Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SAFE Wallet iPhone 7 & 7Plus Model Preview Update

SAFE Wallet
iPhone 7 & 7Plus Model Preview Update

Many customers have been writing in to ask what is going on with our SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, and figure out when they will be available. The design is complete, and it is AWESOME!!!!

Our toolmaker began building the tools this week May 22, 2017), and we hope to have our first production prototypes by the middle of June. It is reasonable to assume the tool will need some tweaking, so with any luck we will be ready to begin shipping the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 & 7+ by the middle of July. The iPhone 7 plus and 7 models of SAFE Wallet are pictured below.

The photo above shows a Stealth Black SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7Plus next to a Ruby Red SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7. Notice the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 Plus has matching Black volume buttons, which are very stealthy. This gives the all Stealth Black model an almost military spec look. You can see the ruby red volume up/down buttons on the side of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7, but in the photo you can't really see the red back of the case, but you can see in the photo below. In other words, the SAFE Wallet pictured on the right in the photo above with the red buttons is the exact same Ruby Red prototype model pictured below.

The image above shows a SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 from the side view. Notice it has a red back with matching red buttons, along with a black TPU Bumper. This is the new design language of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 an 7 Plus. 

The photo below shows a Ruby Red SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6/6s Plus on the left side, next to a Ruby Red SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7. If you look closely you will notice many subtle differences. First, the 7 model has a bumper that wraps around the entire front of the iPhone, including on the bottom. It also has a MUCH taller Bumper to help protect your iPhone. Also, its important to note that despite the case (no pun intended) they are both Ruby Red models, they look quite different.

So what's different? Everything and nothing. This new model harkens back to the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5, in the sense it has a TPU front and, now a complete TPU side bumper. The difference is this one has a much larger and more protective bumper system. This should result in not only protecting your iPhone much better, but also in protecting the SAFE Wallet from any kinds of drops. In other words, the emphasis with this new model has been on significantly increasing the overall strength and robustness. Every single aspect of this new model has been re-designed and optimized for strength and durability.

Also, I am happy to announce The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 7 and 7Plus WILL be 100% backwards compatible with the entire iPhone 6 and 6 Plus family!!! The models will come in our standard colors of Ruby Red, Polar White, BulletTrain Blue and Stealth Black, but all models will have a black TPU bumper. Also, for the first time we will offer user-interchangeable volume up/down buttons and power button, so you will be able to put red buttons on a black case, as seen above. In a matter or seconds you could swap them out for a Stealth Black set...you get the idea...


  1. I like the idea of putting the bumper back on. I know someone that had a 6 dropped it and cracked screen. I went from a 5 to a 7 and miss my safe wallet case. I do hope we will be able to use aftermarket chargers with the case.

  2. Yall are terrible at delivering this product. I got the 6 plus in 2014 and it took y'all a freakin year to ship it out to people. I thought y'all would have learned your mistakes when the iPhone 7 came out and I come to learn it's the same crap. First y'all said early march that this product would come out but now it's June? Wth guys. How much is there to perfect? Y'all have already made it before. Honestly, if I can, can you just send me the best one you have? I couldn't care less about the tiny unimportant features you add on. I just want the case y'all are providing because it literally is the best one out there. Sorry for the rant but I hope you can understand, from a consumer standpoint, the frustration with wanting a product from a company but they continue to let you down.

  3. How long that it take ? It's just a case. It's not like you haven't done it before? Hurry up. You are loosing money

  4. OK...

    Adrian, I completely understand your frustration on having to wait (I personally am waiting for the new version before I get my iPhone 7), but as you said, "it's literally the best one out there", and I completely agree. As much as I'd LOVE for this to be out now, I'd prefer them to take their time a release a product they're 100% happy with.

    Consumers know that perfection takes time. There's no escaping that.

    I can't help but feel that comments like yours only hurt the feelings of a small company and ironically, only hinder the process.

    BulletTrain, please understand that while I share Adrain's enthusiasm, I don't share his venom. And I'm positive I'm not alone. You'll always have an eager customer in me, so please take all the time you need to perfect your product.

    ...although I would love it if you hurried the process a little.

  5. By the time this is released there is going to be no point if it's backward compatible. Anybody who has the 6 or 6s is going to be upgrading to the 8. I have been waiting a year for this to come out and it's no where close!

  6. I just broke my 6+ Safe Wallet that had a 7+ crammed into it. Other than obscuring the flash, it fit okay. The phone survived unscathed. Now do I pay another $100 for an ill-fitting 6+ Safe Wallet for my 7+, or go with a competitor which will make it difficult to justify spending $100 on another case when/if the 7+ Safe Wallet ever comes out. I love the safe wallet and really want to support you guys, but I can't go without a case, and I can't wait forever. What to do?

  7. ....any further news on this??? Last update on the blog (here!) was on Feb 28th 2017 - today is the 4th May and we have heard NO further news?!? Has this project been cancelled?? Additionally, if still goes ahead and appears on Kickstarter in "early May" (as stated above) - there is NO WAY the cases will be shipped the next month "In June" (also as stated above)?!?!? The last case took around 6 months to ship (from campaign end to actually receiving the case). UPDATE PLEASE........

  8. ...well - its "Early May" - where'e the Kickstarter campaign???!

  9. It's the beginning of May any updates?

  10. As an enthusiastic consumer I would rather be updated - even with news of further delay - than radio silence. Your wallet case is worth the wait but there's only so long before silence translates to an assumption of failure. Please let us know if we should expect further delays (as it is May 15th and still no kickstarter). Thank you for your understanding and continue doing what you do best!

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  12. Hi Wesley,

    I just updated this article with the new ETA information for the new SAFE Wallet models.


  13. You guys have hands down the best case on the market. Nothing even comes close, but you need to get your product to market WAY sooner. You're missing out on a ton of money by not getting it out faster. I tell everyone about the case - people are always asking where I got it, but I always have to qualify my response with "but they're sold out" or "they haven't released the one for the 7 and 7+ yet".
    I hope you're already working on the next case for the iphone 7s and 7s+ and edition (or whatever they'll call it), so that it come out within a month or at most two of the sale of the next phone.

  14. Is it ready yet? It is the Middle of June.I bought a new iPhone 7, 4 months ago. Had to give up the safe wallet for my iPhone 5s now I'm sad. Make me happy and hurry and make the cases. Awesome case by the way.

  15. Is it ready yet? What's the update? Awesome case. Hurry please.


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