Thursday, October 27, 2011

1980s Apple Vision of the future and Videos

Apple's Vision Of The Future
From 1997?

This video is interesting, in particular, we see a stylus-driven Apple tablet prototype, which would be a precursor for the iPad, and as you notice, it even includes a built-in video camera. We also see the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, which is what leads me to believe the video was mislabeled as being from the 1980s, and I believe it was made in 1997, and not the eighties.

1980s Apple Videos

It's amazing looking back–at how bad these 1980s Apple Videos were. The almost seem like IBM commercials from the 1980s. This first next Computer Chronicles video interview/presentation of the first Macintosh portable, from 1989, with Stuart Cheifet almost seems like a Saturday Night Live skit.

In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh, and the year before, Apple introduced the Apple Lisa Desktop which was the first computer to use a mouse. Here is a video overview. It is ironic that this computer was referred to at one time as being "User-Friendly." This is fascinatingly boring ;-) It really is amazing how far computers have come in the last quarter-century!!!

The dude who gives this presentation has the funniest, most pretentious fake accent. He kind of sounds like Johnathan Higgins III (John Hillerman) from Magnum P.I. Kind of like a fake British accent :-(

I actually remember going to see the Apple Lisa when it first came out in 1983, and thinking it was terrible.

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