Thursday, February 2, 2012 Review All-New BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform Review
All-New BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform's GeekDad wrote a review of the all-new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform they say previewed at CES 2012, and they said:

"This is a beautiful little device–it's a shell that allows an Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad (sold separately) that creates a pseudo laptop/desktop pad. It then connects via Bluetooth to either an iPad, Apple Mini, or any other computer/device that is connected to you television. It basically turns your TV into a smart TV, allowing you to access the Internet and use apps and programs installed on the connecting device."

All-New Caribbean Blue BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform Pictured above.

"It comes in a variety of colors as well as some skins, and they told me you can also have your own graphics added to the completed platform. They also demonstrated keyboard overlays that relate to different apps–the image here shows the overlay for Apple's video editing software Final Cut Pro. The platform is very light weight, and the keyboard and trackpad felt solid and locked in."

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