Sunday, December 14, 2014

Countdown to Kickstarter SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

Countdown to Kickstarter
SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

It's been tremendously busy at BulletTrain HQ, which is looking more like Q-Branch, the BatCave and Santa's Workshop lately...Stay tuned for more coming soon!!!!!


  1. ....its looking an awsome case! Why the need for such a massive black area though, around the camera? I know its for stopping any glare from the flash entering the camera, however, the black area (at least, on the red case you have pictured above) is FAR too large (its so large it reaches the bottom of the door and looks a little strange - no other cases have the same area THAT large?!!). I think it should be made slightly smaller so that the black area does NOT reach down to the door! It won't make a difference to me as will be going with a black case anyway (assuming black is one of the colours for the iPhone 6 version of course!)


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