Saturday, August 13, 2011

...Apple Coolness... David Bowie

...Apple Coolness...

David Bowie

Rockin' a PowerBook Duo & MacBook

We see David Bowie in the photo below taken in the mid 1990s sitting in front of his Apple PowerBook Duo, which was Apple's first Super-Portable laptop. The Duo slid into the DuoDock to turn it into a full desktop as seen below. In other words, the PowerBook Duo, slid into the case, below the monitor (just like and 8-track cassette) and you could eject it and it would pop out so you could use it as a portable.

Of course, I purchased the first PowerBook Duo, back in 1992, and I thought is was so cool. It had a mini-trackball and was really the Grandfather of the MacBook Air.

David Bowie has always been really into computers, and Apple in particular. We see David Bowie pictured below in 2007, working on his MacBook.

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