Friday, December 21, 2012

Robert Scoble Praises his BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Robert Scoble 

Two Thumbs Way Up For His 

BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform

Robert Scoble A.K.A. "The Scobleizer" is one of the best known tech evangelists and recently Robert gave the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform two thumbs way up when he said:

"I love my BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and depend on it every day. The eXpress has become an essential tool as part of my desktop workstation! It is very comfortable and freed up so much of my desktop real estate. I also love the fact I can easily use it on my lap as well. As you can imagine, I scour through tons of tech and very rarely come across something truly useful like the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform." –Robert Scoble (November 2012)

This video of Robert Scoble commenting on his BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform on his desktop just came in today:

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