Saturday, November 6, 2010

BulletTrain Express Platform: All Aboard The Apple Train Review by Technabob

BulletTrain Express Platform: All Aboard The Apple Train
Review by Technabob

Technabob wrote this interesting review of the BulletTrain Express Platform.

Let’s get this out of the way – if you bought an Apple computer, part of why you bought is its appearance. There’s no denying that. I own a MacBook, and even though it’s the white plastic one I still like how it looks compared to other laptops. With that in mind, BulletTrain’s Express Keyboard Platform becomes slightly less ridiculous.

As its name implies, the Express Keyboard Platform is a slab of aluminum with depressions where an Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad fit perfectly. That’s all it’s for. It’s somewhat practical, especially if you use your Mac as an HTPC, or if you have a large monitor and sit far away from your desk, but equally important is that it’s stylish. It matches the peripherals. Not that ridiculous isn’t it? Then you read the price tag: $99 (USD), and its absurdity skyrockets once more.

Then again, BulletTrain clearly knows their market. Even if the keyboard and the trackpad also work with Windows PCs, the company ignores that and goes straight to Apple marketing speak. The Express Platform “reinvents the desktop keyboard”, it “literally looks like it’s hovering in the air”, it is “the ultimate mouse killer”, it combines with the peripherals to make – I’m not kidding – “a magnificent ménage à trois”. And my favorite – “it has a specially designed feature on the back that allows it to hang-on just about any nail or screw.” That’s Apple talk right there. It’s not a hole, it’s a specially designed feature.

The Express Keyboard Platform is definitely not a bad idea. It’s somewhat practical and it complements the peripherals nicely. But is it worth $99? If you think so, you can order it at BulletTrain’s website. Apple keyboard and trackpad not included.

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