I have our new SAFE SHIELD installed on my iPhone which is completely invisible. In other words, if I handed you my SAFE WALLET and asked you if you thought I had a screen protector on my phone there is a 98% chance you would not be able to detect it. —Super Clean!!!

This last image (below) shows the ANKER dock on my desk that I put a BulletTrain logo stick on to personalize it. I invested thousands of hours and a great deal of capital working on developing our own SAFE DOCK but never brought it to life as it was never up to my standard as a designer. The design was great but the charging electronics were the issue. I have to say the Anker Dock is a work of art and the only think I would do differently is offer an all-black version as well. That being said, I still really like the white model.

previously mentioned, we have been hard at work getting all the details dialed-in for American production and everything is going well. In the next few months we will be rolling out some amazing new products that are mind-blowing so stay tuned. Also, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Apple will keep the form factor identical for the iPhone 13 models so they are forward compatible with our new BulletProof Series 4 SAFE WALLET models. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!



2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand with MagSafe

I have been experimenting like a crazy man with different charging docks, and in the photo below we see the Belkin high-end charger which has a built-in MagSafe certified fast-charger that can charge an iPhone 12 at 15 Watts along with AirPods at the same time! This is my new dock of choice for my desktop computers as it is a 100% stable working dock. 

The Anker dock pictured above has a tilting swivel feature which is REALLY useful is situation like having it on a bedside table so you can angle the iPhone perfectly, but the drawback is that when you use your fingers on the iPhone screen for typing, navigating and gestures it bounces around, which can be overcome to a certain extent by placing your four finger behind it to stabilize it, but the Belkin is rock-solid and doesn't budge, so it is a PEFECT working dock. Basically there are two types of charging docks. Docks made for charging and viewing notifications, and then there are working docks that are ultra stable which make it much easier to work on it by typing or navigating...

So for me I will keep using the ANKER dock on my bedside table, in the kitchen, and I will use the Belkin on my desktops. Also, I like the fresh white look of Anker, but on my desktop all my accessories are blacked-out. Also, the Belkin looks more high-end as Belkin says it is inspired by architecture. Also, since the Belkin dock is a MagSafe certified fast-charger it makes sense to have it on my desktop, where in the kitchen and bedroom I don't need fast charging as much.

Also, the ANKER dock uses USB-C for charging and does NOT come with a USB-C charger, and the Belkin is NOT USB-C, but comes with a standard 110 plug.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Preview of Upcoming Magic Bullet Remote for Apple TV Siri 2021 Remote

Preview of Upcoming

Magic Bullet Remote 

for Apple TV Siri 2021 Remote 

with Built-in AirTag Feature

At BulletTrain we are famous for our existing MagicBullet Remote for Apple TV Remote which is AMAZING!!! We have been working hard on developing the second generation of our Magic Bullet for Apple TV Remote control which will posses a super useful and innovative feature that will allow you to embed an Apple AirTag in the remote so you can NEVER lose your Apple TV Siri remote between the cushions or anywhere else ever again!!! This super innovative remote offers a place for everything, and everything in its place.

The Shape of Things To Come

Below are photo of our first prototype of the MagicBullet Siri Remote + AirTag Remote holder in all black. This first image shows the AirTag and Apple TV 4K Siri Remote on a table next to our upcoming MagicBullet Remote control holder.

In this next image we see the Apple AirTag inserted inside the MagicBullet Remote with the Siri Remote on the table next to it.

In this next image we see the upcoming all-new MagicBullet Siri Remote with the hidden AirTag compartment in front of our first generation MagicBullet Apple TV Siri Remote holder.

This amazing new MagicBullet Remote will prevent you from EVER losing your Apple TV remote ever again as there will be two different ways to locate it almost instantly:

1. You can ask Siri something like "Find my Bedroom Remote", and a few seconds later your Magic Bullet Remote will start pinging making a noise so you can find it in between the sheets or where it fell behind the bed, or even in a drawer.

2. If you can hear it but still can't find it, you can use the iOS Apple Find My Application which will navigate you to your Apple TV remote.

There is a special cavity in the Magic Bullet Remote Control holder to perfectly hold the Apple AirTag. It is designed in such a way that it won't ever rattle or make any kind of noise, expect when you want it to. 

There is a speaker outlet on the bottom of the remote which acts to amplify the sound waves the AirTab makes to make it even louder (Not Shown). The user then will place the Apple TV Siri remote in place and it will be held securely with our SAFE STOCK technology.

We also have plans to retrofit our first generation Magic Bullet Remote for Apple TV Sir Remote (pictured below) to accommodate an Apple AirTag as well. If all goes as planned we plan to launch this product for sale at the end of Q3, 2021 in August. 

We have already extensively tested prototypes that work great. Ironically we were working on this design even before Apple came out with the AirTag and new 2021 Siri Apple TV remote, and it is interesting to note how everybody and their mother who have reviewed the new Apple TV Siri remote love it but say the only missing killer feature is having a built-in AirTag, which will be rectified with our upcoming innovative models.

2021 4K Apple TV Siri Remote AirTag Case 

So why are we making an Apple TV Siri remote with AirTag holder, or an Apple Airtag Holder for Siri Remote? We originally made an Apple TV Remote Control holder to make the Apple TV remote much more comfortable and ergonomic. Our MagicBullet Apple TV Remote holder makes the Apple Siri remote much easier to hold as the remote is so thin. In other words, the added bulk makes it really comfortable to hold.

Some would argue that making a Siri Remote Holder Gadget with an AirTag feature creates an Anti-Loss Case for AirTag in the sense that you can NEVER lose or misplace your Apple TV remote again.

AirTag Remote for Apple TV Siri Remote

One could argue that Apple's oversight was a blessing in that the BulletTrain MagicBullet perfectly fits both the AirTag and Apple TV Siri remote, or "Siri Apple TV 4K HD Remote Control (2nd Gen)."

Some people might refer to our AirTag Remote for Apple TV Siri Remote (4K/HD) as a case, or a protective case but the design intent is to combines Apple TV remote and an AirTag remote into one super ergonomic remote control that is super comfortable and looks great. 

Below is a photo of our current 1st Generation BulletTrain MagicBullet Remote for Apple TV.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

2021 Touch ID Magic Keyboard + Magic Trackpad 100% Compatible with BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform!


2021 Touch ID Magic Keyboard + Magic Trackpad

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

I am very happy to report our BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform has been tested and is 100% compatible with the 2021 Touch ID Magic Keyboard & Magic Trackpad which are currently shipping exclusively with the all-new 24" iMac!!!

The ONLY way to purchase the new Apple 2021 Touch ID Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad II is to purchase them with the new 24 inch iMac, but it is likely just a matter of time before Apple starts selling them separately. So if you have the new 24 inch iMac with the Touch ID keyboard & Magic Trackpad and you want all the benefits of a BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform rest assured they are 100% compatible out of the box!

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