Saturday, October 3, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus First Production - Where is the SAFE Pen?

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
First Production

SAFE Pen Availability Notice

You may have just received your SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus (First Production) and find yourself asking, "where is the SAFE Pen?"

When we first launched the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus on Kickstarter back in December 2014, we announced the SAFE Pen for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, which would be available in the future.

Our exact words were "upcoming optional SAFE Pen".

While it was our intention to make the SAFE Pen available for pre-order shortly after we launched the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, it took longer than anticipated to produce a functional design. 

Wait, I Thought I Was Getting a SAFE Pen?

We're sorry for any confusion, but we never promised free SAFE Pens with SAFE Wallet 6 Plus pre-orders. This includes Kickstarter and

You will have the option to order a SAFE Pen for your SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in the near future.

How Can I Get a SAFE Pen?

At the time of this writing, we are in between T2 and T3 Production Samples for our nifty, 2-piece SAFE Pen designs.

(Photo of our T2 Production Samples of the SAFE Pen for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus)

We will be launching pre-orders on very soon! Delivery should coincide with the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6, scheduled to come out later this Fall.

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the BulletBlog for more news on the SAFE Pen for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

-Alex (BulletTrain)

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus First Production Shipment Tracking

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
First Production

Shipment Tracking

First Production Update — SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus

Read More: Production Updates for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus 

Looking for SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6?

Greetings, BulletTrainers!

It's been a long time in the making, but the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is just a matter of days away from your iPhones! 

We are very excited to report the First Production of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is currently in transit from our factory!

I will be updating this page with relevant information on delivery of the First Production as it develops. I'll be checking in every day to share any new information I can!

Friday, October 2, 2015 

(Latest Update)

We've received reports that shipments have begun to reach customers!!! 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, please contact us by email, or give us a call at (415) 440-1400.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 

12:40 PM — First shipment has taken place! This morning, EVERY pre-order and Kickstarter reward for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was dispatched from our warehouse!!!

I was CC'd on a massive email with a series of order numbers and corresponding tracking numbers. This data will be emailed to your email address on file this afternoon!

We're so pumped to be shipping the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!!!

-Alex (BulletTrain)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

4:21 PM — I was just CC'd on an email from our warehouse account manager. The email confirmed shipment for all "backorders" (that's their term for pre-orders etc.) to ship tomorrow!!!

I wanted to share this great news with everyone, that the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be dispatching from our warehouse tomorrow :-)

Thanks everyone!

(earlier today)

1:00 PM — We have received confirmation that the merchandise has been received, and is being unpacked!

It doesn't look like shipment will commence today, unfortunately, BUT everything is being broken down now and prepared for dispatch to start tomorrow!

We're almost there, everyone!

Monday, September 28, 2015 

The first production was supposed to reach the warehouse today!

Our cargo was on the truck, en route to the destination, but the truck was delayed in L.A. area afternoon traffic and ultimately did not arrive at our warehouse before the Receiving Department was closed for the day.

We're VERY surprised to have one more day of unexpected delay fall into place, but we are still 100% stoked to deliver the best wallet case your iPhone 6 Plus could ever ask for!!!

Here are our latest projections with today's events taken into account.

  • Tuesday, 9/29/15 — First Production checked into warehouse inventory. POSSIBLE some shipments will dispatch.
  • Wednesday, 9/30/15 — First Production shipment processing and dispatch. All pre-orders shipped!
  • Friday, 10/2/15 — U.S. Recipients begin receiving their SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!!!

That should be it! We're really excited to get this case into your hands!!! Thanks for hanging in there, everyone!

- Alex (BulletTrain)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

10:00 AM — We received confirmation that, since Customs clearance wasn't posted earlier in the day on Thursday, it was not scheduled in Friday's delivery routes.

Good news though, a delivery appointment with our warehouse has been set on Monday! Dispatch to customers should commence by Tuesday :-)

We wish inventory were delivered sooner, but we are excited nonetheless to have the First Production shipping out to customers this coming week!

Friday, September 25, 2015

9:00 AM — U.S. Customs is clear!

This morning, we received confirmation that IN FACT, our pallet cleared U.S. Customs yesterday (9/24/15) at 4:15 PM!!!


If everything goes as planned, the product will arrive at our warehouse today, and be checked into inventory for dispatch on Monday 9/28/15!

I'm so pumped up to see everyone get their SAFE Wallets!!!!


10:38 AM — I just received confirmation that local parties are now communicating to schedule the delivery to our warehouse! This is a big day, everyone! More to come soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

5:00 PM — We expected today to be the day we received confirmation of dispatch from LAX, but our freight handlers are STILL waiting on the final sign-off from U.S. Customs to release the cargo.

Our freight rep believes this should be cleared up as early as tomorrow morning (Friday), or as late as Monday.

We wish we knew more, but will report tomorrow as soon as possible!!
-Alex (BulletTrain)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

9:00 AM — We haven't gotten a decisive update to our delivery date from U.S. Customs, and the delivery date to our warehouse is still stated as 9/23 - 9/25 by our freight handlers :-)

We were notified that one piece of documentation needs to be updated. The necessary updates have been made to these documents, and they've been re-submitted.

We are expecting a solid update to clearly indicate when the cargo is leaving LAX by truck, and will share it as soon as possible!


10:17 AM — We've received some critical confirmations in the past hour!!!!!

  • Our freight handlers have reported the First Production is now in a "Checked-In" status, which is a precursory status to *official* clearance by Customs. Delivery to our warehouse by truck could commence as early as today!!! We will know more early this afternoon.
  • I had a conference call with our warehouse manager, and they are 100% prepared for our incoming cargo! This means we should see no delays between processing and shipment once the inventory is received!!! All shipment data has been confirmed on hand with our warehouse as well (Kickstarter backers, then customers).

Basically, it's starting to look more and more certain the First Production will be shipping from our warehouse very soon!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10:49 AM — Additional documentation has been added to our case with U.S. Customs! I am working on getting a hold of the contained information, and I should know more before the end of the day!

Our official "estimate" according to freight handling is 9/23/15 for delivery to the warehouse, but the information today should either confirm that date, or at the very least provide further clarity!

Monday, September 21, 2015

11:17 AM — U.S. Customs has opened our case! More to come soon as it develops.


5:08 PM — We've received confirmation via tracking that our First Production cargo has been inspected by U.S. Customs, and that the file has "remarks" for review. 

This is a good sign, although I am yet unclear if there is further inspection, or if this means the cargo will be offloading as early as tomorrow... but a good sign nonetheless!!!

I have a call in with our freight handling agent for an update, and plan to share as much as I can by tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in there with us, everyone!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or post it in the comments :-)

-Alex (BulletTrain)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

6:22 PM — We just received confirmation from our freight handler that the first production has been assigned to a case for U.S. Customs, and is on schedule for inspection to commence tomorrow morning!!!

So far, things are looking good for delivery in the next week!

Based on the lead-time in U.S. Customs right now and the pre-freight inspections by our freight handler, we have reason to believe the Customs inspection could take as little as 2 days!!!

Here is a best-case scenario from today's perspective:

  • 9/21/15 - Processing in US Customs
  • 9/22/15 - Clearance w/ US Customs
  • 9/23/15 - Delivery to our warehouse in Southern California, unpacking into inventory
  • 9/24/15 - Dispatch to Customers!!!

And here is a little more cushion on the same timeline of events:
  • 9/21/15 - Processing in US Customs
  • 9/24/15 - Clearance w/ US Customs
  • 9/25/15 - Delivery to our warehouse in Southern California, unpacking into inventory
  • 9/28/15 - Dispatch to Customers!!!

It's going to be pretty close whether the shipments will dispatch from our warehouse this week or early next week, but we will stay on top of it any keep everyone up to date!!!

Thanks for your support!
-Alex (BulletTrain)

September 17, 2015

This morning, our First Production was assigned to a case for U.S. Customs compliance checks.

Our freight handler has let us know that U.S. Customs is currently backed up until Monday due to the beginning of a busier time of year in terms of cargo conveyance and clearance.

This means we might not have too much to share tomorrow (9/18/15), but we'll be checking in with our handlers in the morning nonetheless to share whatever we can :-)

Thanks everyone!

September 16, 2015

The First Production has been confirmed as received in a holding warehouse at LAX! 

For clarity, this is NOT the warehouse shipment will take place from, but a warehouse for holding cargo for inspection at Los Angeles International Airport :-)

There will be a number of steps taking place behind the scenes for the next few days. We'll be doing our best to keep updates coming every day!

In the meantime, here is a photo of our First Production shipment in holding at LAX. It's a mighty fine pallet!

I don't know that I've ever been so stoked to see a pallet!

More soon! Thanks everyone!

September 15, 2015

We received confirmation over the weekend that the First Production was in transit, and are awaiting confirmation that the freight has arrived at Los Angeles International Airport. 

We are hoping to receive confirmation a little later today!

Thanks for checking in. This page will have LOTS of new information entered between now and delivery of your SAFE Wallets. 

Check back soon for more news on the first shipments of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

In the meantime, feel free to get caught up on our other posts about the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

For instance, have you read our latest news about the iPhone 6s Plus?

Thanks for being a BulletTrain customer!
-Alex (Director of Operations)

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus First Production - Where is the Micro Suction?

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
First Production

Micro Suction Availability Notice

You may have just received your SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus (First Production) and find yourself asking, "where is the black stuff to hold my keys in the Secret Stash compartment?"

In our published videos for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, we shared an AMAZING feature to complement the Secret Stash compartment on the Wallet Door. We call it SAFE Stick, and it's our Micro Suction solution! 

This fascinating adhesive-free bonding technology has two components:

1) Adhesive bonding surface. This side of SAFE Stick pads will stick to a stationary surface. For the Secret Stash, this side of the pads (2) will be placed on the Wallet Door, inside of the Secret Stash (1), and on the inside-facing surface of the Secret Door (1).

2) Micro Suction bonding surface. The opposite side of SAFE Stick is made up of thousands and thousands of microscopic pores, which act as miniature suction cups when compressed against many flat objects. This side of the pads will affix small objects into the Secret Stash.

SAFE Stick works best on flat, non-porous surfaces, like plastic and metal. 

Where's The Micro Suction?

We wanted to include SAFE Stick with every SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in the First Production!

However, it's taken longer than expected for our specifications for our SAFE Stick pads to be tooled and manufactured for us.

Since the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is completely functional without SAFE Stick, we decided to ship the first production as-is, and to make SAFE Stick available to customers upon request.

The decision to ship the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus without SAFE Stick wasn't taken lightly, but we knew it meant shipping the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus sooner overall!

Not only that, our discussion of SAFE Stick with customers appealed to some, but many didn't like the idea of something coming pre-attached to their SAFE Wallet!

SAFE Stick might not be for everybody, but for those who want to make sure they can use this feature, read on!

How Do I Get SAFE Stick for MY SAFE Wallet?

We will be providing FREE SAFE Stick Kits to all First Production SAFE Wallet 6 Plus customers who opt-in using the following form. 

SAFE Stick Kits are currently in development, and we expect to have a solid timeline for delivery by mid-October 2015.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus Compatibility Notice

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus
Compatibility Notice

iPhone 6s Plus

Is the iPhone 6s Plus compatible with the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus?

Short answer: YES!!!*

*In this article, we'll go into detail on our super-simple and easy workaround to make the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus work flawlessly with your new iPhone 6s Plus!

As many of you know, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was designed for the iPhone 6 Plus.

In early September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s Plus, the successor to the 6 Plus. MANY customers have been asking about the new iPhone 6s Plus, and asking if the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will be compatible with it!

We are proud to report the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus can achieve 100% functionality with the iPhone 6s Plus!!!

Jump to:

What Do I Need to Know Before I Purchase a SAFE Wallet 6 Plus for my iPhone 6s Plus?

  1. The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is a BRAND NEW product to market — first shipment to customers commencing 9/30/15.
  2. The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is 100% functional with the iPhone 6s Plus with a free workaround solution available from BulletTrain (takes 30-60 seconds to install).

    UPDATE 10/3/15
    SCRATCH THAT — It looks like the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is 100% compatible with the iPhone 6s Plus out-of-the-box!!!

  3. It is possible, under very specific circumstances, for the added width to slightly counteract the Wallet Door's locking mechanism.
    1. PLEASE NOTE — 99% of the time in normal operation, the SAFE Wallet will be held closed by your pocket or bag, and even by your HAND when holding the iPhone naturally!
    2. This introduces only a slim risk for the Wallet Door to open, which shouldn't significantly affect performance in the short-term.

We will have more information available to facilitate your free Micro Suction Kits in the next 1-2 weeks! If you have general questions, please contact BulletTrain!

iPhone Specifications

As we reported immediately following the keynote from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus have very slight changes in their dimensions.

Here is the broken down math comparing the numbers (we posted this earlier this month):
  • 0.2 mm thicker (7.1 mm to 7.3 mm) 2.81% increase
  • 0.1 mm taller (158.1 mm to 158.2 mm) 0.06% increase
  • 0.1 mm wider (77.8 mm to 77.9 mm) 0.13% increase

Using SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus

My iPhone 6s Plus pre-order arrived Friday afternoon (good job, T-Mobile!), and I was fortunate enough to take part in some thorough testing this weekend.

In the photos and animations below, you will see the Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus installed in a pre-production sample of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, in Stealth Black.

Installation Notes

The iPhone 6s Plus fits into the body/frame of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus snug and secure!

  • iPhone 6s Plus takes ever-so-slightly more effort to install into the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. 

Feature Notes

Despite the fact the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was originally designed for the iPhone 6 Plus and not the iPhone 6s Plus, every feature but one is completely functional with the new devices, out-of-the-box.

The following SAFE Wallet 6 Plus features are 100% functional on iPhone 6s Plus:

  • 360º Edge Protection
  • Accepts all third-party Lightning and headphones
  • Wallet Door capacity: up to 5 credit cards, or 15 business cards
  • Built-in kickstand (portrait and landscape)
  • Secret Stash compartment to stow cash and keys
  • Interior SIM Stash compartments for micro SIM and 
  • Cash Stash in between Wallet Door and iPhone
  • Ergonomic Grip-ability
  • ApplePay-Friendly (RFID+NFC Passthrough)
  • Slot for upcoming SAFE Pen

That One Thing...

Only one feature is slightly counter-acted by the additional width to the iPhone 6s Plus: the locking mechanism that holds the Wallet Door shut!

The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Wallet Door closes, and in many cases will remain reliably shut. However, it is possible for the locking teeth to just slightly disengage, allowing the weight of the fully-loaded wallet door to fall open (a la gravity).

It's worth noting that when the Wallet Compartment is fully loaded (HIGHLY advised), the contents cannot fall out. This is due to the fact the cards are press-fit into the Wallet Compartment. 

In other words, we highly recommend you always keep the hollow core Wallet Door completely filled and doing so will ensure that nothing can fall out if your Wallet Door falls open.

It's ALSO worth noting that the Secret Stash compartment has a VERY firm locking mechanism, so the valuables in your Secret Stash should be secure in the event the Wallet Door accidentally opens.

(SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus production sample with iPhone 6s Plus installed. Animated GIF might take a minute to load...)

Is that it? No way :-)

We have a simple and effective solution to help reinforce the functionality of the Wallet Door's locking grip into the case.

Solution Notes

The best solution we have revolves around two precisely-cut pieces of Micro Suction

This ingenious, adhesive-free bonding technology creates a clean sticking point for any flat surface, free of any adhesive residue or other mess!

The solution involves placing two small pieces of Micro Suction (provided by BulletTrain) on the back of the iPhone 6s Plus

Note — Micro Suction will in no way damage your iPhone or the SAFE Wallet!

Here is a photo of this solution in place on my iPhone 6s Plus:

The Micro Suction provides the Wallet door with some SERIOUS sticking power, securing the Wallet Door reliably shut!

(SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus production sample with iPhone 6s Plus installed. Animated GIF might take a minute to load...)

We are very confident in the results we have seen in testing this solution so far, and will be furnishing micro suction kits to all customers who opt in VERY soon.

Rollout of the Micro Suction kits will begin in October 2015. We will have more information and instructions available very soon!

We will have more information coming in the next 1-2 weeks as we facilitate this rollout. Please feel free to contact BulletTrain with any questions by emailing or by calling (415) 440-1400.

Thanks everyone!

-Alex (Director of Operations, BulletTrain)

PS - Here are more awesome photos Jake took of the GOLD iPhone 6s Plus installed in a T4 SAFE Wallet 6 Plus production sample!!!

More Photos of the iPhone 6s Plus and SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

NOTE: As access to production models becomes available, this article will be updated with new photos and other imagery.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Announcement

SAFE Wallet 6/6 Plus
Compatibility Report UPDATE

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

UPDATE (9/26/15) — This weekend, we are performing hands-on testing with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and the new iPhone 6s Plus. We plan to share a full report in the next 48 hours!


It's been an exciting week since Apple's big reveal on Tuesday! Now, it's official: the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are this year's 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone models (respectively).

Want to skip to the part about SAFE Wallet compatibility?

Before the unveiling of the new iPhones, many speculated that the thickness of the devices would be much thicker to prevent future "bend-gate" related fiascos in Apple Stores around the world.

Now that the new devices are official, Apple has published the full specifications, which can be found below.

New iPhone 6s compared to iPhone 6 (2014)

  • 0.2 mm thicker (6.9 mm to 7.1 mm) 2.89% increase
  • 0.2 mm taller (138.1 mm to 138.3 mm) 0.14% increase 
  • 0.1 mm wider (67.0 mm to 67.1 mm) 0.15% increase

New iPhone 6s Plus compared to iPhone 6 Plus (2014)

  • 0.2 mm thicker (7.1 mm to 7.3 mm) 2.81% increase
  • 0.1 mm taller (158.1 mm to 158.2 mm) 0.06% increase
  • 0.1 mm wider (77.8 mm to 77.9 mm) 0.13% increase

What does this mean for the SAFE Wallet? 

We believe there is an extremely high probability the SAFE Wallet 6 and 6 Plus will fit the respective "S-model" iPhones with no modification to the tools!

Like most of you, we haven't had the chance to handle the new iPhones ourselves. That being said, we are confident most cases on the market should fit without concern.

While the polycarbonate we injection mold with is extremely hard and durable, the material has a slight ability to "flex" as needed.

The maximum increase in any dimension is 0.2 mm, which is 1/5 of a Millimeter overall, or 1/10 of a Millimeter per side. This adds less thickness per side than a sheet of paper wrapped around each side of the iPhone. Our best estimate suggests this should NOT interfere with functionality!

This means (until further notice), the SAFE Wallet 6 should fit the iPhone 6s, and the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus should fit the iPhone 6s Plus!!!

Thanks everyone, see you on the Fast Track!

-Alex (BulletTrain)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

SAFE Wallet 6 T1 Update — 9/19/15

SAFE Wallet 6
Pre-Order Update

T1 Results Are In!!!

Development Update — SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 

Read More: Development Updates for SAFE Wallet 6

Looking for SAFE Wallet 6 Plus?

Greetings, BulletTrainers!

It’s been an extremely eventful few weeks here at BulletTrain! Alex here, checking in for BulletTrain, and today I'd like to share the latest and greatest about the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6!
In this update, we’ll be addressing the following:
  • SAFE Wallet 6 T1 Mold Trial Results
  • SAFE Pen T2 Update
  • SAFE Wallet 6 Updated Delivery Schedule
  • Good News on the SAFE Wallet 6 and the iPhone 6s 

SAFE Wallet 6 T1 Mold Trial Results

In our last update, we shared a modification in decided to pursue in tooling, with the intention of working around some of the challenges we encountered with the lifters in the tool design.
For those who aren’t familiar or haven’t read any of our tooling notes yet, the SAFE Wallet’s 360º protection is achieved in a unibody design with intricately formed curves, injection molded with moving tool mechanisms called lifters.
Our tool makers were confident that this alternative could save us a lot of time and headache related to those lifters. In our modified approach, we set out to alleviate the strain put on the top of the SAFE Wallet (across the top of the iPhone 6) by changing the angle of the lifters. 
It took longer than expected to complete the precise tool modifications to the lifters (which are a delicate moving part in and of themselves), but earlier this week, we we received confirmation that the T1 mold trials are complete!

In many ways, the SAFE Wallet 6 T1 is a HUGE success. We’ve managed to incorporate multiple iterations worth of knowledge and insight into the FIRST injection-molded SAFE Wallet 6 samples, and that is a HUGE win!

These photos demonstrate the texture application, which has already been implemented in the first generation of the tool. 

As you can see in the photos below, the interior and exterior of the SAFE Wallet 6 T1 prototype are very close to production level! 

The interior is very precisely formed to hug the curves of the iPhone 6. 

Meanwhile, the micro-bead blast finish applied to the exterior produces a porous, grippable surface you’ll be able to hold on to!

The SAFE Wallet 6 wallet door, with our patented hollow core wallet door visible.

Both the body case and the wallet door of the SAFE Wallet 6 turned out VERY well in T1. There are a few challenges visible which need to be corrected before we are completely ready for production, but the bulk of the hard work is behind us :-)

To reiterate, T1 Mold Trails have been a HUGE success! The bulk of the design and function of the case of achieved PERFECTLY by the current tool. That being said, the T1 production sample is NOT 100% perfect. 
Here are our remaining objectives to resolve in T2 and to finalize before production:

1. Modifying the lifters from the experiment in T1 to best-practice lifter design from SAFE Wallet 6 Plus.
The experimental changes to the lifter design were successful in alleviating pressure from the top of the tool. It accomplishes this by distributing the tension into the corner, where the new seam has been created in the modified design.
This is causing the corners to be caught on the lifters, creating an unsightly seam and a few burrs which we need to remove!

2. Adjust flow properties for the wallet door.
The SAFE Wallet 6 wallet door is forming with inconsistent flow, and needs a few precise mold adjustments to flow properties like temperature, pressure and speed. This should achieve better cosmetic results in molding the wallet door.
These tooling modifications should take about 2 weeks to complete. We plan to report in another update once we reach T2 :-)
Up next is the SAFE Pen, and the progress we’ve made in development! 

SAFE Pen T2 Update 

We’ve been making careful modifications to the SAFE Pen design since T1 to increase performance. 
In and of itself, the SAFE Pen is an extremely complicated mold. Just to demonstrate this, here is a photo of the resulting components formed by our specialized injection molding tool for the SAFE Pen family.

As you can see, the parts are numerous, and intricately connected in a multi-cavity mold design! 
This "Family Mold" methodology allows us to keep the SAFE Pens for SAFE Wallets 6 and 6 Plus in the same pipeline for production, and to better ensure consistency in the end results.

We are currently facing two challenges with the SAFE Pen, which we are confident we can overcome. They are as follows:

1. Achieving a strong, functional lock in the 2-piece design.
The 2-piece design of the SAFE Pen is held together by a subtle undercut in the rear-cap component, and the sleeve. In testing T1 and T2 prototypes, the undercut is not performing adequately to hold the 2 pieces together. 
This can be improved in two ways, and we are pursuing both methods! 

The first way is to increase the amount of undercut to hold the two pieces together. We are adding material to the undercut surfaces in the male/female components, which will strengthen their bond.
The second way is to affix the parts together, possibly with an ultrasonic weld. By adding a secondary layer, binding the two parts together, the SAFE Pen should be as solid in construction as possible after assembly!

2. The right fit with the right pen core. 
Up until recently, we had what we believed to be the perfect pen core lined up for the SAFE Pens. 
As a result of recent events out of our control, we must select a new pen core factory. This will mean the slide which forms the interior chamber of the SAFE Pen sleeves may need to be rebuilt. We are currently exploring options to get the absolute closest match available, to avoid any tool modification.
We hope to have an update on the SAFE Pen, including for the SAFE Pen 6 Plus, coming soon! 

SAFE Wallet 6 Updated Delivery Schedule

With the latest results from the T1 Mold Trials, we have a fair idea of what to expect between now and production! Here is a breakdown.
  • 9/16/15 — Begin tool modifications on SAFE Pen and SAFE Wallet 6 (10-12 days)
  • 9/30/15 — T2 Mold Trials for SAFE Wallet 6, T3 for SAFE Pen
  • 10/5/15 — Inspecting T2/3 parts hands on in San Francisco
  • 10/7/15 — Begin tool modifications for T3/T4 (approximately 2 weeks)
  • 10/21/15 — T3 Mold Trials for SAFE Wallet 6, T4 for SAFE Pen
  • 10/22/15 — First Article paint treatments
  • 10/26/15 — Inspecting T3/4 parts - First Articles - hands on in San Francisco
  • 10/27/15 — Signing off on First Production beginning
  • 10/28/15 — First Production begins (10-12 days)
  • 11/11/15 — Dispatch from our factory for freight
  • 11/13/15 — Air Freight to Los Angeles, CA
  • 11/16/15 — U.S. Customs @ LAX
  • 11/19/15 — Scheduled receipt at our warehouse in Southern California
  • 11/20/15 — Dispatch of all orders
  • 11/24/15 — Pre-order customers start to receive SAFE Wallet 6 shipments (2-5 business days from date of dispatch from warehouse for United States shipments; 2-4 weeks for International shipments)

It is also possible that T2/3 could achieve all necessary changes we need to make to the mold, and we could be ready to begin production a few weeks sooner than that. That being said, our SAFE Wallet 6 Plus tooling took 3-4 solid iterations of tool modifications before it was ready for production.
To reiterate, we are currently looking at a VERY REALISTIC delivery date for the SAFE Wallet 6 in mid-to-late November 2015.

Good News for iPhone 6s Pre-Order Customers!

Based on the published specifications from Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, we are pleased to report that the SAFE Wallets SHOULD fit this years' iPhones with no necessary modification to the tooling!
This means we are NEARLY certain that: 
SAFE Wallet 6 will fit iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s
SAFE Wallet 6 Plus will fit iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus
… which is HUGE news!!!
We were initially concerned about the rumored changes in dimensions. However, we did the math when we were writing a recent BulletBlog article to cover the topic (link).
New iPhone 6s (2015) dimensions compared to iPhone 6 (2014)
  • 0.2 mm thicker (6.9 mm to 7.1 mm) 2.89% increase
  • 0.2 mm taller (138.1 mm to 138.3 mm) 0.14% increase
  • 0.1 mm wider (67.0 mm to 67.1 mm) 0.15% increase
New iPhone 6s Plus (2015) dimensions compared to iPhone 6 Plus (2014)
  • 0.2 mm thicker (7.1 mm to 7.3 mm) 2.81% increase 
  • 0.1 mm taller (158.1 mm to 158.2 mm) 0.06% increase
  • 0.1 mm wider (77.8 mm to 77.9 mm) 0.13% increase

Many iPhone case manufacturers are reporting their existing case designs to fit the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and we expect the SAFE Wallet will be no different :-)
We will be confirming this hands-on with an iPhone 6s and our latest production samples as soon as possible when the iPhone 6s is available later this month!

Wrapping Up

In about 2-3 weeks, we should have our complete impressions of the next iteration of tool modifications to share with everyone.
In the next few weeks, we will also see the full distribution of pre-orders for the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!
Questions about your pre-order, including SAFE Wallet color and changing your shipping address? Just contact us via email (Help@BulletTrain.comwith your updated information, and we'll echo back with confirmation.
Thanks everyone, we really appreciate your patience and understanding as we pursue perfection of the SAFE Wallet 6 :-)

-Alex (Director of Operations, BulletTrain)

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