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The Two Steve's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The Two Steve's

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

To best understand what is going on in the photo above, click play on the video below then stare at the photo of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wearing white three piece tuxedos...Something about "Give me a HO if you got your funky bus fare...HO!" 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Robert Scoble Praises his BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Robert Scoble 

Two Thumbs Way Up For His 

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Robert Scoble A.K.A. "The Scobleizer" is one of the best known tech evangelists and recently Robert gave the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform two thumbs way up when he said:

"I love my BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and depend on it every day. The eXpress has become an essential tool as part of my desktop workstation! It is very comfortable and freed up so much of my desktop real estate. I also love the fact I can easily use it on my lap as well. As you can imagine, I scour through tons of tech and very rarely come across something truly useful like the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform." –Robert Scoble (November 2012)

This video of Robert Scoble commenting on his BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform on his desktop just came in today:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Glowing Review of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

iPhoneLife Magazine Glowing Review

of the 

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Today, iPhoneLife Magazine wrote a glowing review of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!!!

Todd Bernhard wrote on, and titled his article:

 "Hop on the BulletTrain for a streamlined keyboard and trackpad combo."

Here are some nice quotes from the online review:

"Many iOS users are also Mac users, like myself, so if you have a Mac, and an Apple wireless keyboard, and an Apple Magic Trackpad, pay attention! I have all of the above, but I found that I didn't use the trackpad that much. Rather than slide my hand off to the right, past my Magic Mouse, to the trackpad, and risking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and lose time, I prefer the design of Apple's laptops, with the trackpad just below the spacebar. So, with that in mind, I was pleased to see the BulletTrain Express at last year's MacWorld. I finally got a chance to play with it, and I'm even more impressed."

"The Express Keyboard and Trackpad Platform looks like it should have been designed and built by Apple themselves!" –iPhoneLife Magazine

"The BulletTrain Express is great for couch surfing and also daily text entry if you prefer the MacBook style, as I do. My old trackpad went from being barely used to a major part of my data entry routine, thanks to the BulletTrain Express. It works great on the desk, but shines on the lap, for couch surfing! It was clearly designed for this, which a comfortable bottom. There's really nothing else like it...and I've looked."

"Here's hoping that Apple bring Bluetooth support to the current or a future Apple TV. When they do, the BulletTrain Express will be even more useful. I also have a protective keyboard cover from KB Covers on my Apple wireless keyboard, and while its a snug fit, it works with the Express."

"The folks at BulletTrain are also working on a combination wallet iPhone case that, while it doesn't claim to be bulletproof it proposes to offer rock solid protection for your iPhone and room for credit cards and ID. The wallet component folds out, forming a stand for landscape and portrait use."

Kay Overcoming Arthritus with her BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

...A Heartwarming Holiday Story...

Kay Overcoming Arthritus

with her 

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

When I originally built the first prototype of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform back in 2010 that reconfigured the Bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into a keyboard tray or platform, my goal was not to make the best looking desktop keyboard, or to free up more than 50% or your precious desktop real estate. 

My goal was to create the most ergonomic and comfortable keyboard. Having previously suffered from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), I was on a mission to figure out how to stop RSI, as well as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Ironically, I developed RSI by using a Microsoft "Natural" ergonomic wave keyboard along with a Kensington trackball.

Over the years I have spoken with many, many customers who have told me that by using the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, it not only reversed their RSI, but cured it–permanently. I should know, because I am one of them. It is hard to believe something so simple works so well, and it does.

Whenever I speak with a customer on the phone, I ask them two questions. First I ask them what Mac they are using their eXpress with, and I ask them how they found out about the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform? Customers most typically answer the later question by saying something like, "I bought an Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad, and the trackpad was way too difficult to use, and felt awkward having it located next to my keyboard. I did an internet search and looked at all the different solutions, and ended up concluding that the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform was by far and away the best, and I couldn't fine anything else that even came close."

Real Customer Care

Printed on the inside of every BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform box it says "We Really, Really, Really Care." This is absolutely true. There is nothing more rewarding as a designer than knowing I significantly helped improve the quality of a person's life, particularly when it comes to how they use or benefit from using a computer. I believe that computing devices, coupled with the internet, and world-class search engines are the key to unlocking mankind's full intellectual potential. As a designer, I not only want to make certain that nobody is left behind, but that every person is able to optimize their computing experience. I coined the term "friction-free computing" many years ago, and this phrase is my guiding light with BulletTrain design.

Over the years I have spoken with many of my customers who suffered from all kinds of physical handicaps they were able to overcome with the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform! This includes not only people who suffer from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), but also people who suffer from severe Motor Neuron Disease (MND), as well as Tendonitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I have also spoken with customers who are paraplegic and are confined to a wheelchair who have personally thanked me for bringing the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform to life, and sharing with me how profound of a positive effect the eXpress had on their ability to use their computer.

Ergonomic Issues

How serious are the ergonomic issues? Very Serious! I strongly believe keyboard and mice usage will become the new cigarettes of the 21st century. In other words, as the computer generation advances, and more people develop cumulative trauma disorders, the world will look back and point the finger at old-fashioned keyboard and mice.

I believe there is a still tremendous room for improvement on the keyboard and pointing device front. If you examine an original Mac from 1984 to a 2012 iMac, they could not be more night and day. One has a tiny black and white screen and the other has a super high-resolution screed with super-vivid colors. Same thing with every other computer attribute including RAM and storage capacity, as well as CPU speed. But the keyboard and mouse is almost identical. The only real difference is that they went cordless. This is ironic because the keyboard and pointing device are probably the most important part of the computing experience, because this is the primary mechanism by which we interact with the computer. At BulletTrain, in the upcoming years, we intend to continue to revolutionize the keyboard and pointing devices in deeply profound and meaningful ways.

A Superb Solution

Last week I was talking to a customer and he mentioned he had an elderly friend named Kay who was 82 years old and really smart and sharp, but suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. He mentioned he took her to the Apple store and helped her purchase and iPad. Kay brought the iPad home and tired desperately to use it, but in the end she had no choice to return it, because her sever arthritis stopped her from being able to use the touch interface effectively.

Kay's and her friend were able to setup a Mac Mini with a big screen so she could sit in front of it in her favorite recliner. Using a mouse was obviously not an option, so Kay tried to use her Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad by balancing them on her lap, but it was impossible to use, and she could not click on her trackpad because it kept falling off her lap onto the floor, so Kay did what many of our customers do out of desperation and necessity–they attempt to build their own BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform. The photo below shows Kay with her "DIY" Do it yourself BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, which consists of a her Apple keyboard and trackpad being balanced on top of a coffee table book.

Kay's self-made solution allowed her to overcome her challenge and finally be able to use her mac. The only challenge is she had the keyboard hanging off the edge of the spine of the book, and the trackpad still moved around, not to mention the added weight of the book. 

When Kay's freind saw her self-made solution, he decided that somebody had to have addressed this same issue. I spoke with him on the phone and he told me he did an internet search and had looked at every other solution, which would not work, so he called me on the phone to discuss if the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform might allow Kay to completely overcome her solution. 

First he asked if Kay got a BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, would she be able to press down on the trackpad and receive the positive tactile-feedback click to which I positively answered, yes. His second question was, would it be comfortable on her lap? I mentioned the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform is extremely light-weight at just over a pound, yet very strong and stable. I also mentioned I designed the bottom chassis to ergonomically fit perfectly in your lap.

The photo above shows Kay with her dog sitting next to her, with her BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform on her lap, which allows her to completely participate in the digital age–which most people take for granted. Since Kay has sever arthritis, the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform gives her an ergonomic wrist and palm rest so she can navigate the screen with her trackpad and type comfortably. Apple claims to go out of their way to create solutions for handicapped people, which they refer to as "Accessibility" features. 

I know Apple is well intentioned and does much great work, but there is much, much room for improvement in this area. I am calling on Apple to please open up the API on the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch so it can be used and controlled with the Magic Trackpad. Doing so would allow many, many handicapped people to be able to much more effectively use their iPads. 

I am also calling on Apple to do the same by opening up the API on the Apple TV to be able to use the Bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad as well. Doing so will open up a whole new world of possibilities for everyone. For example, Kay could simply plug in an iPad or iPad Mini via HDMI to her flat screen TV and use the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform to do everything should she can't do on an iPad because of her arthritis, not to mentioned, it would be much easier for her to see everything on her large flat TV screen than on a tiny iPad screen. Everything would be better including her ability to watch movies on the big screen. 

Also, by using her Apple Magic Trackpad to navigate her iPad she could not get fingertip oils rubbed all over her iPad screen, which she would have to constantly clean off. Apple, it is time to make the "Magic" Trackpad live up to its name and full potential!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Regina Desperately Needs A BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform!!!

Another DIY (Do It Yourself)
BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

Regina Desperately Needs 
A BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform!!!

I was speaking with a BulletTrain customer yesterday and her name is Regina. Regina suffers from arthritis and told me she desperately needed a BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform. I asked her to tell me more, and she told me that she could not wait to get a BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform, since she was currently using here Apple trackpad box and another Apple box to simulate having a BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform. I asked here to take a photo and send it in so I could see what she was talking about, and here it is. Fascinating captain!!!

I mentioned to Regina that she was not the first customer I know of  who tried to roll her own BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, I mentioned the Do It Yourself Keyboard Platform made from a Cookbook.

Don't you think this setup would be better?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Is The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet RFID Safe? Separating The Fact From The Fiction

Is The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet RFID Safe?

Separating The Fact From The Fiction

Several people have asked me if the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is RFID safe? This is a fairly complex issue, that is clearly a coin with two sides. I have invested a great deal of time doing research on the issue, and I have concluded that RFID theft is likely an urban myth, perpetuated by people who wish to benefit from driving consumers by their fear, so they can sell them RFID safe wallets.

Basically, RFID identity theft is like Bigfoot or the Lock Ness Monster. Many people have heard about it, but nobody has ever actually seen it.

I am completely open-minded, and if you have information that refutes this conclusion, by all means post a comment on this post.


First a little background. RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a technology that embeds a super-small microchip in to a small vehicle like a credit card that can be read with an RFID Reader. Credit Cards with RFID can typically only be read from within 4 inches or less from an RFID reader

RFID chips can be embedded in many different types of objects, ranging from pre-paid public transit cards, to clothing. RFID chips are sometimes referred to as and RFID transponder, because the chip typically has read/write memory and an antenna.

There are two types of RFID chips, or tags. The first is known as active RFID because it has its own power source, and they typically can be read from greater ranges. The second type which are passive tags lack any power. A passive RFID tag is temporarily activated by Radio Frequency generated by RFID readers. A typical example of this would be a credit card sized device used to open doors by swiping it past an RFID reader.

RFID tags are also used today as an alternative to bar code readers since RFID tags don't require and unobstructed line-of-sight between the reader and the tag. This helps in supply chain management in places like a store, where readers can easily keep track of inventory on store shelves, instead of having humans have to manually scan barcodes. 

RFID tags are used today keeping track of all kinds of things, including injectable ID chips for tracking wildlife, and keeping inventory for livestock.


The New Kid In Town

The newest form of RFID that everbody is talking about is called Near Field Communication which is commonly referred to in its abbreviated acronym form as NFC. NFC is based upon a set of standards for smartphones and other devices which uses two-way radio communication between devices, which is typically achieved by bumping or touching them together, or positioning them in close proximity, which is typically less than an inch.

NFC is based upon a standard protocol that defines data exchange formats, and is based upon RFID standards including ISO/IEC 14443 and FeliCa. The NFC Forum which governs NFC protocols today has more than 150 members and was founded in 2004 by Nokia, Philips and Sony. NFC typically operates within a distance of 4 inches or less, and typically requires little power to operate.

NFC differs from traditional RFID systems because it allows two-way communication between endpoints. RFID systems like contactless smart cards only allowed one way communication.

NFC embedded devices are being used today in contactless mobile payment systems in place of credit cards and electronic tickets. Google Wallet is a good example of this technology which allows people to store credit card and loyalty card info virtually, and they use NFC enabled terminals that also accept credit cards. I took the photo of one of these terminals recently, which I saw in Walgreens in San Francisco.

Apple has not yet adopted and does not support NFC. NFC is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe, India and Japan.

NFC can ride piggyback and work in conjunction with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, which allows some smartphones to transfer data and music to each other. Essentially, the transaction begins with an NFC handshake, then gets switch to peer-to-peer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. NFC is also being used with one tap to setup a handshake between two NFC-enabled devices to facilitate paring Bluetooth speakers or headsets, as well as pairing a smartphone with a TV, so the phone can broadcast its screen to the TV. NFC can even be used in multiplayer gaming on smartphones. NFC is an ideal solution because it avoids the confusion, complexity and typical hassles that come with pairing devices.

NFC supports encryption, so it is typically safer than old-fashioned RFID, which is what began this controversy this article addresses.


RFID technology is controversial due to the fact that people believe RFID chips can easily be cloned or used for other nefarious purposes. 

In the early days of RFID, it was not nearly as secure as it is today. RFID as a term first appeared in 1983 in a patent issued to Charles Walton. In 1995 RFID was first described in a wallet paying patent. 

In 2004, Nokia, Philips and Sondy established the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum, and in 2006 Nokia was the first to offer an NFC enabled phone. It was not until 2009, that the NFC Forum published Peer-to-Peer communications that could piggyback on Wi-Fi and BlueTooth.

RFID Safe Wallets

There are merchants who sell "RFID" blocking wallets, meaning the chips cannot be read because there is a metal substrate inside the wallet that supposedly blocks the chip from transmitting or being read. The most common substrate used in these RFID blocking wallets is aluminum.

There are videos on the web that warn that a person with an RFID scanner can rub up against you, and instantly scan your card and get your credit card number, expiration date and 3 number security code. But is this a real threat?

I did a lot of investigating into this subject and was not able to find any evidence that it exists today in 2013. I have yet to meet a person who has their identity compromised with or by this supposed technology.

The reason this is significant, is when I designed the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I thought it would be a benefit to be able to swipe your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet with an RFID card in it, without having to open and remove your RFID card. Specific examples of the benefit of this would be with being able to swipe a public transportation card, like a Clipper Card, in San Francisco. Plus, there is something James Bond cool-like about just swiping your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and gaining entry through a door.

So are RFID cards safe? According to Consumer Reports, as of 2011 the number of contactless RFID cards in circulation in the U.S. is only 3.5% of the total debit and credit cards in use, and thus they do not represent a significant target to lure criminals, particularly since traditional magnetic strip cards are so much more easily counterfeited. In other words, it is approximately 30 times more likely somebody will record the magnetic stripe on your card and clone it, than try to scan your RFID card.

Consumer Reports said in 2011: "The Smart Card Alliance, an industry group, maintains that contactless card technology deployed by American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa is secure and that there have been no reports of consumers being victimized. American Express says its contactless cards do not reveal the card account number, and that was the case in the demonstration we observed."

Consumer Reports continues: "Shields or wallets marketed as RFID-blocking devices can make it more difficult for someone with an electronic reader to read your cards, but they don’t entirely block transmission of card data. When Recursion’s security experts tested 10 types of shields and wallets currently being sold to protect contactless cards, they found that none blocked the signal completely, and there was dramatic variability even among samples of the same brand. Using a different approach, Recursion’s experts created a credit-card-sized jamming device for the wallet that prevents cards from responding to any reader."

"Our reporter offered her own homemade shield constructed of duct tape and lined with aluminium foil. It provided better protection than eight of the 10 commercial products, including a stainless-steel “RFID blocking” wallet selling online for about $60."

Consumer Reports concludes" "Bottom line. Until contactless-card security is improved or better protective devices are widely available, consumers can ask for cards that are not RFID-enabled, a request that at least some major card issuers say they will honor."

So the real question is whether or not the Smart Card Alliance is telling the truth when they say there have been no reports of consumers being victimized? I see no reason why they would lie. If it was a serious issue, the credit card companies would not issue RFID or NFC cards. 

From the research I have conducted, it seems like an urban myth, like Bigfoot or The Lochness Monster. Everybody talks about them and is familiar with them, but like the tooth ferry, they don't exist. 

Ironically, the whole RFID Protection Scam Notion is a scam itself for unethical companies to take advantage of consumer fear to sell them something they don't need–kind of like offering people clear plastic vinyl to protect and cover their furniture. In other words its like having to hire a bodyguard to protect you from your bodyguard. It just doesn't make any real sense (pun intended ;-).

As I suggested earlier, if you have information that refutes this, please leave a comment.

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First Online Review Of All-New BulletTrain SAFE Wallet by

...First Online Review...

All-New BulletTrain SAFE Wallet
by was the first online blog to write about the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and here is what they said:

People usually carry a separate wallet to keep their important cards and a case to protect their mobile phone with them, making their pocket weird and bulky. Combining a cellphone case and wallet into a single product, here is an ultimate protective iPhone case from BulletTrain dubbed the “SAFE Wallet Case” that completely replaces your wallet and protect your valuables without occupying extra space in your pocket.

Offering adequate space for five credit cards or up to 15 business cards, the SAFE Wallet offers a complete solution to iPhone users and let them remove bulky wallets from their pockets. The wallet compartment not only keeps your cash, keys, driving license, ATM VISA/Debit Card and business cards safely but also doubles as a MagicStand to support both landscape and portrait viewing on your iPhone, while the SecretStash compartment keeps your valuables safe and secret.

Made from colored Polycarbonate, which is not just lightweight but also durable, the SAFE Wallet comes with high quality rubber lines to allow better grip, shock absorption and extra water resistance, while protecting the screen from scratches. Presented in five vibrant colors, including Blue, Ruby Red, Arctic White, Simple Silver and Matte Black, the the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is available in two versions, i.e. for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5 measuring 4.8 x 2.6 x .7” and 5.2 x 2.6 x .63” in dimensions respectively.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All-New BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Live On Kickstater!!!

All-New BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 

Live On Kickstater!!!

It has been a long time coming, but we finally launched the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet on Kickstarter!!!

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s offers a complete wallet replacement solution. It can hold the thickness of 5 credit cards, or up to 15 business cards.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wallet Autopsy #2 The Organized Packrat

Wallet Autopsy #2

The Organized Packrat

Robert's Wallet 
Photos Taken October 25, 2012

This is a most fascinating wallet. I met Robert and recent San Francisco Giants Baseball game. I showed a prototype of our upcoming BulletTrain Wallet and he pulled out his wallet. I was kind of shocked and fascinated at the same time. Basically, his wallet is like Michael's wallet from Wallet Autopsy #1, but his wallet is super organized. In other words, Robert is carrying around (in my opinion) way, way more heat than he needs to. 

Definitely Packin' Some Serious Heat

It's fascinating Robert caries around six Wells Fargo Visa credit/debit cards, and notice that he is doubling up cards in the top four slots on the left and the right side.

There is nothing pretentious about Robert's wallet. It is clear he is not trying to showcase his wealth with things like gold, platinum or black American Express cards, but I would argue that Robert is way, way over-prepared with the sheer contents of his wallet. Why does he need to cary a Macy's card, when Macy's takes Visa and Mastercard? Why is he carrying around a Safeway Card, when he can simply key in his phone number associated with his Safeway Card? This is a really good example of somebody carrying around too many cards.

In the next two images (below) you really see how massive Robert's wallet is, when you compare it with his iPhone 4, which is sitting next to it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wallet Autopsy #1 Michael's Wallet: The Packrat

Wallet Autopsy #1

The Bloated Packrat

Michael's Wallet
Photos Taken July 22, 2012

As we prepare to launch the all-new BulletTrain Wallet, we will be showcasing people's real wallets. The objective is to illustrate how inefficient most people's wallets are. Micheal's real wallet is pictured below. Michael is a friend of a friend of mine and I showed him our upcoming BulletTrain Wallet solution. He said "Boy, could I use one of those!!! When can I get one?" Then he pulled out his wallet and showed it to me.

Notice how much thicker Michael's wallet is compared to his iPhone 4s. Michael allowed me to empty out his wallet. The bulge created in Michael's pants from his wallet almost looks like he is carrying around a Big Mac.

The contents of Michael's wallet included the following:

1. The original clear plastic photo holder that came with his wallet, which contained a fake paper American Express, and all the rest of the compartments were empty.

2. He had a Bakers Dozen Buy 12 haircuts and get the 13th free card, and it only had one haircut stamp on it.

3. He carries around a Borders Book Store Rewards Card, despite the fact Borders had been out of business for over a year, and four months.

4. He had business cards people had given him more than two years prior. In other words, he has been carrying around other people's business cards for years. The business cards had some pretty severe wear marks.

5. He was carrying around a Powerball lottery ticket, which lost.

6.  An expired Safeway coupon for free something or other.

7. An unactivated VISA card with a stick that read "Your card cannot be used".

8. An expired medical prescription.

9. A Safeway card which uses his phone number as his account number. (When you shop at Safeway you can just key in you phone number instead of having to carry around your card).

10. An expired Blue Shield Insurance card.

11. Five old receipts.

12. A "Preferred Hotel Guest" card for the Ramada Portland Airport that offered a "15% off any meal at Lea's Landing/Bonzo Bill's Restraunt."

13. A large piece of paper with a user name and password on it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Viper SmartStart with Siri Voice Control

Viper SmartStart with Siri Voice Control

This Viper SmartStart which can use Siri Voice commands is fascinating. Basically, it allows you to retrofit any car so you can start it and unlock the doors with your iPhone. Pretty cool!!!

The All-New 27 iMac with the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

The All-New 27 iMac
with The BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Yesterday Apple showed of the all-new 21 and 27 inch iMacs. The only disappointment was the lack of a Retina display, but is this thing gorgeous or what!!! Because Apple made the side profile much skinnier its design language matches the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform even better. Look at how great it looks with the upcoming black BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform!!!!

Apple also doubled the RAM capacity to 32GB which is twice the amount or RAM the outgoing iMac had. 32GB will make this thing a true speed demon!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lockitron Keyless Entry Uses Your Phone

Keyless Entry Uses Your Phone

When I began smartphones many years ago, my vision was to create an uber device that could do everything, and do everything well. As I previously mentioned, BulletTrain will be launching a brand new product in mid November 2012 that is a complete game-changer. This new product is unlike anything the world has ever seen, and in many, many ways it will move the world much closer to the ideal of having one device that does and controls everything well. 

Lockitron just realeased an incredible innovative new product that also moves the world much closer to this ideal, and you have to check out this video. Just amazing!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Promise To Keep This In The Vault...

Promise To Keep It In The Vault

In mid-November 2012, BulletTrain will forever change your perception of what a wallet can and should be. Until then, as they say on Seinfeld, it's in the Vault. Stay tuned, and enjoy this Seinfeld Exploding Wallet segment...

Friday, September 21, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Drop Test Smack Down

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy 
Drop Test Smack Down

Hi Everybody!!!

Things have been quiet around BulletTrain for a while, but I assure you it is just the quiet before the storm!!! We have been working diligently on a brand new iPhone case. This super innovative case will be available in an iPhone 4/4s model, as well as an iPhone 5 model. This new iPhone case has taken years of development, but I am happy to report it has exceeded my very high expectations. As the designer of this exciting new case, I believe it will not only be the best selling iPhone case, but also obsolete every other iPhone case made. We plan to formally launch this all-new product in mid Novermber of 2012, so stay tuned!!!

In the meantime, this video of the all new iPhone 5 drop test is amazing. I have an iPhone 5 and I plan to write a detailed review as soon as I can get it done. My initial impression of the iPhone 5 is that Apple has finally delivered on the promise of what a smartphone can be. Essentially, it is a truly portable super-computer, that fits easily in any pocket and largely supplements a laptop or desktop computer. The iPhone 5 does everything quickly and well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Keaton Keller TechSmartt Review of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Keaton Keller 
TechSmartt Review of the 
BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Keaton Keller from TechSmartt just published a full review of the all-new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform. Keaton is 15 years old and he stopped by the BulletTrain booth  at the CES 2012 trade show. I sent out the first review unit of the all-new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform for him to review and he did a great job.

Keaton loves the new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and said:

"Would I recommend the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform? Absolutely, without a doubt. It is an must-have for any Mac lover...I can say the eXpress has doubled my productivity...Overall I am am very impressed with the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, and I would highly recommend it to any Mac lover who wants to increase their productivity."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform Unboxing

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform
Packaging and Unboxing Photos

This set of 15 photos shows exactly what the packaging for the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform looks like.

The photo below shows the BulletTrain "Welcome Aboard" sticker which seals the woven bag that protects the paint on the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform. It can also be used as a travel case for a populated BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform, which can be transported in a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Amazing iOS Interface Concept

Amazing iOS Interface Concept

It will be really interesting to see iOS6 this coming Monday. I just saw this UI design reference and I must say I am extremely impressed!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Customer Review of The All-New BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

...First Customer Review...

The All-New BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

We originally planned to send out all the review units before we began sending out production units to customers. Due to a last minute modification I had to make to our tool, we fell behind schedule, so I decided to skip shipping out review units until all customer units were delivered. We are completely caught-up with the backlog of orders, and will begin sending out review units next month. 

This explains why you have not seen any formal reviews in major publication yet. The great news is that customers all over the world have received their all-new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platforms, and they absolutely LOVE them!!!!

So far, one customer wrote a great review I thought I would share with you here.

Review: BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

What is it?

The BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform holds an Apple Wireless keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad. Essentially, it gives you the same set up as you find on Macbook Pros and Airs.

How does it work?

Basically you snap in your Magic Trackpad and Wireless keyboard. The two devices then sit in the platform. It allows the user to access the trackpad beneath the keyboard just like a Macbook.

BulletTrain Express with Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad

Why should I care?

It all depends on your approach to computing and your style. Personally, I love how the MBPs are set up. I find I am way more productive with the trackpad beneath the keyboard. I tried using a trackpad in place of a mouse but I found it cumbersome and really not all that effective. I particularly found the trackpad problematic if I was working in a spreadsheet application; I would end-up reverting to a mouse.

The BulletTrain Express feels very solid. It does not move when you are typing and holds both the keyboard and trackpad level. It also provides some much needed wrist support. After 2 days of using it I have to say I am thrilled.

You could also effectively use the BulletTrain Express as an input device for a computer in the living room or media centre. It is totally lap friendly!

The only thing I don’t like is that the BulletTrain Express does not house a full-size keyboard. I do a lot of work with numbers and I need a keypad. I have purchased an SMK-Link Bluetooth keyboard/calculator.

That’s all great but how much does it cost?

The BulletTrain Express costs $79. However, you also have to purchase an Apple Wireless keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. The total setup cost: $223 and with the Bluetooth keypad is about $300. Not inexpensive. But if you already have the trackpad and keyboard and can live without the number pad then you are just looking at the $79.

So how do I get it?

You can order it here.


I love this product! Quite often I am disappointed in tech products as they are not often as they are described. This product is different. I noticed this right from the beginning. The product was on back order and when I emailed to find out when I would get mine, the product creator called me. We discussed the Express and he was confident that I was going to love it. He was right. So, if you have used a MacBook Pro and 
loved it you will love this set up for your desktop.

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