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BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6Plus: Prototype First Impressions By Matthew Taylor

Customer Review Of 6 Plus SAFE Wallet
First Generation Production Prototype

The article below was written by Matthew Taylor who became a BulletTrain customer in 2011, and since then we have become good friends. Matthew wrote a review of his experience with the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s when it came out.

We gave Matthew, and another one of our great customers the opportunity to test T1 prototypes of the 6 Plus SAFE Wallet. The review below was written by Matthew Taylor who was the first to receive his prototype.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6Plus:
Prototype First Impressions
By Matthew Taylor

For the past ten days, a prototype SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 6 Plus has been my daily carry, and it’s such a relief to finally be home again. Ever since I upgraded to the 6P last September, I’ve bounced between cases that didn’t come close to the versatility and features to which I’d grown accustomed. In fact, upgrading from my 5S to the 6P always felt like an incomplete experience… until now. All of what I previously wrote about the original SAFE Wallet still applies, so I’ll focus this commentary on what’s new and improved.

New Features and Design Enhancements

• Larger and More Accessible Secret Stash: The new door, underneath the credit card holder, accommodates a folded up bill. This is a great usage of the 6P’s larger footprint to add a much-needed feature. It’s a major improvement over the previous design—no need to remove your phone to access the cash. Although I don’t use the Secret Stash to store keys, Jake has showed me how he uses it for that purpose. (Note: not all keys will fit inside the stash.)

[Editors Note: The Secret Stash on the 6 Plus SAFE Wallet can hold two cash bills, if properly folded. Matthew points out that not all keys will fit inside the secret stash compartment, and this is true. The good news is that from our extensive testing, all standard Kwikset keys fit, this includes both style heads, including the standard Art-Deco key head, as well as the more modern larger one.]

• The Leash: BulletTrain is introducing a leash that you can attach to the bottom rear of the case, and then clip on to your pants belt-loop. This keeps your phone safe from drops, as well as being a theft deterrent. For extreme sports situations, the leash is a great insurance policy. For example, while ziplining in Kauai last December, I kept my phone in my pocket because I was afraid of dropping it, and missed out on some epic, high-flying videography opportunities. Next time, I won’t have to worry!

[Editors Note: We also gave Matthew a production prototype of our upcoming SAFE Leash System, which will be compatible with our SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s, as well as our 6 and 6 Plus versions. We intend to launch this product in the next few months.]

• Third-party Lightning cable access: The redesigned case accommodates any third party cable, which is great because I own several.

• SIM card storage: I’m a frequent international traveler, and this would have been so helpful the last time I was overseas! I recommend taping the extra SIM card down to keep it secure when you remove your phone.

• SAFE Pen: Although I haven’t made use of it yet (handwriting? so last century!), if you’re in a pinch, it’s great to have on hand.

• Exposed volume, sleep/wake, and mute buttons: The prior design covered these buttons with plastic switches. This wasn’t my favorite choice over long-term use. Now they’re bare and exposed, which make them far easier to access and operate.

All of these new features and design improvements add up to a major leap forward in comparison with the previous model!

A Philosophical Note:
BulletTrain and the Wallet/Phone Convergence

I’ve been using BulletTrain products since 2011, starting with the eXpress Keyboard Platform, which I lugged with me to Bali in order to work on a book manuscript without destroying my wrists. Prior to finding the eXpress, I’d literally spent years searching for a solution that would allow me to use a wireless keyboard and trackpad in an ergonomic fashion. It was quite a revelation when I found the eXpress; the design was precisely what I’d been imagining would be the optimal approach. Since then, Jake and I have had many deep conversations about innovative design that solves real problems.

In mid-2012, Jake told me he believed that someday, the iPhone would completely replace the wallet. Although others in the tech industry had made similar predictions, it was really exciting to hear Jake lay out this vision in detail. He told me that it would take many years for this to fully come to pass, and in the meantime, his new product—the SAFE Wallet—would be a bridge toward that future. By converging the wallet with the iPhone, he’d help Apple eventually reach that destination.

Flash forward more than two years, and it was quite a trip to see Tim Cook on stage in September 2014 proclaiming Apple’s vision to “replace” the wallet (43:20). I had goosebumps listening to this announcement, as large tracts of the commentary mapped closely, if not identically, to what Jake had said back in 2012.

With the world’s most successful company working hard to replace your wallet, what, one might ask, is the point of an iPhone case that acts as a wallet? What Jake said three years ago is still true: full-fledged wallet replacement isn’t here now, and is unlikely to arrive for many years. Apple Pay isn’t close to being a universally accepted payment method. One of the biggest obstacles is that tens of thousands of mom and pop retail outlets will need to upgrade their payment processing hardware in order to interact with the NFC chips in the latest iPhone and Apple Watch models. How far are we from the date when Tim Cook’s vision comes true, and we will no longer need to carry a single piece of plastic or paper with us? When will all fifty states allow digital drivers’ licenses to be as accepted as physical ones? When will digital business cards completely replace our antiquated paper business cards? That day is an inevitability, but I’d bet it’s at least five years out, and perhaps as many as ten. Until then, the SAFE Wallet will continue to bridge the gap.

Comparison with Other Cases

Starting in September 2014, when I walked out of the Apple Store with my shiny new 6 Plus, I tried out several case solutions while awaiting the new SAFE Wallet. None of these cases worked for me, but I thought I’d share some of these experiences briefly.

• First I tried out a Spigen leather wallet-case, which I now refer to as “the atrocity case.” Because the design is atrocious: thick, bulky, obnoxious, and you look like an idiot taking photos with the flap hanging open and all your credit cards exposed. I gave it away after less than a week.

• Next, I used an Apple leather case. Although attractive, it’s certainly no wallet. I tried to remedy that by adding a Sinjimoru Stick-on wallet compartment, but I missed features like the SAFE Wallet’s Magic Stand, and I found that my cards kept falling out of the Sinjimoru. And then I dropped the phone on an exercise machine and cracked the screen. Thank goodness I had AppleCare Plus. Next!

• Finally, I started using an ultra-protective LifeProof Nuud. It’s truly waterproof as advertised (I did a submersion test), but it’s extremely bulky, lacks a wallet, and its headphone port is difficult to access. On top of all this, the design makes it very difficult to slide one’s thumb up to activate Control Center. By no means a daily carry, this case is only useful when in extreme weather situations or for a trip to the beach.

I’m so happy to finally have the versatile, useful SAFE Wallet on my 6 Plus.

In my ten days of use, the only significant issue I’ve run into with the SAFE Wallet is that it doesn’t work with my JBL OnBeat Mini Speaker Dock –– the Lightning connector simply won’t reach high enough. However, this problem is not unique to the SAFE Wallet; any case that has an edge bezel won’t work. For example, an iPhone in an Otterbox Case also can’t be used with my JBL. I would call this a flaw in the speaker dock, not the SAFE Wallet; it really should be designed with third party cases in mind, and offer a Lightning adaptor that protrudes higher. I don’t fault BulletTrain for this one. To design a speaker dock so it’s utterly impossible to use with any bezeled case is just beyond lame. I’m buying a Lightning extender in an attempt to solve this issue.

[Editors Note: It is extremely easy and simple to remove the 6 Plus form the SAFE Wallet. It takes around 2 seconds to remove or install. Thus, if you have an edge-case situation, like the one Matthew mentioned, you can simply remove your iPhone to use it, then easily install it in when you are done.]


Overall, I think the new model is well on track to becoming the best daily carry iPhone case ever, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final production version.

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SAFE Wallet 6 and 6 Plus Pre-Production Update

Pre-Production Update

SAFE Wallet 6 and 6 Plus

In this update, we'll address the latest information on the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus, followed by the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6.

It is extremely easy to install and uninstall your iPhone 6 Plus into the T1. It’s effortless compared to the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet! After your first installation, you’ll find it is easily installed and removed within seconds!

Hands-On With The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

It’s been two short weeks since Jake and I first got hands-on with the T1 prototypes of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. We promised another update with more photos and another status report on production, and here we are!

The T1 samples of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus are assembled from the first injection-molded Parts to come out of the precise molding tool we’ve been working so hard on perfecting. This is the closest the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus has ever been to reality, and it’s been extremely cool to get to use one on my iPhone 6 Plus for the past 2 weeks!
That being said, it’s fully functional, but it’s not perfect. There are a few small blemishes on some surfaces of the parts, and one larger challenge visible in the body of the SAFE Wallet.

All things considered, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus T1 has been a huge success! As a matter of fact, our engineers were STUNNED with how well the T1 parts turned out! Our plastics engineer said, “For a T1, this is a home run!”
Jake and I have each had the chance to use an assembled T1 SAFE Wallet 6 Plus on our iPhones, and it’s been SO AWESOME!!!! I personally haven’t had a SAFE Wallet in my everyday carry since I upgraded to my 6 Plus, which (as many of you know) is tough! Having been able to thoroughly use the T1 for two weeks now, I am more excited than ever to share the super-stealth SAFE Wallet 6 Plus with each of you!!!
Before we dive into photos, I’d like to share one more fun fact: Jake believes that the T1 is a solid 99.2 on a scale of 1-100! He said, “The T1’s are almost perfect in terms of form and function. They just need to be fine-tuned, to be flawlessly perfect.”

In-Depth Photo Analysis

The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus T1 offers a 99% accurate simulation of features and performance of the production SAFE Wallet 6 Production units! Note: the yellow paper is a temporary fix, a small shim to aid the Secret Stash door :-)
The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus T1 offers a 99% accurate simulation of features and performance of the production SAFE Wallet 6 Production units! Note: the yellow paper is a temporary fix, a small shim to aid the Secret Stash door :-)

It is extremely easy to install and uninstall your iPhone 6 Plus into the T1. It’s effortless compared to the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet! After your first installation, you’ll find it is easily installed and removed within seconds!
It is extremely easy to install and uninstall your iPhone 6 Plus into the T1. It’s effortless compared to the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet! After your first installation, you’ll find it is easily installed and removed within seconds!

Where Are We Now?

In our last update, we shared there would be necessary modification to the tool, and the resulting impacts on the first production timeline. Our tool modifications have been clarified and resolved, and we have about one week left before these modifications are built into the tool. 
The entire process took a little bit longer than we anticipated, but we’ve given such thorough and thoughtful attention to this modification to mitigate any other potential delays.
At this rate, first production is definitely still on track for delivery in July 2015.
We've been making progress on tooling for the SAFE Pen for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus as well, and should have pricing and availability projections in our next update. 

Changing Gears: SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6

At BulletTrain we intentionally designed the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus before the iPhone 6 model.
We did this because we knew the iPhone 6 Plus model would be more complicated, and as a result we would learn much more from it, which we could incorporate into the iPhone 6 model. In fact, the tooling for the iPhone 6 model will be so remarkably similar, it’s crucial that we resolve any big challenges on the 6 Plus tool BEFORE building the tool for the iPhone 6 model.
In a nutshell, the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 is completely contingent upon the 6 Plus model, because the 6 and 6 Plus share so much common geometry at the core of their designs.
Tooling mechanics for the 6 Plus model have taken longer than expected to perfect as a result of our aggressive innovation. We are spending more necessary time in resolving the challenges in the 6 Plus to completion, and we haven’t yet begun the tooling for the iPhone 6 SAFE Wallet. 
Here's a quick breakdown of the remaining steps:
  • Tool Design
  • Tool Building
  • Mold Trials and Modifications
  • First Production
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Freight and Customs
  • Fulfillment from our warehouse
We realize waiting a bit longer is no fun. As always, we will communicate all the details of our production schedule. It looks like we are just a few short weeks behind schedule, which pushes our projected delivery window into August 2015.

Where Are We Now?

As previously mentioned, we can’t move forward with the tooling for the iPhone 6 model until the modifications to the 6 Plus tool are complete. We have approximately one week of build time before the next prototype run (T2), and we will have more exciting news to share in the next 1-2 weeks :-)
Our plan is to publish a more detailed production timeline for our next update on the SAFE Wallet 6. In the meantime, please make sure to submit your surveys so we can reserve your SAFE Wallet 6 for you! Don’t forget, all pledge rewards and pre-orders from include a matching SAFE Pen! We will have more news on the SAFE Pen in our next update.
We’re also working hard on some other great new designs, which we intend to unveil a little later this year! 
Thanks for your patience and support, everyone! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at or comment below.

-Alex (Director of Operations, BulletTrain)

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SAFE Wallet 6 Plus - Pre-Order Update

SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus
Pre-Order Update

Alex here, checking in for BulletTrain.
It’s been a very busy three months since the completion of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus campaign on Kickstarter, and once again, we can’t thank you enough for helping to make this happen!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, I would just like to say we are so unbelievably pumped up to get the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus into production and onto iPhones everywhere! 
While Jake and I have had the pleasure of testing SAFE Wallet 6 Plus prototypes, it’s not quite the same as having the REAL DEAL in house. We are very excited to reach production and to use the production SAFE Wallet 6 Plus just like each of you :-)

Production Timeline Update

In addition to our usual operations, we’ve been hard at work going back and forth with 3D models, tool builders and engineers to ensure the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus manufacturing tools are 100% dialed-in for success.
As many of you know, the tool building process took a bit longer than expected to get off the ground. In fact, we posted an update early in March in which we shared background insight on the delays in the tool design stage.

Where Are We Now?

Earlier this week, we completed a crucial production prototyping phase which produced the first successfully molded parts from the newly fabricated injection-molding tool. This is a HUGE triumph, and a necessary step toward production.
Note: All photos below are of actual injection-molded T1 prototypes of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. 
There are two important take-away points we'd like to share with you:
1. It took longer than expected to reach the T1 prototype phase.
2. There is a small, but significant challenge left to resolve before full production.
As seen in the timeline from Update #8, our manufacturer projected this production prototyping stage to be complete before the end of April, and we just reached that point now — 2 weeks behind schedule!
We genuinely believed we would reach Mold Trials before May, but it just didn’t happen as we’d planned due to unforeseen complications.

Now that Mold Trials have begun, we’ve run into a challenge of the most intricate detail. When the moving parts of the tool retract to eject the body of the SAFE Wallet, the part is occasionally getting stuck, causing breakage of parts and other messy complications.
This challenge must be resolved in order for us to enter mass production. We recently had a super in-depth meeting with our engineers and tool builders, and achieved clarity on how we will overcome this challenge. The injection-molding tool requires some specific modification, which will take approximately 2 weeks to build, and an additional week to test prototypes.

This animation might take a minute to load! A demonstration of our newly designed tool injection-molding T1 SAFE Wallet 6 Plus parts. Notice the part being removed from the tool by hand. This demonstrates the challenge we are overcoming in ejection.
In the photo below, the red circles highlight areas affected by the ejection challenge with the tool, noted above. The result is an uneven notch in the frame, barely visible in each circle. This illustrates the areas which must be improved upon in the tool before we can move forward to first production!

Just to put things in perspective, this is not bad news. As a matter of fact, only having one small challenge like this is actually very good. It’s not uncommon to have 5 or 6 issues to resolve at this stage!
We now expect the first production to ship to our warehouse in Late June 2015. Delivery to customers should begin by the first few weeks of July 2015, as illustrated below:

We realize waiting longer isn't fun or ideal. The reality is our designs are far beyond anything anybody has ever achieved, including ourselves, and this degree of true innovation requires tremendous creativity and determination to accomplish. In short, we are doing what no other case maker has been able to! This helps put the production delay a bit more into perspective.
Once again, I’d like to restate our commitment to deliver the ABSOLUTE BEST wallet case your iPhone 6 Plus could ever ask for! :-)
We have more photos and other details to share on pre-production! Jake recently posted a very detailed sneak peek at the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus T1 Prototype. This update provides more information about the tooling challenge we encountered.

Updating Your Pre-Order

We realize the update in delivery timeframe might affect exactly where your SAFE Wallet 6 Plus needs to be shipped! If you have any immediate concerns with the shipping address on your order, including any modifications, please contact us right away at

Wrapping Up

I shared a sentiment earlier in this update about the success of the mold trial I would like to revisit. I wrote, “This is a HUGE triumph, and a necessary step toward production.”
Despite the challenges noted above, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus T1 is fully functional. We truly are in the home stretch toward first production! Pictured below is a fully assembled T1 prototype SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, installed and operational on a Gold iPhone 6 Plus!

I’ve had the unique privilege to act on both ends of BulletTrain—first as a customer, and then “on the inside”, as Director of Operations for BulletTrain! I remember back when I was waiting as a customer for my SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5. I had pre-ordered in March 2013 on, and received it in August 2013.
I wrote Jake a snarky email, and he responded by sharing this Einstein quote with me:
“Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.” ―Albert Einstein, The World As I See It
This really helped put things in perspective for me personally, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help. Jake hired me shortly thereafter, and here I am two years later, a member of the BulletTrain team—writing this update!
Having been in nearly the same position before, I can assure you it was COMPLETELY worth the wait then, and it will be COMPLETELY worth the wait now! :-)
It’s been truly amazing to be a part of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus design from its conception. Going from the iPhone announcement to a concept, to design, to 3D modeling, to first prototyping, and seeing the SAFE Wallet evolve and truly take form in a steel tool to injection-mold the parts has been a truly staggering, EYE-OPENING experience!!! I must admit I had no idea the complexity that goes into creating an idea like this from concept to reality!!!
I’m so proud to be able to stand behind the upcoming fulfillment of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus!
Thanks for reading, everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to reply in the comments or send us an email at We are here to help!
Warmest regards,
-Alex (Director of Operations for BulletTrain)

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BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus T1 Production Prototype Report

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus
T1 Production Prototype Report

The first production prototypes were completed early this week, and after a super-indepth evaluation I am reporting our progress. The T1 prototype sample photos below were taken in Asia, and we will have them in house in California next week for an even deeper evaluation. So far everything is looking really good. So far we only have one issue we have identified and need to resolve. We will know much more next week and will post another detailed update, but wanted to share our progress so far.

Just to be crystal clear, all the parts pictured in the  photos in this post were injection-molded in our tool, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

As previously mentioned, we only have one issue we have to resolve, which is illustrated below in the photo of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus. Notice toward the top of the right edge there is an uneven bump. This needs to be fixed. Our plastics engineer and tooling engineer have already come up with a solution, and it is being incorporated into the tool design this weekend.

The photos below show our tool for making the main case body of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus. I realize that to most people the SAFE Wallet looks really simple, and they imagine it is really easy to make. The reality is the exact opposite!!!!

I also believe there is another strong misconception that the role of the designer is to simply draw the design and then the machine spits the product out. In reality, as a design house we spend a great deal of time on the tooling design to make the actual parts. This process is extremely challenging and complex.

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 is so far beyond anything else that exists on the market today. The reality is that when you are pushing the design, engineering and tooling envelope as we are, it takes time. As they say, "Good things take time."

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BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Sneak Preview

SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6
Sneak Preview

We plan to launch the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 on Kickstarter sometime soon, so we thought we would share this Sneak Peek with you. Stay tuned for more information...It's A Family Affair...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Wallet Autopsy

Random Wallet Autopsy 

I was showing a man the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus, and he pulled his wallet out of his pocket and showed it to me. I asked if I could take a photo, and he said yes. This is just absolute craziness if you think about it!!!!!

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BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus Press Release

...Launch Press Release...

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

Become a Backer of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus on Kickstarter!

Your iPhone 6 Plus Will Never Be The Same!!!

The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus is a complete wallet replacement solution, capable of concealing up to 5 credit cards or up to 15 business cards. It can also hold cash bills, house keys, as well as an optional SAFE Pen, SIM Cards, and Mini USB Flash Drives for all your secret files. The SAFE Wallet allows iPhone users to finally ditch their bulky wallets and replace them with a beautifully streamlined protective case.
"Nobody wants to carry a wallet. You don't want another thing you have to remember to put in your pants when you walk out the door.  You don't want another thing to lose."      –Tim Cook [Apple CEO]

Over the past decade, hundreds of companies have attempted to deliver on the promise of successfully converging an iPhone and a Wallet, and they have all fallen far short of delivering an optimal solution. In other words, each one of them has at least one severe Achilles-heel that make them very weak. 

Welcome To The New Wallet 2.0

BulletTrain was the first and only company in history to deliver 100% on the promise of what an ideal smartphone wallet should be with our iPhone 5/5S SAFE Wallet, which we successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2013! Our SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s model went way beyond by incorporating other excellent features, like 360 degree screen-edge protection, as well as making a super-good looking case that not only completely conceals your wallet from prying eyes, but is also extremely comfortable in your hand. It also features a built-in MagicStand that perfectly stands up your iPhone in portrait or landscape on any flat surface.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus In Ruby Red shown with optional SAFE Pen
In the two years since we launched our SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s, no other companies have come even close to matching our patented design. This fact would make it seem like it might be impossible to top our design, thus it should come as no surprise that the company that genuinely perfected the SmartPhone Wallet Case has taken it to a whole new level of excellence with the advent of our all-new SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus model.
With the introduction of the remarkably innovative iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we saw tremendous opportunity to reinvent the SAFE Wallet for these new iPhone models! The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus offers a super-streamlined, minimalist-masterpiece look, that makes the iPhone much easier to comfortably hold, while offering superb ergonomic access to the silent/ring switch, the volume up/down buttons, as well as the sleep/wake power button.

Improving On The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

To best understand the value proposition of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, it makes sense to watch the video below from the successful Kickstarter launch of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s, which is available for purchase on

The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus maintains EVERY major feature the iPhone 5/5s version offers, while adding a much larger Secret Stash compartment that securely holds two house keys, as well as offering the ability to hold our upcoming optional SAFE Pen. It also offers many, many more amazing features...

True Convergence Delivered

As you will see, when you obtain and use your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, it is the first wallet case for any SmartPhone which flawlessly delivers on the promise of convergence, and even goes beyond it in many ways.
The differences between all other iPhone wallet cases, and the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, is like the difference between driving around in a 1915 Model T Ford, versus a 2015 Tesla P85D! The difference is really that profound!!!
Most other wallet cases try to add a wallet to an iPhone case. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet takes the opposite approach. Essentially, with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, we have redesigned the wallet for the 21st century, and gave it a special compartment that safely holds and protects your iPhone.

We are offering the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus in our four most popular colors, which include Stealth Black (Pictured Above), Ruby Red (Pictured Below), as well as in Polar White, and BulletTrain Blue. It is amazing how different a look you can achieve with these four timeless, beautiful colors, coupled with the option of mixing them with a black or white iPhone 6 Plus, as seen above and below.

Simplify Your Life

If you compare the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus to any other case made, it is hard to believe it can successfully conceal so many important items, in such a small space!!!

At BulletTrain, we believe form and function go hand in hand. This is why we sacrificed neither by designing the SAFE Wallet to maximize its carrying ability, much like a Swiss Army Knife, or Leatherman tool, while completely eliminating any bulk. 
Do you remember the first time your parents took you to the circus, and you saw a Mini Cooper drive up, and start unloading clowns, and you could not believe how many clowns apparently fit in the car? You probably didn't notice they were coming up through an invisible trap-door in the floor! With the SAFE Wallet, it is the same, but there are no tricks! Just a wonderfully engineered wallet case for your iPhone 6 Plus. That being said, if you demo your SAFE Wallet for people, they will think you are a magician, and don't be surprised if every time you use it to pay for something if it starts a conversation ;-)

A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place

At BulletTrain our whole team uses iPhone 6 Plus models, and when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple first showcased the 6 Plus model, we knew this was a complete game-changer. We realized the extra height and width would allow us to achieve features we never could with previous iPhone models. 
The design team at BulletTrain experimented like crazy to figure out how to optimize every scintilla of the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus. In the photo below, you see the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus with all three Secret Stash Compartments exposed. All three of our Secret Stash compartments feature our SAFE Stick Micro-suction technology, which holds all items securely so they don't ever move around.

SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus Shown with Optimized Secret Stash Compartments
Our SAFE Stick Micro-Suction feature not only stops items from rattling around, but also holds them perfectly in place, so when you easily remove your iPhone, they won't fall out by mistake. Speaking of removing and installing your iPhone 6 Plus, it is super-easy and intuitive!

Can You Keep A Secret?

The photo below shows off how versatile the Main Secret Stash compartment is. It can hold many small items, beyond keys, cash, and coins. You can even store medication, or just about any small item you want to conceal.

Photo above shows the diversity of options for storage in all four stealth compartments in the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus

Skinnier Than A Sharpie!

It is hard to believe the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus is skinnier than a Sharpie marker, but it's true. By the way, the SAFE Wallet is not only holding an iPhone 6 Plus, but also concealing two credit cards, 6 business cards, a $100 Bill, Two Keys, Two extra SIM cards, a SIM card removal tool, and a 32GB USB Flash Drive!!!! Oh, and by the way, it's also holding our upcoming optional SAFE Pen!!!!!

Key Feature

If you are going for a walk or run, or walking to your local gym, or a local restaurant, or even to work, you can easily and securely store 2 standard size keys in the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Secret Stash. Two standard size keys can simply be placed on top of each other in the Secret Stash, and our SAFE Stick Micro Suction will hold the two keys separately and safely, while prevent them from rattling around!

Our new SAFE Stick Micro-Suction technology is used to securely hold your valuables in the Secret Stash! Micro-Suction technology is a little-known, WONDERFUL substance that provides re-usable adhesive, and is effective on keys, cash, and other flat objects like slim USB drives, SD cards, and more!

Having your iPhone, wallet contents and keys all in ONE place empties the rest of your pockets, and since you only have to think about keeping track of ONE item, you are far less likely to lose anything.
SAFE Wallet Shown Fully Loaded with MagicStand In Portrait
Notice how completely different the SAFE Wallet in Ruby Red looks compared to the Stealth Black model shown above.

Take A Stand

The iPhone 6 Plus is really designed to be the ultimate highly portable super-computer that can fit in your pocket. In a certain sense it replaces or supplements having a laptop. The challenge is that a laptop has a screen that can stand-up on its own, and the iPhone 6 Plus does not. We've incorporated our patent-pending MagicStand into the SAFE Wallet to give the iPhone a leg to stand on. This is no ordinary kickstand!

SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus with Built-In MagicStand For Watching Video
As seen in the photos above and below, the MagicStand makes is really easy to watch and video, including movies, and TV Shows, or YouTube video, without having you hold your iPhone.

A Built-In Tripod for Video and Selfies
The MagicStand also doubles as a tripod for shooting photos, including selfies, as well as serving as a tripod for shooting video, as seen in the photo below. Obviously you can also use it for shooting video and photos in portrait as well.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus MagicStand Being Used As A Tripod for shooting Video

Light The Way

The MagicStand works well as a flashlight stand, so if you need task lighting in a dark room, you always have one with you!

SAFE Wallet Shown Above As A Powerful Flashlight Stand

Making A CASE For Protection

No one likes a cracked screen, which is why, at BulletTrain we designed a case with both convenience and protection in mind. High-quality polycarbonate provides the iPhone 6 Plus with powerful protection from drops on flat surfaces, and our 360-Degree Edge protection incorporates a design that not only protects your iPhone, but also protects your SAFE Wallet from shocks and drops. We have extensively drop-tested our prototypes and are extremely impressed with the level of protection they offer.

Keeping Your Wallet Contents SAFE

The hollow core wallet door of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus implements a truly innovative, all-new double-locking system to secure your wallet contents. The contents of your SAFE Wallet are hidden behind the wallet door, which is held shut by this double friction-lock until YOU open it. The wallet door maintains easy access to your wallet contents while ensuring they are invisible to prying eyes! The wallet door also has an convenient groove with advance ergonomics for your thumb/thumbnail so you can be in complete control of when your SAFE opens!
We've tested the locking mechanism in our prototyping, and we have been AMAZED with how well it performs! We can't wait for you to see how SAFE the contents of your SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be!

Great Openings for Lightning Cables and Headphones

The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus offers a design that is optimized to be able to accommodate ANY aftermarket Lightning cable, as well as being able to fit any aftermarket headphone jack, while still offering added protection for the bottom corners and edge of your iPhone.

Quality and Comfort

Each SAFE Wallet is made of a durable, high-quality, fade resistant colored Polycarbonate, resulting in a light-weight and sturdy case. We also give it a bead blasted finish so it won't lose any color from and is very scratch and scuff resistant.
The SAFE is also designed to be as comfortable in your pockets as it is in your hands. The advanced ergonomics of the SAFE fit nicely in your palm with little fear of it slipping through your fingers.

Color Therapy

The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus model is pictured below in BulletTrain Blue. We spent a great deal of time picking colors, which we know our customers love!

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus In BulletTrain Blue
We are offering the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus is four superb colors, which include Stealth Black, Polar White, Ruby Red, and BulletTrain Blue, as seen below.

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus in Polar White
SAFE Wallet Profile Design Inspiration
All BulletTrain products are inspired by super streamlined Bullet Trains, like the Shinkansen 500 that traverse Japan. If you look closely at the super-stramlined side profile of the SAFE Wallet, you can't help but notice it is shaped like an actual Bullet Train!

BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Side Profile Design Inspired By A Real Bullet Train
In the photo below, you can how see remarkably skinny the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus is. It's so skinny, people often mistake it for Apple's own case for iPhone 6 Plus!

Streamline Your Big Wallet Instantly

People unnecessarily carry way too many things in their wallets. Credit cards that are never used, club cards, old receipts; all just pieces of paper or plastic taking up space. What are you carrying in your wallet that you could remove or digitize? Think about it. 
The BulletTrain SAFE case was designed and made just for you! All you probably really need to cary with your on a regular basis is a Credit Card, an ATM/Debit Card, Drivers License, Cash and several business cards. Do yourself a favor, and don't be like George Costanza, with his large exploding wallet ;-)

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