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The First Truly Convergent Device...

The First Truly Convergent Device
A Complete Game-Changer

What makes the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform the first truly convergent device? 10-15 years ago, in the world of computers, convergence was a very hot topic, and the word convergence became a buzzword.

Back then, people in the tech world realized that one day in the future, TV and Computers would converge and become one. The great unanswered question on convergence back then, of course, was whether we would end up with TV on our computers screens, or computer on our TVs?

Computer screen pixels pixel resolution grew faster on computer screens than on TV screens and that question was clearly answered–we ended-up with TV and Video on our computers–and we have had it for some time now. Over the past few years, video or TV on computers has almost become the new lingua franca of the web. Many people today don't even watch traditional TV today–instead they watch all video on their computer screen.

This shift represents an evolutionary step in the way we interact with these new-age tech tools. Another example of one technology supplanting the other over the same timeframe of the last decade is the cell phone replacing the land-line phone. The future of this will come over the next decade, where all video will become available on-demand over the web.

The Missing Piece of The Convergence Puzzle

Prior to the advent of the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform, the challenge was that there was a gaping, key piece of the convergence puzzle that was not only missing, but necessary.

Devices like TIVO and Apple TV attempt to overcome this challenge, but using a remote control which uses a 4-way toggle switch to type in show or movie names is extremely ineffective and represents a terrible economy of motion. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to type in a show or movie title and you mistype a letter or name and then you HAVE to navigate down to the delete (or clear, or space) sign and click it with the remote.

Remote controlled devices like the TIVO and Apple TV represent walled gardens that severely limit your access to content. Also, there is nothing more frustrating than when you are watching a TV show or a movie, and you see or hear something you want to look-up on the web or Wikipedia, and you can't access the web with these devices, and even if you could, doing so with a remote control would be like trying to lick the paint of the side of a barn with your tongue–you can do so, but it is painful, ineffective and it does not leave a good taste in your mouth :-P

There are many TV manufactures, including Samsung that are continually offering more web based Applications on their TVs, but once again, using a standard remote control is far, far from ideal.

Google TV offers a wireless keyboard that fits on your lap and has a trackpad. The great challenge with the Google TV keyboard is the trackpad is located in the upper right hand side of the keyboard, and it has a mini-trackpad, like most PC laptops do, that also represent a terrible economy of motion. In other words, using that tiny trackpad is like finger-painting because your index finger has to hunt so much. Google TV offers web surfing, but the experience is completely disjointed and dissimilar to your laptop or desktop experience.

The Missing Piece of the Convergence Puzzle Has Been Found!!!
BulletTrain TV has Arrived!!!

The BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform, coupled with a Mac-Mini, and a large 1080P LCD TV delivers the missing and final piece of the Convergence puzzle!!! Even if you have an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Mouse, paired with your living room or bedroom Mac-Mini and large flat-screen TV, it is a cumbersome experience. Trying to use a mouse or even a Apple Magic Trackpad on our couch is a complete pain, yet some people try by using their leg as a surface to run the mouse over.

You can even use your keyboard and mouse on the coffee table, but then every time you want to use them, you have to sit up from your comfortable reclined position, and lean forward like with a laptop, and it feels uncomfortable, unergonomic and strange–not to mention, it puts you back in that terrible leaning forward posture stance, much like a laptop or standard desktop.

The BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform is the first device that truly delivers the first seamless and friction-free convergence experience. With a BulletTrain Express, and a Flat Screen TV, and a Mac-Mini, or even a PC hooked up to the TV, you can not only enjoy all the video on the web like a TV, but you can also use your TV identically to your laptop or Desktop, using the EXACT same methods and interface you are used to!!!!

In other words, the BulletTrain Express gives people the first truly Universal computing experience whether it is on a couch, at a desktop, or with a laptop hooked up to an external monitor, or even when paired wirelessly to an iPad!!!

The Future Of The BulletTrain Express
Friction-Free Computing has Arrived!!!

As the designer of the BulletTrain Express I can share two more profound points with you. The first point, is the keyboard is in many ways the most important part of a computer, because it is the way you control and drive your computer–just like a car. Unfortunately the keyboard and mouse/trackpad method of control has been severely overlooked for decades. In other words, the keyboard and mouse have evolved very little in the last 30 years.

If you compare the original 128k Mac from 1984 to a 27 inch iMac today, the screens are crazy, stupid different. One was a 6 inch, low resolution, black-and-white, low contrast screen and the modern 27 inch LCD with LED backlighting is a site to behold. It is an amazing universal window into the past, present and future.

Compare the RAM and processing power between the original Mac and current 27 inch iMac and you see the same enormous delta. Look at how they work. With the original Mac, you had to install a floppy disc to load the OS, and Applications, or to save get the idea. Now compare the Keyboard and Mouse on the original 1984 Mac to to the one on the 27 inch iMac. They are not that much different. The iMac is wireless, and skinnier, but not that much different.

At BulletTrain we intend to continue to evolve and innovate in the keyboard space in ways that today are almost un-imaginable. Over the course of the next 6 months to a year we will continue to roll-out super-innovative, excitinh solutions that continue to evolve the keyboard and methods of navigation in this space. Stay tuned, and Stay On The Fast Track with the BulletTrain Express!!!!!!!

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