Sunday, May 29, 2011

All-New BulletTrain Logo iPad and iPhone 4 Wallpaper

All-New BulletTrain Logo
iPad and iPhone 4 Wallpaper

It took us a really long time to update our official BulletTrain logo. During the past 3 decades of my design career, I have NEVER experienced such a design/graphics-art challenge in my life as trying to update our BulletTrain logo. I am happy we finally got it done.

We all really, really like the new logo and we are including two HD wallpaper versions of it here for the iPad and iPad 2, and we are also including an HD wallpaper version for the iPhone 4. Obviously these are for the "Lock Screens" on the iPad and iPhone:

HD iPhone 4 Walpaper for Lock Screen Below

HD iPad & iPad 2 Wallpaper Below

We plan to rollout our all-new website in the next few weeks, and it includes our updated logo and color scheme. Stay Tuned, and remember...Always Stay On The FastTrack...

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