Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wired Aluminum Tray Turns Desktop Keyboard Into Laptop Keyboard

WIRED Magazine
Aluminum Tray Turns Desktop Keyboard Into Laptop Keyboard

I have been looking for something like the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform for years. It is little more than a mock lower laptop-case into which you slot your Apple bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Thus appointed, you now have yourself a rather comfortable, notebook-like setup.

I find a notebook layout way more comfortable than the standard desktop layout. The trackpad is always ready to hand below the keyboard, so you aren’t forever reaching off to the right or left to mouse around. I actually tried to use my Magic Trackpad below my keyboard in this manner but it just gets in the way of the spacebar.

The Express has a hole for the trackpad and a cutout for the battery-holding cylinder at the back of Apple’s keyboard. In this picture you can see how much it resembles the top of a MacBook Pro, only with a way bigger trackpad:

It does add some thickness to the keyboard, but no more than a laptop does already. Hell, you could even lean back and use this in your lap.

The only thing putting me off is the price: It costs $100, enough to buy a second Magic Trackpad and let me double-fist my mousing setup to bet RSI. Well, there’s one more thing: Unlike the MacBooks, there is no option on the desktop to ignore the trackpad while you type. That could get old, fast.

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