Friday, November 9, 2012

Wallet Autopsy #1 Michael's Wallet: The Packrat

Wallet Autopsy #1

The Bloated Packrat

Michael's Wallet
Photos Taken July 22, 2012

As we prepare to launch the all-new BulletTrain Wallet, we will be showcasing people's real wallets. The objective is to illustrate how inefficient most people's wallets are. Micheal's real wallet is pictured below. Michael is a friend of a friend of mine and I showed him our upcoming BulletTrain Wallet solution. He said "Boy, could I use one of those!!! When can I get one?" Then he pulled out his wallet and showed it to me.

Notice how much thicker Michael's wallet is compared to his iPhone 4s. Michael allowed me to empty out his wallet. The bulge created in Michael's pants from his wallet almost looks like he is carrying around a Big Mac.

The contents of Michael's wallet included the following:

1. The original clear plastic photo holder that came with his wallet, which contained a fake paper American Express, and all the rest of the compartments were empty.

2. He had a Bakers Dozen Buy 12 haircuts and get the 13th free card, and it only had one haircut stamp on it.

3. He carries around a Borders Book Store Rewards Card, despite the fact Borders had been out of business for over a year, and four months.

4. He had business cards people had given him more than two years prior. In other words, he has been carrying around other people's business cards for years. The business cards had some pretty severe wear marks.

5. He was carrying around a Powerball lottery ticket, which lost.

6.  An expired Safeway coupon for free something or other.

7. An unactivated VISA card with a stick that read "Your card cannot be used".

8. An expired medical prescription.

9. A Safeway card which uses his phone number as his account number. (When you shop at Safeway you can just key in you phone number instead of having to carry around your card).

10. An expired Blue Shield Insurance card.

11. Five old receipts.

12. A "Preferred Hotel Guest" card for the Ramada Portland Airport that offered a "15% off any meal at Lea's Landing/Bonzo Bill's Restraunt."

13. A large piece of paper with a user name and password on it.

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