Thursday, July 7, 2011

...Apple Coolness... President Obama Sends First Tweet on Apple MacBook Pro

...Presidential Technology Showcase...

...Apple Coolness...

President Obama Sends First Live Tweet
on Apple MacBook Pro

On the 4th of July, I posted an article about President Obama rockin' his 3G iPad in San Francisco. Yesterday, President Obama typed and sent his first Live Tweet on a MacBook Pro–at least publicly.

President Obama is pictured below with Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey and President Obama is typing and sending his tweet on a Macbook pro that has been enhanced with a Presidential Seal that covers the Glowing Apple Logo.

Photo Credit: Shawna Shepherd for CNN

Photo Credit: Det hvite hus

Here is the video of the Twitter Town Hall where President Obama sits down to talk about Twitter and tech.

Here is a video of President Obama giving a demo on Healthcare on his Macbook Pro

This is a photo of President Obama when he was running for the Presidency, and somebody took a photo of him sitting next to a MacBook Pro with Pacman sticker on it. If I recall correctly this Apple MacBook (with the Pacman sticker) belong to a campaign staffer.

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