Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Apple iPhone 5s Camera and The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet

The Apple iPhone 5s is 100% Compatible 
with The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5!!!

One of the top questions I have been getting since before the introduction of the all-new Apple iPhone 5s, is wether or not our BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 would work with and fit the iPhone 5s, and if it did not, how long would it take for us to get to market with a dedicated iPhone 5s BulletTrain SAFE Wallet?

The great news, is from Apple's detailed schematics, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are identical in height, width and thickness. The only really difference it that the iPhone 5s ads a second flash, and that has an effect on the "KeepOut Zone" that is surrounded by the camera ring. 

We have completed our detailed analysis of the Official Apple iPhone 5s Dimensional Drawing Schematics and concluded that the camera ring on our iPhone 5 BulletTrain SAFE Wallet not only meets, but exceeds Apples published minimum requirements for the camera flash "KeepOut Zone", which means the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 will fit and work flawlessly with the iPhone 5s!!!

Photo above shows iPhone 5s in a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s Model

The first Official Apple iPhone schematic below is of the iPhone 5, followed by the iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c schematics. 

Official Apple iPhone 5 Dimensional Drawing Schematic Pictured Above

Official Apple iPhone 5s Dimensional Drawing Schematic Pictured Above

We plan to make a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 5c after we complete and deliver the iPhone 4/4s version, which we plan to launch soon on Kickstarter.

Official Apple iPhone 5C Dimensional Drawing Schematic Pictured Above

Below, is an Official Apple iPhone 5s Camera video, which highlights many of the innovative new camera features Apple has incorporated into the iPhone 5s.

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