Monday, November 1, 2010

Using A Desktop Mac As A Giant Laptop

Using A Desktop Mac As A Giant Laptop
A 27 inch iMac Bolted To A Coffee Table!!!!

We have been getting the most interesting email inquires!!! Many people have been writing in to ask us if the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform has a flat bottom and can be used sit flat on your lap and be used like a laptop? The answer is a resounding "YES!!!!"

Nick wrote in and asked:

"Can you show me a picture of the bottom of the BulletTrain Express? I want to see how lap friendly it is?"

I wrote back to Nick and told him it was designed to be 100% lap-friendly and mentioned we would soon be putting up images of our patent pending design for everybody to see as well as an HD video that showed exactly how it worked.

I also asked Nick whey he asked if it was lap friendly? He responded by telling me he had a 27 inch iMac bolted to his coffee table and offered up this photo of his current keyboard setup.

Nick said:

"I'm currently using the following setup gaffer's taped together (and braced by a coster) on my couch. I'm sure you can see the downsides. (Yeah, I know. It's probably not healthy that I've got a 27" iMac bolted to the coffee table. In my defense, I can only say that at least my girlfriend put her iMac on the coffee table *first*.)"

Of course, I was stunned and asked Nick if he would send a photo? A few minutes later he bought a BulletTrain Express Keyboard from, then he sent in this photo and told me he took it with his iPhone and told said:

"Here's a very fine iPhone picture. I'm using the Innovative 7500 arm, which is quite decent, although it suffers from a lousy tilt mechanism. It uses friction on a pin to maintain position, so as you can imagine, tilting down is easy while tilting up requires two hands. I also tried the Ergotron MX, but that suffered from inadequate reach and ugliness.

"At any rate, I'm order #2301633. I look forward to getting it - if nothing else, it'll be worth it to avoid the absolute joy of changing the batteries when the assembly is taped together. :)


So I was stunned and even more confused so I asked Nick if you would take a photo from further away, showing how he sits and how he positions his keyboard. He sent in this next photo and said:

"Notwithstanding my finger, this is the best shot I've been able to get firing blind with the iPhone. As you can see, the couch is extra deep here."

I was really kind of blown away that Nick had essentially created a 27 inch Macbook, by bolting his 27 inch iMac to his living room coffee table, but in a weird way it makes perfect sense.

The 27 inch iMac screen is the absolute ultimate screen, and Nick really has the ultimate Apple Mac, but his desktop keyboard was not serving him well. Nick is obviously going to be totally stoked when he gets his BulletTrain Express.

We have had many people writing in sharing similar stories with us about how they tried to velcro their keyboard and trackpad together, or tape them together. Tonight we put up this image of the BulletTrain Express on the BulletTrain Express microsite, and added a discussion about how great it is for a Mac home theater setup.

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