Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Entertainment Magazine Review

Home Entertainment Magazine
BulletTrain Review

Home Entertainment wrote a complimentary review and said:

Jake Ehrlich, the CEO and designer for BulletTrain, has come up with a way to make anodized aluminum sexy. Leave it to someone in San Francisco. This collection of Apple accessories is a stunning compliment to Mac users' desktops. More than pretty faces, these products make sense.

Jake makes the case against computer mice as ineffective for navigating. "Ping-ponging" (moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse) creates a false economy of motion.

Add to that the wasted motion of having to constantly pick up and move the mouse back to center, and you see why the BulletTrain Express Platform was designed. When using its large, stationary trackpad, your wrists wrest comfortably on the wrist-wrest.

MagicStand for iPad users can sit upright from 90 degrees down to 0 degrees (flat). It also has a "Steep Typing Angle" that allows you to type on it just like on a laptop.
Maximizing viewing angles for watching your favorite video content is a breeze for both portrait and landscape positions, making the iPad look like its actually levitating above the surface upon which its sitting.

If you are an Apple / Mac user and spend as much time in front of a computer as you do sleeping, it check out.

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