Monday, February 7, 2011

Jailbroken iPad Works with Magic Trackpad or Mouse

Jailbroken iPad Works with Magic Trackpad or Mouse

I have never jailbroken an Apple device, and I am not advocating that you should, but I saw this article and video of a jailbroken iPad that is being controlled by an Apple Magic Mouse, and I really hope Apple has the wisdom to turn on the ability to be able to use bluetooth pointing devices with the iPad.

There are obviously many advantages to this including not smudging up the screen with finger oils and being able to use the iPad with the BulletTrain Express, which would be really tight!!!

Apple, please ad this functionality to the iPad. You can't imagine who many people ask me if this is possible, and they really want this feature!!!

Update: A reader wrote in and said "Some of us iPad users jailbreak theirs and use a program called btstacks mouse for mouse support."

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