Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Magic Pencil Holder – Pre-Production Update

BulletTrain Magic Pencil Holder
Pre-Production Update
12.9" and 9.7" iPad Pro Compatibility!!!

When the 9.7" iPad Pro came out, we were very curious to see if the Magic Pencil Holder would work as it did with the 12.9" model. The design for the 12.9" iPad Pro did not work properly with the 9.7" model, so we set out to try to design a hybrid model which would reliably with BOTH iPad Pro models. 
After much experimentation, we are excited to share we've successfully figured out how to make a slightly updated Magic Pencil Holder that will work perfectly with both iPad Pro Models!!!
In the photos below, we've attached the latest pre-production prototype of the 9.7" iPad Pro for demonstrative purposes.

We're very excited to produce the best Magic Pencil Holder possible!

For clarity, the Magic Pencil Holder will be 100% compatible with:
    • 12.9" iPad Pro
    • 9.7" iPad Pro
    • Smart Keyboard Cover for 12.9" iPad Pro
    • Smart Keyboard Cover for 9.7" iPad Pro

Updates to Production Schedule

Our current projections:
    • Tool Modifications Complete - Late September 2016
    • Production Sampling - Middle of October 2016
    • First Production, Fulfillment - Late October 2016
We realize it can be frustrating to have a wait a little longer, but we know it will be 100% worth the wait for a flawless product for both iPad Pros! 
Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns in the comments, or to reach out to us by email at
Thanks again, everyone!!!

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