Monday, March 14, 2011

Better Touch Tool: Solution for Jumping Cursor...

Better Touch Tool
Solution for Jumping Cursor

A very small portion of BulletTrain Express users (less than 2%) have experienced a challenge where the cursor would randomly jump around the screen and Better Touch Tool just released a new version (0.671) of their software that completely overcomes this challenge.

Downloading and installing this solution should take less than a minute. Just follow these detailed instructions please:

If you are not familiar with Better Touch Tool, it allows you to assign just about any kind of gesture to any function for using with the Apple Magic Trackpad. Version 0.671 has a new feature added to it named "Magic Trackpad: don't allow tap to click on the left and right edge." This feature completely overcomes the Jumping Cursor Challenge and there are 2 ways to install it:

Update Option: If you already have an earlier version of Better Touch Tool installed, you can click on it in the Apple Menu Bar located at the top of every Mac screen, and select "Check for regular updates."

Download Option: If you do not have Better Touch Tool installed you can download version 0.671 by clicking here.

Usage Instructions: Once you have downloaded and installed the 0.671 version of Better Touch Tool, you can access the "Preferences" dialog box by clicking on the Better Touch Tool icon located in the Apple Menu Bar located at the top of every Mac screen.

1. You will see a toggle button located in the upper left hand corner of the "Preferences" screen, click on "Advanced."

2. You will see on the far right side of the Better Touch Tool Preferences window, a button named "Trackpad" which is located between the "Mouse" and "About" buttons. Click on "Trackpad."

3. Click on the "Taps" tab as seen below. (Highlighted in blue)

4. Click the box to turn on "Magic Trackpad: don't allow tap to click on the left and right edge."

5. I recommend starting it at 10%, and and you can always adjust it later if need be.

Better Touch Tool is an amazing piece of shareware, meaning you can use it for as long as you want without having to pay anything, but if you enjoy its features, you can make a donation by going to the Preferences dialog box and clicking on the Donate button.

In the future, I will be doing a video that showcases many of the amazing features of Better Touch Tool.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact me: or call us at (415) 440-1400.

I would also like to thank Andreas at Better Touch Tool for making such an amazing piece of software, and for adding this valuable feature that allows people to better enjoy their BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform.

To learn more about the Jumping Cursor Challenge, please click here.

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