Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lexus Dealership Using iPad's In Service Department...

Lexus Dealership
Using iPad's In Service Department

I was recently at a Lexus Dealership, in the service department, and I noticed the service advisors are all now using iPad in special cases.

Basically this Lexus dealership switched over from paper forms to iPad for all the Lexus service advisors in the service department. So when a Lexus owner arrives and they are greeted by the Lexus service advisor who inputs the license plate number and all the info on the car populates on the iPad screen. The service advisor then inputs all the information for what needs to be done.

The most interesting thing is how the Lexus service advisors hold the iPad. The iPads are in special neoprene cases that not only protect the iPad, but also allow the iPad case to fit on the users hand like a glove. Basically, the end user sticks their hand in the square hold as seen below. I asked a Lexus service advisor what he thought about the system and he said he loved it. He said it makes things work so much better.

iPads abound in the Lexus service center. I just happened to notice that even customers who were waiting in the customer lounge had iPads at the Lexus dealership. This really goes to show how popular the iPad has become.

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