Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wallet Autopsy #2 The Organized Packrat

Wallet Autopsy #2

The Organized Packrat

Robert's Wallet 
Photos Taken October 25, 2012

This is a most fascinating wallet. I met Robert and recent San Francisco Giants Baseball game. I showed a prototype of our upcoming BulletTrain Wallet and he pulled out his wallet. I was kind of shocked and fascinated at the same time. Basically, his wallet is like Michael's wallet from Wallet Autopsy #1, but his wallet is super organized. In other words, Robert is carrying around (in my opinion) way, way more heat than he needs to. 

Definitely Packin' Some Serious Heat

It's fascinating Robert caries around six Wells Fargo Visa credit/debit cards, and notice that he is doubling up cards in the top four slots on the left and the right side.

There is nothing pretentious about Robert's wallet. It is clear he is not trying to showcase his wealth with things like gold, platinum or black American Express cards, but I would argue that Robert is way, way over-prepared with the sheer contents of his wallet. Why does he need to cary a Macy's card, when Macy's takes Visa and Mastercard? Why is he carrying around a Safeway Card, when he can simply key in his phone number associated with his Safeway Card? This is a really good example of somebody carrying around too many cards.

In the next two images (below) you really see how massive Robert's wallet is, when you compare it with his iPhone 4, which is sitting next to it.

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