Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do It Yourself BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform...

DIY (Do It Yourself)
BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform

One of my favorite things is to talk to BulletTrain customers to learn how they are using or intend to use their BulletTrain products. In doing so, it is AMAZING how much I learn. This evening, I had a fascinating conversation with MaryAnne who recently purchased a BulletTrain Express, but has not received it yet.

Of course, I asked her what computer she would be using it with and she said:

"My husband works for Apple and he bought me a beautiful 27 iMac, which I love playing Worlds Of Warcraft on. The challenge is, I had only ever used a laptop with a trackpad and no matter how hard I tried to get used to using a mouse or the Magic Trackpad on the side of the keyboard, I just could not. It always felt awkward, unnatural and uncomfortable to me.

"Out of desperation, I used Velcro to create my own Apple Keyboard tray, by velcroing the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad to a book.

"It does not work well, but out of desperation I had no other choice. One day my husband came home and mentioned he had seen the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform and I went to and purchased it immediately!!! I am so excited to stop using my "What your mother never taught you the pizza Gourmet will" book with velcro as an Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad tray!!!"

Of course, I was curious to see Maryanne's DIY BulletTrain Express, and I am certain she is going to be one very happy camper when she receives her BulletTrain Express!!!!

Methinks Maryanne and her husband will be much happier with the BulletTrain Express as apposed to her DIY rig which is using a book as a keyboard tray for the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad...

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