Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Glowing Review of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

iPhoneLife Magazine Glowing Review

of the 

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Today, iPhoneLife Magazine wrote a glowing review of the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!!!

Todd Bernhard wrote on, and titled his article:

 "Hop on the BulletTrain for a streamlined keyboard and trackpad combo."

Here are some nice quotes from the online review:

"Many iOS users are also Mac users, like myself, so if you have a Mac, and an Apple wireless keyboard, and an Apple Magic Trackpad, pay attention! I have all of the above, but I found that I didn't use the trackpad that much. Rather than slide my hand off to the right, past my Magic Mouse, to the trackpad, and risking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and lose time, I prefer the design of Apple's laptops, with the trackpad just below the spacebar. So, with that in mind, I was pleased to see the BulletTrain Express at last year's MacWorld. I finally got a chance to play with it, and I'm even more impressed."

"The Express Keyboard and Trackpad Platform looks like it should have been designed and built by Apple themselves!" –iPhoneLife Magazine

"The BulletTrain Express is great for couch surfing and also daily text entry if you prefer the MacBook style, as I do. My old trackpad went from being barely used to a major part of my data entry routine, thanks to the BulletTrain Express. It works great on the desk, but shines on the lap, for couch surfing! It was clearly designed for this, which a comfortable bottom. There's really nothing else like it...and I've looked."

"Here's hoping that Apple bring Bluetooth support to the current or a future Apple TV. When they do, the BulletTrain Express will be even more useful. I also have a protective keyboard cover from KB Covers on my Apple wireless keyboard, and while its a snug fit, it works with the Express."

"The folks at BulletTrain are also working on a combination wallet iPhone case that, while it doesn't claim to be bulletproof it proposes to offer rock solid protection for your iPhone and room for credit cards and ID. The wallet component folds out, forming a stand for landscape and portrait use."


  1. Are we still on schedule to start seeing these arrive at our doors within the next 2 weeks? Getting very anxious now!


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