Sunday, November 1, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 Update — T2 Hands-On Review!

SAFE Wallet 6
Development Update

Hands On with T2 Prototypes!

Development Update — SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 

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Greetings, BulletTrainers!

It's been another exciting week at BulletTrain!

Early this week, we received T2 production samples for the SAFE Wallet 6.

We have learned a tremendous amount about where we really are with the SAFE Wallet 6, and we are pleased to share the results with you.

Here is what we will cover in today's update:

  • SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Photos
  • SAFE Pen T3 Progress
  • Remaining Steps to Production
  • SAFE Wallet 6 Delivery Projections - Coming Very Soon!
    • We are still working on full production timelines! We thank you for your patience. We expect to report full production timelines in the next few days while we finalize with our manufacturing partners.

SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Photos

Once we received the package with these T2 samples, we instinctively knew one of the first things we had to do was to install the SAFE Wallet 6 on an iPhone 6, AND an iPhone 6s!

Jake and I tested both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s fit in San Francisco, and are proud to report the case fits, and functions as expected with both devices!!!

Here are some new photos of our latest T2 Production Samples of the SAFE Wallet 6 for iPhone 6 and 6s!

As you can plainly see, the SAFE Wallet 6 is almost ready for prime time! In fact, many qualities of the T2 Production Samples are finished. We only have a few small modifications left to prove out before full production :-)

The Wallet Door is fully texturized, just like our SAFE Wallets for iPhone 5 and 6 Plus! The Body Case (frame) is not yet texturized, but will soon have the same micro-bead blast finish!

In the photos below, you'll see the Stealth Black T2 sample of the SAFE Wallet 6 installed on a Gold iPhone 6.

These photos show a lot about the level of finish in the current tool design. While the T2 SAFE Wallet 6 injection-molded components aren't perfect, we are quickly closing the gap between 99% and 100%!

These angles also demonstrate the subtle, yet very effective 360º edge protection built into our design! Notice that the corners have all the protection they need (where it counts!) and the entire sides of the display are lined with a durable polycarbonate bumper.

These results are even better than we expected after our T1 samples. This means the SAFE Wallet 6 T2 is even further along than the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was at this stage!!!

There are a few small objectives to complete in tool modification before first production. In the next section, we'll review the remaining challenges to overcome.

SAFE Pen T3 Progress

The SAFE Pens are almost 100% ready for production as well! 

At this time, we believe no tool modification will be required for the SAFE Pens. This is good, because this tool is extremely intricate in its design—so the fewer modifications to this tool, the better!

We are finalizing after-molding production and assembly criteria to ensure the SAFE Pens are perfect! These should be the final steps for the SAFE Pens before production :-)

Fun fact—you will soon be able to purchase a separate SAFE Pen in the color of your choosing! This means you can not only have a backup pen, but combine a Ruby Red SAFE Pen with a Stealth Black SAFE Wallet if you so desire!

SAFE Pen Pre-Orders coming soon for SAFE Pen 6 (for SAFE Wallet 6) and SAFE Pen 6 Plus (for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus).

Remaining Steps to Production

While the successful changes in T2 are a tremendous step in the right direction, there are some fine details which are critical to our first production being completely flawless for our users!

The following is a brief summary of the remaining objectives in tool modification:

Wallet Door Adjustments
The Wallet Door currently closes a bit TOO well! In other words, there is a little bit too much physical resistance when opening the Wallet Door from the closed position.

We intend to make a few minute changes to the Wallet Door and the hinge areas improve top and bottom hinge performance. 

We are also analyzing for a possible reduction in material forming the locking mechanism on the Wallet Door, or to the receiving end on the Body Case.

Risk Level: LOW

This is a simple matter of refining these last few thousandths of an inch to get the lock perfect! :-)

Finish-Related Details
While the texture and overall appearance of the T2 models are fantastic, there are a few areas which need to be cleaned up in our injection molding tool.

These final details will make the parting lines from injection molding visible to the naked eye. The end result will be a beautiful SAFE Wallet 6!

Risk Level: LOW

Injection molding tools typically improve in quality and precision as the tool progresses. It's worth noting once again we are ahead of where the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was at T2 :-)

Finalizing the SAFE Pens
Mostly after-molding steps, these will be critical in ensuring a friction-free SAFE Pen for your SAFE Wallet!

Risk Level: LOW

SAFE Wallet 6 Delivery Projections

We are working on finalizing critical timeframes with our partners, and timeframes for modifications are still being calculated. As the manufacturing week kicks back into high gear, we expect to have First Production timelines solidified VERY soon!!!

Thanks for your patience everyone.

More to come very soon!

-Alex (Director of Operations, BulletTrain)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Surprisingly Water Resistant!

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

How Waterproof Is The iPhone 6s?

How Durable Is The iPhone 6s?

Greetings BulletTrainers!

We wanted to share some fantastic news about Apple's new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus! While it wasn't an advertised feature in Apple's keynote, the YouTube videos below demonstrates some EXTREME water-resistance in the new iPhones!

In the video below, you see the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus immersed in water for a very extended duration of time. Both devices were immersed for over an hour before they started to show any signs of water damage!

This is awesome news for BulletTrain customers who are using the new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus.

The only really objection we received in the past was that the SAFE Wallet did not offer waterproof protection for the iPhone, but now that is no longer an issue as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are extremely water resistant.

What does this mean? It means people who live or work in wet environments can now use the SAFE Wallet without worry!!!

Boiling Water TEST!!?!

OK. This is absolutely crazy, but this other dude boils his iPhone 6s in water for a long time, and it keeps working!!!

Deep Water TEST!!?!

Drop Testing

In this video they do drop testing that compares the S versions of the 6 and 6 Plus to the standard versions. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Production Samples — Full Steam Ahead!

SAFE Wallet 6
Development Update

Great Success in T2!

Development Update — SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 

Read More: Development Updates for SAFE Wallet 6

Greetings, BulletTrainers!

We have lots of big news to share with everyone!
First of all, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is now shipping in real-time, and can be ordered on
So far, the vast majority of customers LOVE their new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! Many have written in to share their experience with us, which you can read on our updated reviews page.
As we've discussed thus far, the SAFE Wallet 6 shares many common geometric qualities with the 6 Plus model. This means the success of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus can definitely be considered a sign of things to come in terms of quality and satisfaction!
In this update, I will share the latest information in development and production of the SAFE Wallet 6.

First and foremost, delivery is currently expected early December. We plan to have our timeline 100% solidified in our next update!
Here is a quick preview of what we’ll be sharing today:

Getting Up To Speed on SAFE Wallet 6

To get up to speed, let’s recap where we are in development of the SAFE Wallet 6, and how we got here.
We initially launched with a very aggressive goal to ship the SAFE Wallet 6 in July 2015. 
How did we fall so far behind? 
We honestly believed we were further along with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus than it turned out we actually were. These setbacks with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus pushed us behind our initial targets for tool building the SAFE Wallet 6, delaying the whole process!
Why didn’t we start building the tool anyway?
In short, it would not have been a prudent decision to build the tooling for the SAFE Wallet 6 until we knew how the curves would ultimately work with the 6 Plus model. It would have been like sailing to a destination for the first time without a map!
The Long and Short
At the end of the day, at BulletTrain, we are hell-bent on completing our commitment to bring each of you the SAFE Wallet 6. We have a very strong track record with delivering impeccable designs and standing behind our products. That being said, the process has taken us noticeably longer than we anticipated thus far.
We are sincerely sorry for the delays, and for the impact it has on you! We never EVER meant to mislead anyone or to fall so far behind schedule.
We genuinely want each and every one of you to get maximum benefit out of the SAFE Wallet 6 as soon as possible!!!
Communications are going to pick up from here on out. In recent weeks, we’ve been gathering critical momentum in development of the SAFE Wallet 6, and it is certain we will have at least SOME news every 7-10 days or so.
As always, you can reach out to us any time if you have questions or concerns! Our contact info will be at the end of this update.

SAFE Wallet 6 for iPhone 6 and 6s

In a recent update on the BulletBlog, we shared we believe the SAFE Wallet 6 will fit the iPhone 6s, and the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will fit the iPhone 6s Plus.
The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus shipped to customers the same weekend as the iPhone 6s Plus. Many customers were thrilled to join us in confirming 100% fit and function between the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.
We have every reason to believe the SAFE Wallet 6 will fit the iPhone 6s based on our findings.
We’ve covered this topic extensively on the BulletBlog, and invite you to read our recent article for more information.

SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Progress

While it took much longer than anticipated, we’ve received very promising visuals confirming the results of T2 production samples. The latest tooling modifications were significant, and required about 25% of the tool to be re-built!
As you will see, the results are amazing! The SAFE Wallet 6 has quickly achieved nearly the same high production standard as the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

Front/inside view of the SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Production Samples in Stealth Black.

Rear view of the SAFE Wallet 6 T2 Production Samples in Stealth Black.
In these photos, you can see the micro-bead blast texture from many different angles!
The resulting texture is made up of thousands of tiny indentations, which give the SAFE Wallet as much grip as possible on the curved shape of the iPhone, AND provide significant scratch resistance!!!

It might not be evident from the photos, but it's worth noting we are much closer to production than we were in T2 for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! We are getting very close to the finished product :-)

Many features of the SAFE Wallet 6 T2 samples appear to be primed and ready for production! While we can’t wait to get the SAFE Wallet 6 into your hands, we are pulling all the stops to make sure you get the best results possible after all this time :-)
This photo highlights an area we had significant challenges with in T1 mold trials. As you can see, the parts are nearly completely perfect, meaning these challenges have been resolved!!!!
The two primary concerns we observed in T1 production samples appear to be 100% resolved in the latest tooling modifications. This is good news for the deliverable timeline! Read on for an approximate timeframe later in this update.
This is a particularly successful set of T2 samples, because the results indicate we have very few modifications left to make!
The knowledge and insight gained from completing development of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is starting to pay off big-time!

SAFE Pen T3 Progress

The SAFE Pen tooling has also undergone heavy modification recently! The entire inside of the tool has been rebuilt to accommodate the change we shared in Pen core sourcing.
We have only received preliminary photos of the parts, and have not yet had the chance to analyze the parts critically.
Here is the photo we received of the progress of the SAFE Pens in T3:

T3 Production Samples of the SAFE Pen 6 Plus (top) and SAFE Pen 6 (bottom)
We will be sharing more on the SAFE Pen in the very near future as it becomes available!

Approximate Timeline

We’ll be delivering a precise timeline in our next update, which we anticipate will be published around Monday 10/26/15.
The SAFE Wallet 6 T2 parts are currently en route to San Francisco, where we’ll be doing some serious hands-on analysis.
For the time being, we believe we have one more prototyping run before first production begins! This will be our "First Article" for production, defining the production standards!
Approximate Milestones
*This is roughly how we see the next 4-6 weeks unfolding. We will share the following events as they transpire, which should correlate with these dates.*
  • October 26, 2015 — T2 Hands-On Update, Precise delivery timeline (best effort)
  • November 2-4, 2015 — Finalizing Production Standards, SAFE Pen Update.
    It’s worth noting if there are few or no tooling modifications necessary, then we could be ready for production by this point in the timeline, putting us as many as 10 days ahead of these milestones!
  • November 9-11, 2015 — First Article Reports, Pre-Production Update
  • November 13, 2015 — First Production should begin by around here!
  • November 20, 2015 — First Production Progress Report
  • November 27, 2015 — First Production should leave our factory around here!
  • December 4, 2015 — Freight and Delivery Update, US Customs
  • December 11, 2015 — SAFE Wallets should be shipping out to customers around here!
Again, these are approximate to let you know where we are currently.

What Comes Next?

The best is yet to come! 
We’ll be posting updates on Kickstarter (and the BulletBlog) every 7 days or so to keep everyone in the know on the latest SAFE Wallet 6 Updates!
I’m also going to be working on some cool videos to demonstrate some key features of the SAFE Wallet 6! In the near future, we’ll have a page up just for SAFE Wallet 6 videos covering a range of topics like Installation, Removal, and Wallet Carry Options for the Wallet Compartment. 
Thanks so much for your patience and support, everyone. We truly cannot wait to get the SAFE Wallet 6 onto your iPhone 6/6s a little later this Fall!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We can be reached by the following methods:
  • Kickstarter Message — “Send Message” button at the top of the page
  • Kickstarter Comment — “Add Comment” on this update or the campaign page. Please be considerate :-)
  • Email —
  • Phone — (415) 440-1400
Thanks again, everyone! 

Warmest Regards,
Alex Davie
Director of Operations

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All New BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform Currently Under Development

All New 
BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform
Currently Under Development

Today, Apple announced a brand new Magic Keyboard, along with an all-new Magic Trackpad 2, and immediately customers began asking if the new devices would work with the existing BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform? 

Unfortunately they do NOT work with the current BulletTrain eXpress, but we are hard at work on developing an all-new BulletTrain eXpress that will work with the new Apple Keyboard and Trackpad.

Why won't the new Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 with with the current BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform? Because Apple significantly changed the size and profiles of them, as seen in the photos below.

With the new keyboard and trackpad, Apple replaced the AA batteries by adding an internal rechargeable battery that uses lightning to charge. 
You can see the Apple Lightning adapter slot on the trackpad above, as well as on the keyboard pictured below. Also on the far left side, we see simple on/off power switches.

At BulletTrain we are hard at work on designing an all-new BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform to work with the new Apple Accessories. It may seem easy to build a new eXpress, but the all new Apple accessories create new design and engineering challenges, which we are certain we will overcome!!!

Design Notes

We have production models of the new Apple Keyboard and Trackpad in house, and we have been experimenting like crazy with them already. The Design Criteria for the The new eXpress is as follows:

  • Maintain the super-streamlined look and feel of the original eXpress.
  • Maintain the eXpress name. We are thinking about calling it the "BulletTrain eXpress² Keyboard Platform."
  • The new eXpress² must offer easy access to Apple Lightning adapters for easy charging. In other words, you will NOT have to remove the keyboard or trackpad in order to charge them. Also, if you plan to use the BulletTrain eXpress² Keyboard Platform for a Mission Critical application, you would be able to optionally use it with Lightning cables plugged in all the time, so it would always be charged.
  • The new eXpress² must offer easy access to the on/off switches on both the keyboard and trackpad, without having to remove them.
  • Design the new eXpress² so the keyboard and trackpad are easy to install and remove, but remain security in place will using or transporting.
  • Make the new eXpress² lap friendly, and easy to hold with one hand if using for a keynote.

As soon as we have more information, we will put up a new post on the BulletBlog!

Many customers have reached out to us by phone and by email asking to be notified by email when the new eXpress is available to order.

The best way to ensure you receive email notifications from BulletTrain is to sign up for our FastTrack Newsletter Email. We only send out emails to subscribers when we have BIG news about a new BulletTrain product :-)

Thanks everyone, we look forward to sharing more on the new BulletTrain eXpress in the very near future!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

UPDATED SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus Compatibility Notice

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
Updated Compatibility Notice

iPhone 6s Plus

Is the iPhone 6s Plus compatible with the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus?


As many of you know, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was designed for the iPhone 6 Plus.

In early September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s Plus, the successor to the 6 Plus. MANY customers have been asking about the new iPhone 6s Plus, and asking if the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be compatible with it!

We are pleased to report the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus appears to be 100% compatible with the iPhone 6s Plus out-of-the-box!!!

Jump to:

iPhone Specifications

As we reported immediately following the keynote from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus have very slight differences in their dimensions.

Here is a relative comparison between the dimensions:
  • 0.2 mm thicker (7.1 mm to 7.3 mm) 2.81% increase
  • 0.1 mm taller (158.1 mm to 158.2 mm) 0.06% increase
  • 0.1 mm wider (77.8 mm to 77.9 mm) 0.13% increase

The unique design of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus permits critical flexibility into the body of the case, exactly where it counts!

Using SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus

As the Director of Operations for BulletTrain, my iPhone 6s Plus pre-order arrived in the afternoon on Friday, September 25th (good job, T-Mobile!), and I was fortunate enough to take part in some thorough testing with our production models.

Installation and Removal Notes

The iPhone 6s Plus fits into the body/frame of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus snug and secure! Since the iPhone 6s Plus is just a scintilla larger overall, you will find the iPhone 6s Plus requires ever-so-slightly more force to install and remove with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus.

It is important to note that installing and removing your iPhone is very fast and easy, once you know the secret handshake. By saying "secret handshake", we mean that if you follow our simple instructions, it will be super-easy to install and remove. 

If you don't know the secret handshake from watching our install video, installing and removing the SAFE Wallet can be challenging, frustrating, and confusing!

On an additional note, it's worth understanding there should be very little reason or need to remove your SAFE Wallet 6 Plus frequently, if AT ALL.

Check out our install video here!

Feature Notes

Despite the fact the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was originally designed for the iPhone 6 Plus and NOT the iPhone 6s Plus, every feature is completely functional with the new devices, out-of-the-box.

The following SAFE Wallet 6 Plus features are 100% functional on iPhone 6s Plus:

  • 360º Edge Protection
  • Accepts all third-party Lightning and headphones
  • Wallet Door capacity: up to 5 credit cards, or 15 business cards
  • Built-in kickstand (portrait and landscape)
  • Secret Stash compartment to stow cash and keys
  • Interior SIM Stash compartments for micro SIM and 
  • Cash Stash in between Wallet Door and iPhone
  • Ergonomic Grip-ability
  • ApplePay-Friendly (RFID+NFC Passthrough)
  • Slot for upcoming SAFE Pen

***NOTE: this section is live-updating with reports from our customers.***

While the iPhone 6s Plus and SAFE Wallet 6 Plus are a perfect fit in our hands-on experience at BulletTrain, we are also receiving useful feedback from our customers :-)

Many customers who are using the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus with their new iPhone 6s Plus have contacted us to share their first impressions. 

Nearly all the customers we've spoken with have reported a successful fit and 100% functionality in their  ! That being said, we want to make sure we address any negative reports from customers.

We are keeping a running tally of the results from customers on a per SAFE Wallet basis:

Confirmed reports of 100% compatibility using iPhone 6s Plus with SAFE Wallet 6 Plus:

Confirmed reports of SAFE Wallet 6 Plus NOT working perfectly with iPhone 6s Plus:

UNCONFIRMED* reports of SAFE Wallet 6 Plus NOT working perfectly with iPhone 6s Plus:

*We have received 2 reports from customers that their SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Wallet Door is not staying shut consistently when installed on the iPhone 6s Plus.

In other words, there are some situations where the difference in width in the iPhones seems to be counteracting the locking mechanism, but the door 

We are working on getting to the bottom of these reports!

1 of 2: Seems to have resolved itself over time.

2 of 2: Customer in fact has iPhone 6 Plus, not 6s Plus! Customer Tim's wallet door is opening extremely rarely, described as "less than 5% of the time". So far, this challenge looks like it will be resolved by simple replacement of a minutely irregular part :-)

***Last Updated 10:00 AM 10/9/15***

It's worth noting when the Wallet Compartment is fully loaded (which we highly advise), the contents cannot fall out. This is due to the fact the cards are press-fit into the Wallet Compartment. 

In other words, we highly recommend you always keep the hollow core Wallet Door completely filled, and doing so will ensure nothing can fall out if your Wallet Door falls open.

It's ALSO worth noting the Secret Stash compartment has a VERY firm locking mechanism, so the valuables in your Secret Stash should be secure in the event the Wallet Door accidentally opens.

(SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus production sample with iPhone 6s Plus installed. Animated GIF might take a minute to load...)

If you experience anything contrary to the reports in this article, please contact BulletTrain right away at (415) 440-1400 or

More Photos of the iPhone 6s Plus and SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

PS - Here are more awesome photos Jake took of the GOLD iPhone 6s Plus installed in a T4 SAFE Wallet 6 Plus production sample!!! 

NOTE: As production models becomes available, this article will be updated with new photos and other imagery.

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