Monday, September 20, 2010

Thomas Jefferson: Bedroom Home Office-The First iPad MagicStand

Thomas Jefferson
Bedroom Home-Office
The First iPad MagicStand

Thomas Jefferson was not only a founding father of the United States, but he was also elected the third President of the United States and he was the ultimate renaissance man.

The next two photos are of his bedroom home-office at Monticello.

On the left side of his desk, you see his spinning double-decker book reader. In other words, he would have 6 books loaded up at a time so he could read them all. This was the precursor to iBooks for the iPad!!!

Ironically, the thing on the desk that looks like a battle-ship board without a privacy panel is a the first copy machine. Seriously!!! He would write with his quill pen that he would dip in ink, and as he moved it, it would draw another copy on the opposite side on a piece of paper with another quill pen. Also notice the burned candle for reading and righting at night.

Imaging if he had an iPad!!!! And talk about economy-of-motion, the commute from his bed to his office was about 5 steps. That's almost as short as Hugh Hefner!!!

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