Thursday, September 29, 2011

13 inch MacBook Air v. 15 inch MacBook Pro Less Is Definitely More

13 inch MacBook Air v. 15 inch MacBook Pro
Less Is Definitely More

I took these two following comparison images of the all-new 13 inch MacBook Air, back-to-back with the 15 inch MacBook Pro. I replaced the 15 inch MacBook Pro with Apple's all-new 13 inch Air, and I want to share my observations with you, after having used the 13 inch Air for a few months.

Back To Back comparison of the 15 inch MacBook Pro and 13 inch MacBook Air

I will start at the end, with my conclusion. I think the 13 Air blows away the 15 inch MacBook Pro. The 13 inch MacBook Air is a perfect example of less being more. Not only is the 13 inch Air much less expensive, but it is faster and weighs significantly less. The 15 inch MacBook Pro weighs 5.6 pounds and the 13 inch Air only weighs 2.96 pounds, thus the Air weighs almost half as much and this is ALWAYS noticeable.

15 inch MacBook Pro and 13 inch MacBook Air pictured above

As you can see in the images above, the 13inch Air is also significantly smaller, but has the exact same size keyboard and trackpad. I am also surprised at how great and loud the speakers are on the Air. Also, the Air has the exact same number of pixels on the screen (1440x900). The pixel density is higher, so you have the same number of pixels in a smaller space which translates into a sharper image.

Also the front of the Air tapers down to only 0.11 inches which makes it WAY, WAY skinnier in the front, and way, way more ergonomic.

Since the Air only comes with a Solid State hard drive, it is really, really fast, and certainly faster than the 15 inch. I also really like the backlit keyboard.

If I was in-charge of Apple, I would literally discontinue every other laptop model and just make the 13 inch Air. So what don't I like about the 13 inch Air? Here is a list of changes I would make:

• Should be able to upgrade RAM to 8GB of RAM, and ideally 16GB of RAM.
• The dynamic range of the screen can and should be much higher. The screen looks washed-out compared to the MacBook Pro-model screens.
• Bring back the black bezel, like the MacBook has.
• I would really like to see a 13 inch BlackBook. In other words, I would like to see an all-black version of the Air.
• Bullnose the front edges of the keyboard. the right-angle is too sharp.

BTW: I seriously contemplated getting the 11inch MacBook Air, and I completed a Pro-Con list and the 13 inch completely blew the 11 inch out of the water. I think the 11 inch is a fascinating design, but too small and claustrophobic–in the final analysis.

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  1. I'm glad you are not in charge of apple then. I have the 15" MacBook Pro.


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