Thursday, February 9, 2023

First Review of BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 14 Pro Max

The first BulletTrain customer to receive a production prototype of our BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 14 Pro Max loves it and wrote this:

BulletTrain's SAFE Wallet for iPhone 14 Pro Max is both a work of art and an essential daily carry I can't live without, now that I have it! I've used previous-generation SAFE Wallets over many years and BulletTrain has clearly evolved the design in subtle yet brilliant ways. 

The materials just feel nicer than ever, great in your hand, and the protection level has increased to the point where I have zero concerns if I drop my phone (embarrassing disclosure: yes, I'm a "dropper," and I need this peace of mind). The addition of the SAFE Leash is a great touch, crucial  for taking extreme sports photography or to ensure one doesn't lose an overboard iPhone while on a boat. 

The ability to extend and retract the SAFE Leash's attachment point is clever and I don't recall anything like this ingenuity in an iPhone accessory until now. The door's ability to act as a stand, and the ability to hold multiple plastic cards in a stealthy manner, are several of the features I've always loved about the SAFE Wallet. I'm so glad I have the new generation SAFE Wallet and look forward to seeing other BulletTrain fans using them out in the wild!

- Matthew Tower

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