Monday, October 9, 2017

Kickstarter Launch Update

Kickstarter Launch Update

Hi Everybody!

I have been working like a madman on the Kickstarter campaign, and the good news, is the Kickstarter page is pretty much done and polished. 

The challenge is the Kickstarter video is taking longer than I would like. The Kickstarter video is obviously really, really important, so I need more time to make it great—just like the new generation of SAFE Wallets. Speaking of which, I am sharing an exclusive image with you from the Kickstarter campaign, which is seen below. It shows all the new models we plan to introduce next Tuesday, October 24th @ 10AM PST on I sincerely apologize for this delay, but promise it will be worth it :-)


  1. I am waiting ... and waiting ... :-). Are those 4 colors the only color options? Red, White and Blue then Black? Or will there be more?
    I like the Blaze Orange one that I have on my 5s (hint, hint) or maybe a high-vis yellow/green. Thanks.

  2. Wow - the Safecase family looks AWESOME!!!!! I originally backed your iPhone 5 Safecase and now that I have the new iPhone 8 Plus, will definitely be getting involved as soon as you launch on Kickstarter next week. Can't wait!!!



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