Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making Computer Gaming Into Video Gaming!

Computer Gaming On The BulletTrain Express

When it comes to gaming I have found that I could never have my cake and eat it too. Fallout New Vegas is a great example. I love playing it on my PS3, because I get to enjoy it on my 60-inch from the comfort of my couch, but the game uses up so much of my memory and processing speed that it regularly glitches and freezes.

There is also the issue of loading times video games are so well known for. When I play it on my computer, I get seamless gameplay, but I have to sit at a desk in front of a small screen.

Many people have been looking for a solution like the Bullet Train Express for converging their computer with their entertainment center for a long time.

Since the first BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platforms reached our customers, they have been sending us love letters and rave reviews about how it's changed their lives. The Express has unchained them from their desks and they can now work from their couches, their beds, or wherever they feel comfortable. Everyone is enjoying the new freedom offered by the Express in their work, but could it offer the same experience in their play as well?

Gamers out there would never think to use a trackpad instead of a mouse, but that may be because before there never was one with 26.5 square inches of trackpad real estate. With Fallout New Vegas loaded my computer, hooked up to my 60-inch I decided to experiment with my Bullet Train Express.

After a few changes to which key does what, I have to say the Express made for the best gaming controller I have ever used (and I am not just saying that because I sell them). Using the directional keys to move and the trackpad to look around and turn made for much better and more precise control.

If you play a lot of RPG and first-person shooter games like Fallout New Vegas you will love this feature. I was able to use all my fingers, which I could not do with a controller or keyboard and mouse configuration. A few hours into it I got used to the key configuration and I was flying it like never before.

Thanks to the Bullet Train Express gamers can now benefit from all the games on your computer without the drawbacks. You can have your epic computer games and play them too. The only issue you will have is the Bullet Train Express will make you even more addicted to your games than you already are!

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