Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple Facetime Genesis: Reality Is Better Than Science Fiction

Apple Facetime Genesis
Reality Is Better Than Science Fiction

It's amazing how all this new Apple technology, like Facetime is changing the world. In many ways, all this technology is fulfilling dreams and ideas that have been around for a long time.

In the same way an iPhone is light years ahead of Captain Kirk's communicator, Facetime is beyond the 1950s vision in the image above. (Yes that is a real illustration that you are looking at above, from the 1950s). I imagine reality is often better than science fiction.

Notice in the picture above, it shows the kids wearing raincoats with umbrellas, as they apparently are getting home from school, while the mother remains warm and dry in her kitchen as she prepares soup and sandwiches for her kids.

One of the obvious differences between the 1950s image and Facetime on the iMac, as seen above, and Facetime on the iPad, as seen below, is in the 1950s image, both women are holding corded microphones in their left hand. In other words, in the 1950s world, they artist did not foresee speakerphones.


  1. "the artist did not foresee speaker phones"...or Black people.

  2. that was meant to be funny, btw.


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