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Using A BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platrfom with a PC

Using A BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform with a PC
Apple Magic Trackpad with a PC

Many people have contacted us asking if they can use a BulletTrain Express with a PC, and the answer is yes!!! I put together this guide to share all the ways in which you can achieve this goal. As we experiment and learn more (often times from our customers) we will continue to update this guide.

I imagine the first question is why anybody would want to use a BulletTrain Express with a PC? There are a zillion reasons why a PC user would benefit from using a BulletTrain Express, and you can learn all about them on the microsite for the BulletTrain Express.

Recently a potential customer of ours named Amy wrote it and asked:

"I am a PC user and would love to have something like the BulletTrain Express for PC. Do you have anything in production?

Thank you!


As I mentioned, there are several ways to make this work and here they are:

Option #1: Standard Bluetooth Pairing On A PC

According to C-NET if you pair an Apple Magic Trackpad with PC, by default only single-touch and click function work. No multi-touch work.

Option #2: Loading Apple Drivers On A PC

The following video walks you through how to download and use the Apple drivers to pair your Magic Trackpad to a PC. As mentioned in the video you get to use the left and right-mouse clicking, as well as being able to scroll with two fingers.

Update on June 11, 2011: The drivers mentioned in the YouTube video below are available on the Apple Download site and here are the links:

Option #3: Magic Trackpad Control Panel for PC

There is a dedicated piece of software named Magic Trackpad Control Panel for PC which is produced by AnimGraph. A screenshot that of the PC Control Panel is located below and it shows all the options that are available. Magic Trackpad Control Panel for PC offers a free 28 day trial version and if you like it and want to maintain the benefit of its functionality after the trail it cost $7.90. I am pretty certain, if I understand it correctly, you can get all the benefits of this piece of software for free, but following the instructions in the video above.

Option #4: Trackpad++ Software

There is a piece of software named "Trackpad++" Apple has a thread on their discussion forum that discusses this topic named: A NEW TRACKPAD DRIVER IS OUT

I included a photo of the PC Trackpad++ Control Panel below. You can learn about and download Trackpad++ by Clicking Here.

If you have experience using a PC with the Trackpad++ and want to share your insight, please leave a comment or send us an email to

In the future, as time permits we will figure out everything we can and do a video showcase to share how this experience works...

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