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BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad 2 Compatibility Update...

Timeless Design At Its Best

BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad 2
Compatibility Update

Top 1o Reasons the MagicStand for Ipad 2 Remains the Best Stand

A few thoughts on Apple's iPad 2. It looks great and one of the obvious questions is will it work with the BulletTrain MagicStand? Since we have not had a chance to experiment with an iPad 2, I can only say from studying the design of the iPad 2 it appears as if it will work flawlessly with the iPad 2.

As the designer of the BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad, I can say if it does work perfectly with the iPad 2, I will only have to make the slightest modification to one small part and if that is the case, I have the modification ready to go. The day the iPad 2 is available for purchase, we will buy one and test it and update this story to confirm that it is 100% compatible with the iPad 2.

I have a few observations to share with you about the iPad 2 in relation to the BulletTrain MagicStand:

1. Timeless Design: The BulletTrain MagicStand is absolutely TIMELESS!!! If you examine Apple's first generation case for the iPad and you compare it to the all-new Apple iPad case/stand, they are absolute night and day. In other words, there is ZERO compatibility going each way, in that the first generation Apple iPad case/stand will not work with the second generation iPad case/stand.

2. Limited Positions: I would argue the Apple case/stand is extremely limited in that it can only be positioned in two different positions. One for steep typing, and one for a fixed TV viewing angle. The severe limitation with the TV viewing angle is if you are getting glare, you can't adjust it at all. With the MagicStand you can adjust it to any angle.

3. Stability: Also, the Apple stand looks like it would not only fall over easily (like with the 1st generation Apple iPad case), but if you tried to use it in bed, it would not be stable and would likely not even be able to stand-up, and if you move in the bed, it would likely fall over.

With the BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad, it is to timeless in its design and function that it will work identically, except you will gain extra features:

4. Camera and Video Camera Tripod: MagicStand with iPad 2 gives you a perfect Tripod for taking photos and shooting video. Since the iPad incorporates an HD camera on its backside, the MagicStand can act as the perfect tripod for taking photos and shooting video at any angle. Since the BulletTrain MagicStand can sit at ANY angle between a straight right angle at 90 degree, and can sit at any angle all the way down to 22 degrees, it is perfect for taking still photos and video.

5. Facetime Stand: Since the iPad 2 has 2 video cameras built in (one of the front and one on the back) you can use the BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad to hold the iPad in the perfect position for video conferencing.

6. Presentation Tool: Since the new iPad 2 has video mirroring, the MagicStand will allow the ipad to become the ultimate presentation tool In other words, you will be able to give a presentation on a remote flat screen plasma or LCD TV, wirelessly and see and control exactly what appears on the Flat Screen with the iPad with the benefit of WSIWG. This will be great for Keynote and Power Point presentations, and you will be able to do this all without having to hold up the iPad in your hands.

7. Organic Design: It is crystal-clear that the aluminum BulletTrain MagicStand looks way more consistent with the design language of the iPad 2 than the sky blue iPad 2 Smart cover.

8. Thinness: Since the new iPad is 1/3 thinner, and since the MagicStand is just over a 1/4 inch thick, that means when you have the MagicStand attached to the iPad two, it should be less than 1/16 of an inch thicker than the first generation iPad. That is pretty profound if you think about it.

9. Weight Loss: the all new iPad 2 is 15% lighter than the original, which means that with the MagicStand attached, it will get even lighter!!!

10. Obsolescence: Just about every case and stand for the Original iPad just became obsolete for the Ipad 2, but not the BulletTrain MagicStand for iPad and iPad 2.

Another point, is that if you have a BulletTrain Express Keyboard platform paired with an iPad, you will now be able to control your iPad 2 that is hooked up to your flat-screen TV via HDMI output. Let's just hope Apple has the wisdom to allow the Apple Magic Trackpad to be paired with the iPad 2!!!

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