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SAFE WALLET for iPhone 13 & 12 Models Future Roadmap


iPhone 13 & iPhone 12 Models

Future Roadmap 

Many customers have been writing-in asking when they will be able to purchase a SAFE WALLET for their iPhone 13 and iPhone 12?

We recently finalized our SAFE WALLET for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 production model plan and in the graphic below we show the four all-new 4th Generation "BulletProof Series" SAFE WALLET Models we intend to release, along with their release dates:

• SAFE WALLET 13 Pro Max model will be 100% backwards compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

• SAFE WALLET 13 Pro model will fit and be 100% compatible with the iPhone 13.

• SAFE WALLET 13 MINI model will be 100% backwards compatible with the iPhone 12 MINI

• SAFE WALLET 12 Pro model will perfectly fit and work with the iPhone 12.
We are not accepting pre-orders, but if you have purchased a BulletTrain product in the past or if you signed up for our mailing list you will be the first to know when we release the new models. If you have not signed up for our email list you can do so by scrolling down to the bottom of our homepage.

Inside Story

About a year and a half ago I made the decision to move production from China to the U.S.A. which was something I wanted to do for a long time—for many different reasons.

We are now just starting to produce the first BulletTrain products in the United States and it is going well. It's not easy, but much better.

We started working on the fourth generation SAFE WALLET several years ago and the goal was to take the SAFE WALLET to the next level by making it literally indestructible. The great news is we figured out how to do so. The challenge is mass-producing them and building the tools is very complicated, expensive and time-consuming. 

Trust me when I tell you there is a definite reason why nobody has ever figured out what we did, and that is how to make one model of wallet case that is unequivocally the best smartphone case ever made! The reality is: good things take time...

The first model we made production tooling for was the SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max, and just when we were close to having it complete Apple announced the iPhone 13 family!?!!

The photos below show our first injection molded production prototype for our SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max and it is some kind of wonderful!

Since there are many similarities between the iPhone 12 & iPhone 13 models we figured out how to create hybrid SAFE WALLETS that can accommodate both which I outline below.



Our SAFE WALLET 13 Pro Max will perfectly fit and work with the iPhone 12 Pro Max as illustrated below. 

The only difference is since the camera base turret on the 13 PRO MAX is larger (left), there will be a little extra space around the camera if you put a 12 Pro Max (right) in our 13 Pro Max case as seen in the photo below. Just to be crystal-clear the photos below are of a 3D printed version of our SAFE WALLET 13 PRO MAX case with both the 13 PRO MAX and 12 PRO MAX installed. 

It is worth noting Apple increased not only the height and width of the camera turret base, but also the depth, not to mention they also increased the height of the cameras. In response, we beefed up the camera corner bumper protection on ALL four new models listed above and below...



Same thing with our SAFE WALLET 13 MINI model. If you put in an iPhone 12 MINI it will fit and work perfectly, but it will have some extra space around the camera turret as seen below on the right.

We were able to create hybrid SAFE WALLET models for both cases mentioned above since all the buttons have not moved very much. The renders below show our original design for our SAFE WALLET 12 MNI, which has now been modified to accommodate the larger iPhone 13 MINI camera turret base, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Upcoming SAFE WALLET 13 & 12 Mini pictured above and below



13 PRO

With the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models Apple significantly moved the buttons (from the iPhone 12 Models) and made larger camera turrets. Thus, we will offer our SAFE WALLET 13 Pro (left) model which will fit and work with the iPhone 13 as seen below on the right. Since the iPhone 13 camera turret is smaller, like with the other models mentioned above there will be extra space around the camera. 

Below we see our 13 PRO SAFE WALLET on the left with an iPhone 13 installed, and on the right we see it with a standard iPhone 13.


12 PRO

We will be offering a dedicated SAFE WALLET 12 Pro case which will perfectly fit the iPhone 12 as both of these models share identical dimensions as seen below. 

The photo below shows an iPhone 12 PRO installed in our BulletTrain SAFE WALLET 13 PRO Wallet Case and we see that Apple significantly lowered the position of the Volume UP and Volume Down buttons as well as the Mute switch, which explains why we can't make a hybrid case the way we can with the 13 PRO MAX and 13 MINI.

As delineated on the ETA Timeframe graphic located near the top of this story we will have ALL models initially offered in Black, then a few months later will offer them in many different colors.

Regarding the iPhone 11 family of models we are still on the fence and have not committed to bringing them to market. I would say we likely will NOT make 11 models since we are so late to market, but who knows.

On a really positive note, I have been testing production prototypes of our BulletTrain SAFE WALLET for iPhone 12 Pro Max as have some BulletTrain Beta testers and so far they are nothing shorts of AMAZING! As the designer I realize it is a pain to have to wait so long, but I am certain when we come out with the new models you will LOVE them!!! 

The Best iPhone Wallet Case

Is About To Get Even Better

So why name the 4th generation of SAFE WALLET 'The BulletProof Series'? In the past, the first 3 generations of SAFE WALLET were made with Polycarbonate which is hard plastic. The first and third generation (current) SAFE WALLET models featured TPU bumper systems. TPU is the acronym for Thermoplastic PolyUrethane.  

We are making the 4th Generation SAFE WALLET entirely from a proprietary TPU material we developed in-house which offers the following advantages:

  • Increased comfort and rubber-like grip with soft-touch feel coupled with increased abrasion resistance.
  • Superb impact strength which is completely SHATTERPROOF.
  • Unaffected by oil and grease and other solvents (examples: hand oils, moisturizers, sunblock)
  • Highly scratch resistant self-healing surface.

The BulletProof series features ribbing on both sides which makes the SAFE WALLET even more grippy and slip-proof, while giving it a sportier vibe.

In the photo below we see the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET for iPhone 12 Pro Max standing upright in portrait with its built-in 'MagicStand' portrait dock feature which allows you to charge the phone using a MagSafe charger (Not pictured). The new hollow-core wallet door design now features dual tapered ramps for making installing your cards super-easy and smooth. Also, we made the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET logo and the Made In U.S.A. branding on the face of the door super low-key so it is almost invisible, as we believe our iconic design personifies and embodies our trademark BulletTrain brand...

In the two photos below we see the BulletTrain SAFE WALLET 12 Pro Max standing up on a flat surface in landscape video watching mode which is ultra-stable.

The fourth-generation SAFE WALLET features a MagicStand locking cleat channel that allows the user to stand-up the case in 2 different landscape positions for watching video content using any kind of card that fits in the hollow-core wallet door. In the example below we see a credit card locked in landscape. If the user were to rotate the card 90 degrees from landscape to portrait it would increase the slant angle, which would be ideal if viewing from a lower trajectory. This design characteristic allows the SAFE WALLET to stand-up on any flat surface in an ultra stable manner.

BulletTrain invented and patented the high-capacity stealth iPhone wallet case category and have always been the best wallet case. With the advent of the fourth generation SAFE WALLET we now make unequivocally the best smartphone case on earth!!!

This is the result of many thousands of hours of passionate research, design, engineering and listening carefully to invaluable customer-feedback. When you look at all the top-selling iPhone case brands, they make something like 50 different cases for each iPhone model!?!! At BulletTrain we only make ONE model that has ALL the best features a user could want!

Go Keyless

Tesla recently showed off their all-new refreshed 2021 Model S and X, which feature a wireless phone key which utilizes Bluetooth to unlock/lock and start the vehicle. 

I recently published a super-detailed review of the new Tesla Model S on which I highly recommend checking out. The image below shows the radically simplified interior of the new Model S Tesla.

My absolute favorite new James-Bond-like-feature in the new Model S and X is the incorporation of the keyless/fobless entry and driving by simply using your bluetooth enabled smartphone or a physical key card to drive. In the image below we see the PHONE KEY option running in the Tesla app on an iPhone in progress. That's right, just walk up to the car, open the door, sit down, and violà!!! Drive as if you have a key fob, or key card in your pocket with ONLY your smartphone...It could not be any easier or more friction-free than this...

The Tesla phone key not only allows you to unlock the doors, but also to drive the car!!! If you have a keyless front door lock on your home and at work you can now fulfill the dream of leaving home with ONLY a SAFE WALLET as your everyday carry. Talk about radically simplifying your life!!!

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