Thursday, October 27, 2011

Microsoft's Vision Of The Future

Microsoft's Vision Of The Future
As Of 2011

I am always fascinated with people's ideas of the future. Years ago I was the lead imagineer for SAP. The challenge I has with SAP is they wanted me to do stuff like what you are seeing in this video. Basically SAP wanted me to make mach-ups of what the future might look like.

The challenge I had as a designer, is I felt like it was a waste of time, if I didn't actually develop the product from the design reference. In other words, if I invested the time to figure out where things should go, I wanted to follow-up by actually engineering the real products, which is why I decided to leave SAP and go full speed ahead with BulletTrain.

As you will see in the months and years to come, my team at BulletTrain and I are working on not only imagineering the future, but bringing these amazing products to life. I think there is merit to some of Microsoft's ideas in this video, but I think it will actually look much different, and methinks BulletTrain will help bring it to you. I think Corning's idea of the future is more realistic.

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