Thursday, October 10, 2013

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Competitive Analysis

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 
Competitive Analysis

Hundreds of companies have tried, and continue to try to deliver on the promise of successfully converging a wallet and an iPhone/smartphone, and the general consensus is they have all failed miserably, with the best of them being half-baked, at best. 

As the designer of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I genuinely believe it is the first product to not only deliver 100% on the promise of convergence, but it goes way, way beyond, by offering valuable features like having a built in MagicStand that allows it to stand-up on any flat surface, in portrait or landscape. 

Also, the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is extremely ergonomic, and certainly the best looking, most streamlined iPhone case made. It also has an amazing capacity that can hold the thickness of 5 credit cards, not to mention an emergency cash bill and mini USB drive in the Secret Stash compartment, as well as offering superior 360 degree protection for your iPhone. All this in a super-skinny form factor that weights less than an ounce.

If you are considering investing in a wallet case for your iPhone, you deserve the best and you should make an informed decision.  I put together a Pinterest page with a Competitive Analysis which shows every wallet case I am aware of. You can check it out here.

I don't think there is another manufacturer on earth who would showcase their competitors products on their website, unless they were 1000% certain their product was light years beyond the competition, in terms of utility, comfort, protection, looks, durability and value.

I encourage you examine all your options, so when you make your final decision, you will be able to rest assured you made the best choice. I will continue to update this Pinterest page as I discover more wallet cases, and if you are aware of one that is not on this Pinterest page, please feel free to send an email to, and we will add it for you.

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