Thursday, December 29, 2011

BulletTrain eXpress in the Rice Fields of Bali...

BulletTrain eXpress in the Rice Fields of Bali

Matthew Taylor purchased his BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform back in June of 2011 and took it with him to Bali. With the BulletTrain eXpress we typically refer to it as the Ultimate Desktop, Laptop and Home Theater Keyboard and in this instance you see a real customer using it as the Ultimate Laptop keyboard, since he has elevated his laptop up to his eye height, and he just sent in this photo with the following email:

Hey Jake-

Thanks for designing a truly magnificent travel companion, the BulletTrain Express. Though it added a little heft to my backpack, it was well worth it to bring this invaluable ergonomic helper with me to Bali where I wrote the concluding chapter for my forthcoming book.

As you can see from the photos, I set it up so that the Express would be at an appropriate wrist/arm length, and I elevated my MacBook Pro on a box so that it would be at eye level. The view is from my balcony -- I lived in an amazing two-story villa near Ubud just across from the botanic gardens, overlooking rice paddies.

BTW, I learned about Steve's passing while in Bali, and it was a simultaneously sad and inspirational moment. Say what you want about his many personality flaws, the man truly changed the world and died complete having given his gifts. Watching the Think Different video and his Stanford commencement speech, I realize that he entered the pantheon of the Crazy Ones.


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